Wet and Wild?

Our first home owned a classic clawfoot tub. It was one of those features that helped us determine this was the perfect first house. My wife pictured bathing children one day. I pictured candles and water lapping up over the edge as we pumped each other’s brains out!

Weeks after we moved in, I began to plan to break in the tub my way (kids came two years later). Her commute to work allowed me to prepare candles, soft music, and wine. I drew up some water with bubbly bath soap. The garage opened, she pulled in, and I quickly stripped down and hopped in the tub.

I’m 6’2″, so my first observation was that I filled the tub too much. There wasn’t much room for her. “In here!” I shouted, after she shut the door. I could hear her setting things down and putting her keys on the breakfast bar. She walked in with that “first a long day, now this” expression.

“Come join me and relax,” I said, motioning to the wine. She walked through the door. Her face had a half-annoyed, half-intrigued expression.

She somewhat reluctantly shut the door. My eyes were riveted to her body as she removed her clothing. Her jacket and blouse were first, then slacks, and then her underwear. She poured some wine and cautiously made her way to the tub. I had drained some of the water. When she got in it rose to two inches below the top of the tub. She slid in facing me, our legs around each other and asses pressed together. My erect cock was prominent, but under the surface.

We talked some about the day while fidgeting with our positions. Sipping our wine, we enjoyed the peaceful time together.

“Let me try something,” I said, trying to make things more comfortable.

I set her wine glass by mine and had her spin around so I could hold her. My arms were wrapped around her now. My hands played with her breasts, sliding down her legs. I stopped, and we each sipped on wine and talked some more.

My cock was pressed against her back and stayed erect there, waiting its time. I enjoyed just contacting her with it in the warm water.

“Thank you,” she said, happy that we had this time together to unwind. She spun around again, setting the glass down and lowering herself onto me. The viscosity of the water made it awkward at first. She didn’t slide down on me easily. Her knees were just wide enough to make it uncomfortable when she did reach the bottom of my shaft. She stayed impaled on me, cupping water with her hands and dribbling it over her breasts. It was like we were bathing in some lavish liquid. I moved forward and nestled my face in her chest, licking the water and alternately taking each nipple in my mouth.

She bounced her hips, creating a wave that did spill some water on the floor. She was trying to get me to cum. My hands went under the surface and squeezed her flesh, kneading it some with my fingers. She readjusted and it was obvious her knees were hurting.

(pause) I will ask you all at this moment, “How do you make water sex more enjoyable?” Due to its nature it does create a lot of friction. Thinking of all the locations – showers, bathtubs, hot tubs, pools, lakes, oceans – there have been very few experiences in those that I would rate as amazing sexual encounters. (unpause)

“Let’s dry off and finish this upstairs,” I said and she agreed. I took the plush, soft towel, and wiped her down slowly. I paid a lot of attention to her breasts and legs. I lingered at her thighs, pushing up into her mound. I handed her the towel and slipped a finger inside her. She moaned. I slid it in and out as she dried me. She could reach down only to my thighs. Then she moved up over my chest, wrapping it around my back. With a hand on each end she moved it back and forth. She took my cock in her hand and we stroked each other slowly for a bit.

It was too much. I had to have her now! I lowered her onto the mat and the soft towel and plunged my hungry cock into her. She quickly circled my waist with her legs and joined her feet. She pulled me deep inside without any resistance.

“Ohhh, baby!” she exclaimed, her breathing rapid, her eyes closed and head kicked back. I pushed deeper, moving us on the towel. Then I held it there for a moment.

“Again,” she whispered, opening her eyes. My hips drew back and thrust forward a second, third, and fourth time before staying there.

She cried out again, shuddering some, pulling me closer before relaxing. I began to quickly thrust in and out of her. Finally, I pushed in for the final time, cumming inside her in several large spurts.

That was our first and only try in our tub. But it did serve the kids well for bath time a few years later.

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  1. ClimaXX says:

    How do you make water sex more enjoyable?” Coconut oil! Always Coconut Oil. – We always have a bottle of oil next to our bed on BOTH sides for play times. It is by far the superior lubricant and extremely inexpensive.

    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      I agree, coconut oil is what we primarily use now, and is one of the best in a water situation. Water-based lubes just wash away too quickly, but coconut oil stays around a bit longer, and is great for the skin to boot, and small amounts shouldn't hurt the drain systems. We have found that sex while completely submersed just doesn't work well, especially if my wife is generally dry inside to begin with. So we end up having to get our privates out of the water in order for anything to be enjoyable, but then you just get cold. But shower sex with coconut oil is most enjoyable and something we do often. Being able to adjust the shower head to shower more or less water on us is key. I also thoroughly enjoy lathering up our both our torsos with some slippery soap. Rubbing my chest against her soapy boobs is just heaven, it's like my stomach and chest become one big erogenous zone.

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