A Night Out

The past few weeks, we were both very busy with work and had had little time to take a break and focus on each other. It was the middle of yet another busy and lackluster week. You came home to an empty house; you’re surprised because I’m usually home at this time. You walked into the bathroom and found a note on the mirror. It read, “We have dinner reservations! Dress your best for a romantic evening and remember…I’m the boss!” You smiled and found yourself slightly nervous, and excitement shot through your body. As you began to prepare yourself, you texted me and asked when I would be home. I told you I wouldn’t be home until you were all dressed and ready to leave. The anticipation of seeing what I was wearing enticed you and you began envisioning me as you prepared yourself.

You jumped in the shower as fast as you could and shortly after you were standing in front of the closet deciding what to wear. You decided a form-fitting black dress would do the trick. You stepped into it and slid it up your body. Next you picked a pair of heels and put them on, lastly, you moved to your panty drawer. You were not sure which set to wear, but when you open the drawer, you saw an envelope. You opened it and read, “These are for tonight…” You turned the envelope upside down and out fell a pair of panties. You held them up and saw a black lace thong. You laughed and bent over, stepping one heel at a time into your new panties. You guided them up your legs and rested the strings over your hips, they tightly covered you, but you noticed something different. The fabric covers your front, and they are normal in the back. When you walk to the mirror and hike your dress up past your hips, you look at your new panties and see they are crotchless. The fabric was running along either side of your lips but completely exposed you. You were immediately aroused. You smiled and slid your dress down your legs.

You heard footsteps, and I opened the door. After it’s closed behind me, you noticed I was wearing a pair of gray dress pants, black belt and shoes and a light blue collared shirt with a navy blue tie. You noticed I had the perfect amount of stubble, which you love, and my hair was well kept. I immediately approached you and gave you a warm and loving embrace. My arms were wrapped around you tightly, and you rested your head on my chest letting all of your stresses disappear for this moment. Your hair smelled lovely; I could hold you like this all day. I kissed the top of your head, and then you put your lips on mine and gave me a loving kiss.

You looked into my eyes and said, “Thanks, I needed that.”

I replied, “I did too,” and we shared a smile.

We broke from our hug, and I couldn’t stop staring at you. You looked beautiful and sexy. With my jaw practically on the floor, you said, “I found the gift you bought for me, I’m wearing them right now.” A big smile formed on my face, and you could see the outline of my thick, half-erect cock. You could tell, I was not wearing anything underneath.

We got in the car and drove to the restaurant. As we drove, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. With one hand on the wheel, my other found its way to your left leg. I rested my hand on your upper thigh; your dress was all that was between my palm and your warm, smooth leg. I lightly squeezed, and a tingle ran from my hand down your inner thigh. Your left arm was underneath my right, and your hand was gripping my forearm. As I squeezed your thigh, you squeezed my arm with excitement. We come to a stoplight, and I leaned toward you and kissed you firmly, biting your lip as I pulled away. My right hand moved down your thigh past your dress and ran all the way down your calf. The touch of our skin together was exhilarating. Before the light turned my hand moved back up the curves of your leg, and I found the bottom of your dress. My fingers moved underneath, and my palm made its way back to your upper thigh, my pinky and ring fingers barely touching the lace of your panties. That was where my hand stayed.

While doing this, it forced the left side of your dress up revealing your entire leg, and I could see the top of your thong. This action excited you, but made you nervous, and you tried to push my hand away and pull down your skirt. I firmly gripped your thigh once again shooting a tingle down to your inner thigh. You slightly gasped, and I said, “What are you doing? Don’t forget tonight I am the boss.” You smiled, but acted a little nervous, inside you were excited and couldn’t wait to see how the night unfolded.

We parked the car, and before we got out, we leaned into each other and kissed. Your lips met mine, and we exchanged a few kisses. My hand was still on your thigh, and I again squeezed. Just as I did this, I bit and pulled on your lip sending a spark through your entire body, taking your breath away. I felt this and moved back in to kiss you more. We pressed our lips together firmly, and you bit my lip in return. We both opened our mouths, and our tongues began to tease each other. While we kissed, I placed my left hand on the inside of your left knee and moved up your thigh. Just before it reached your panties, I took my hand from your leg and grabbed the top of your panties. I clenched my fist with the top of your panties in hand, which caused the fabric on either side of your now swollen and hot lips to tighten, causing the strings to make their way deeper into your crevices. Your lips were completely exposed, and you started rocking your hips. You wanted to grind something for stimulation and release.

