Another Phone Call – Sex Interrupted Part 4

“Sex Interrupted” is a series of loosely related stories where our lovemaking session was interrupted by someone or by something happening. I wrote those stories last year when, several times over the course of a month or two, our sex was indeed interrupted. Well, it happened again this morning, so I decided to write it up and share it with y’all.

Most of my MH stories are basically a sex blog of our lovemaking. It can be incredibly intense and yet challenging as well, due to our numerous health conditions.

So, here is another honest portrayal of our latest lovemaking session… that was interrupted.

We made love this Monday morning. First my wife, Melodie, turned on her smallish cordless wand vibrator and pushed the head of the vibe onto her pussy so it parted her lovely vulva and buzzed her magic love button. Then she closed her legs and trapped it there. The end of the vibe was sticking out from between her legs, so I laughed and told her that it looked like she had a purple penis. She laughed too.

We started out naked on the bed with some playful kissing of everywhere above Melodie’s diaphragm.

“Don’t do my right nipple yet,” she insisted. “It’s not feeling it right now.”

“Ahhh, but we’ll find the combination to unlock your orgasm safe,” I said, then added, “Your body is like a safe with a combination that keeps changing every time! We’ll have fun finding the combination together!”

We laughed together, and I think that what I said relieved some of the pressure she has internally felt to open that orgasm safe. Her new meds have cramped her style sometimes during our sexcapades!

She asked me to lube up her ladyparts so when we were ready, we could go for it. My mouth wandered all over her breasts, delicious to my taste. We did some very pleasant (for both of us) lips on nip—my lips on her nipples, then her lips on my man nipples. I then slimed her titties with a pussy-mixed pre-protein shake made up of Aloe Cadabra Strawberry flavored lube + coconut oil that I scooped from her pussy.

Then I knelt beside her and pumped my rod as I rubbed the sensitive underside of my glans on her sensitive right nipple. We call it doing tip on nip. It felt particularly sensual this morning when I did this sexy activity we’d discovered a few years ago. (See my previous story “All About Tip On Nip.”) In fact it felt SO good that I had to stop myself from cumming. It is fun to come on her nips, and I’ve done it before, but I wanted to have intercourse with my full load today.

I managed to stop my orgasm, but I still squirted one small rope of cum onto her beautiful nipple, so I rubbed my semen into her right breast and right nipple. Then I leaned over to lick it all off. It was actually really tasty! Remember that my cum was now mixed with her fluids, the strawberry flavored lube, and coconut oil that I’d scooped from her love tunnel. So basically I got my yummy protein shake, but I mixed it on her breast with my glans!

I knew I couldn’t hold off after this, and she was lying on her back with her gorgeous body obviously wanting me! So even though it didn’t work last time (on Saturday,) I climbed between her legs and we commenced missionary position.

I slid in and felt her pussy’s sexy caress on my erection. I pumped away as I laid kissed all over her face until my massive orgasm hit me! Then I rolled off to her side and scooped some strawberry-flavored pussy-mixed protein shake from her pussy to rub onto both of her boobies’ nips.

“Mmmmmm! Strawberry cream titties with a hint of coconut!” I said.

I rested my head on Melodie’s left arm as we resumed with lots of lips on nips. We did more tip on nips (on both nipples alternately). I next inserted her G-spot vibe, and we went back to me finding creative ways to stimulate my beautiful wife’s full Nordic boobs and accompanying raspberries (nips). I also sometimes used one hand to pump my rod as I sucked, licked, and nibbled on her nipple. Things were going great! We were defeating the side effects of Melodie’s latest neurological meds!

And then our daughter called!

I halted while mostly my wife talked to our adult daughter who lives a few counties away. I had stopped loving on my wife’s boobs, but she had switched to her loop-handle G-spot vibe. She was buzzing her clit with this rather quiet vibrator even as she was talking on the phone So I went back to loving on Melodie’s nip during the call. I noticed that Melodie’s face had “the look” bad! I knew she was going to cum because she looked a LOT like she did when we married when she was in her early 40s but looked like she was in her 30s.

I knelt back up and did more tip on nip as the call continued. We both talked to our daughter although, yes, it was kind of weird.

After the call ended, Melodie switched to her Sensuelle Plus vibe. I played at titillation of titties, by mouth on the close one and by using my hand and fingers on the far boobie, including rubbing her far hard raspberry with the open palm of my hand as I sucked on her other nipple. That did it! Melodie came hard and intensely only about two minutes after the call ended!

“I love you, Melodie,” I said.

“I love you too,” she replied. “Sorry it’s taking me so long to reach orgasm.”

“Sweetheart,” I said as I caressed her beautiful, nearly lineless afterglow face, “I love helping you cum! Don’t apologize. I love loving on your beautiful and sexy body. So it takes a little longer to find the combination to open the door to your orgasm safe; that time is just more fun discovering your combination together!”

We joked that in that big video in the sky, our daughter will be mortified when she sees that she interrupted her parents as they were intensely making love… and that we had not stopped our erotic activities during the phone call!

I was wired again and hard. So after a bit more tip on nip, I lay back, and Melodie returned to loving on my man nips. I had a second orgasm surprisingly fast—even though lately that’s taken longer.

With all our health challenges, we’ve been trying to count our blessings—and after the Atonement of Christ, Melodie is my greatest one. That includes our friendship, partnership, and the frequent sexual loving we still get to give each other! Even with the interruption today, our sex session was true lovemaking.

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3 replies
  1. CreamyPatty says:

    Very sweet and sexy story, Lovingman! I'm really enjoying your stories as they are both heartfelt and hot. My husband Jim will appreciate it too because I'm starting off my day with a creamy pussy, and that always means extra bedtime for both of us—or maybe I'll be waiting for him on our kitchen table where he can eat to his heart's desire then take me hard from behind.
    Whew, carried away here … Thanks again! 🙂

  2. LovingMan says:

    CreamyPatty, thanks for your comment.
    I think heartfelt goes well with hot! I think the rest of your comment was even more sexy than my story! Happy to have been of service. Consider writing that encounter up as an MH story!

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