Sleepy Fun

I was exhausted after a long day and fell asleep early on the couch. MY wife, “B”, put our daughter to bed while I was sleeping the evening away.

After a while, B lovingly woke me. She crawled onto the couch and cuddled for a moment, then kissed me on the neck and draped her leg over me. She was wearing skintight yoga shorts and her thigh and booty were very much exposed.

I slid my hand up her thigh and felt her warm, smooth skin, but then she got up and stood over me, asking if I’d take off my shirt. I was still a bit drowsy and thought that maybe the fabric was bothering her, so I said I’d keep it on. I had no idea of B’s intentions. 

After I declined to take my shirt off, B said, “Okay, well, I’ll take mine off.” With moonlight illuminating her skin, she took her shirt off and also removed her shorts, then stood naked in front of me. With her silhouette glowing in the light, I finally got the message and immediately took my shirt and pants off.

B knelt next to me, and we began making out. While we kissed, she placed her palm on my chest, slid it down my body to grip my cock, and began to slowly stroke me to rock-hardness. B then stood and straddled my face.

This is one of my favorite things. I love it when B owns her sexuality, and I especially love when she straddles my face. In the seconds prior to engaging with her very aroused vagina, I smelled her sex. Gazing up at her body, I stuck my tongue out for her. She gripped the hair on my head and gradually lowered herself onto my tongue. B brought her clit to my tongue and dragged it along her clit from top to bottom slowly. Rocking back and forth, she guided my tongue exactly where she wanted it.

After enjoying this motion, she tilted my head further back and brought her very aroused vagina to my tongue, again lowering herself onto my tongue but this time, taking it inside her. With her clit pressed against my nose, she began to really ride my face.

I was in heaven. Her juices began dripping down my chin and neck. While she rode my face, my hands were first wrapped around her legs near her hips. But when she took my tongue into her vagina, my hands slowly and firmly moved from her legs up her stomach and to her breasts. I cupped them, and she brought her hands up her body and covered mine; we held her breasts together as she ground into my face. 

I could have done this until she came all over my face, but B wanted my cock. She hopped off, then moved down my body. Turning her ass toward me, she straddled me in reverse cowgirl and bent over in front of me so I could gaze at her wet pussy and perfect ass. Then she reached between her legs, gripped my cock, and smacked it against her clit and pussy. After a minute, she scooted back until we were in 69, and I spanked her as I licked her lips.

B took my cock into her mouth and got it nice and wet before moving back down and settling onto my cock in reverse cowgirl. She took my whole cock inside her, then began slowly sliding up and down along my shaft.

I gripped her hips, and she moaned as she continued to ride me. Her cream was covering my cock, and I felt it dripping down my balls and legs. I needed to fuck her properly, so I guided her off my cock and bent her over. With her ass in the air, I spanked her again, then gripped her hips and guided my cock into her now dripping vagina.

As I began driving my cock into her, she said, “Fuck me harder with that big cock.”

I obliged, pounding into her faster and harder, watching her ass bounce ass we fucked. We both said we were cumming almost at the same time. I fucked her until she came, then pulled out and came all over her ass. We were exhausted and fell quickly asleep in our nakedness.

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6 replies
  1. CreamyPatty says:

    I also think it's hot when us women "own our own sexuality" as you so aptly put it. Jim really loves it when I approach him out of the blue and ask him to eat my creamy pussy – or when I tell him I want to suck his cock and give myself a facial.
    Keep your relationship hot and spontaneous girl!

  2. FunJames says:

    Very hot story and one I plan to share with my wife because she very recently engineered a similar scenario with me, but in our case I was doing some boring work at my home office late at night and she let me know how horny she was by removing my right hand from my computer keyboard and inserting three of my fingers into her sopping wet cunt. "I know how particular you are about keeping your computer stuff clean, so I guess you shouldn't resume typing with all of my cream on your fingers," she said.
    I really wasn't in the mood at the time but in 30 seconds, after she licked her sweet cream off of her fingers we were in bed!

  3. LovingMan says:

    BA2000 that is a very sexy story! I also love when my wife owns her sexuality! Ya gotta love married sex that can produce THAT kind of experience!

  4. LovingMan says:

    Oops! I gotta add that when my Melodie gets like that she also loves a good pounding in doggy style sex position with her buns in the air and her head down!

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