We stopped kissing, and although we are both practically ready to head home and get to it, I said, “Save it for later, I want to keep you wet and ready all night.”

You smiled and said, “You’re the boss.”

I said, “You’re right.”

You moved to pull your skirt down to cover your ass so you could get out of the car without being exposed. I said, “No, get out first and stand with your back to me and then fix your dress.”

You smiled and then did as you were told. I watched as you moved to the right, then placed both heels on the ground. I watched you lean forward and stand. I gazed at the top of your thighs and loved the sight of the bottom of your booty barely exposed from your raised dress. After you had stood, you wiggled your hips adorably as you slid your dress to its proper length.

We walked to the restaurant, holding each other the entire time. I whispered into your ear about how sexy you were, and I started to tell you some of the things I wanted to do to you. I nibbled your earlobe as you blushed and giggled. We sat in the crowded dining room, but we had slight privacy. We enjoyed some wine and a delicious meal.

Before we left, I ordered one more bottle of wine and some chocolate covered strawberries to go. The wine came first, and we decided to drink it together in the restaurant while we waited for the order. I had you sit next to me while we waited.

I kissed you and moved my mouth to your ear and whispered, “Time to get you back to your excitement level in the car.” After I had said this, you felt my right hand on the small of your back. I kissed your neck then pulled away. You had a rush of excitement, and you extended your glass for cheers with a smile, letting me know you were ready.

My hand was still on the small of your back, and it moved lower. I found the fabric of your thong through your dress, and I traced it with my finger. First the middle, and then I follow the line up and around your hip. I pause then traced the fabric back down to the middle of your back just above where your thong disappeared into your booty. My middle finger now took the lead and followed the material down your crack. I couldn’t go further, so my palm slid over, and I firmly gripped your right cheek practically picking you up off of the seat. You loved how firm I was with you, and you almost let out a moan as I squeezed your ass.

I grabbed the bottle and filled our glasses until it was empty. I then grabbed your chair and slid it until it touched mine. We were practically sitting on a bench and had room to be close.

As we continued to sip our wine, laugh, and converse, I moved your right hand to my leg and then whispered to you again, “Stroke my cock through my pants and make me hard.“

You immediately began to rub me through my slacks; you could feel me slowly grow, and I extended down my inner thigh. You could feel it get hot as the blood filled. You continued until I was rock hard. I told you to stop and drink your wine. You picked up your glass and began to sip; I leaned over and kissed the nape of your neck. There were people all around, the excitement and possibility of being caught had us both feeling daring and erotic.

We toasted again and continued to sip; I smiled and said, “Now it’s your turn.”

I slightly angled myself toward you, and I moved my hands down the curve of your side and to the top of your thigh. I then moved my hand from your lap to the outside of your other thigh pushing your legs together as my hand ran to your knee and then around. I used my hand to pry in between your knees. I grabbed your left leg and picked it up and laid your leg on top of mine. My hand moved back to your right knee, and I pushed your knee outward. We were now sitting, glasses in hand, staring at each other. The server approached the table, and you remain spread, but he couldn’t see as the tablecloth covered us. He informed us the strawberries would be out shortly; we thanked him, and he went on his way. We looked back to each other and smiled, the moment was arousingly intense.

With your legs spread and my hand on your right knee, I started to move it slowly, but vigorously up your inner thigh. As I inched my hand closer to your anticipation, the heat rose. I reached your panty line and lightly dug my fingertips into your lips; you could feel the blood rushing to your most sensitive areas and yearned for me to touch you there. I released my hand and brought it to the inside of the opposite leg. I did the same motion and felt the heat increase. I once again reached your panty line, and this time, my fingers moved to the top of your panties above your clit. I slowly slid my fingers down to your swollen lips and excited clit. I slightly grazed your clit still guarded by lace, and you twitched with excitement. My fingers continued down and found your lips completely plump and bursting out of your crotchless panties. I began massaging your lips, and I watched your mouth drop. I told you to finish your wine, and you do as I continue to rub you, lubricated by your juices.

We were both turned on, and you were completely wet and ready. I gently pulled my hand away and down your leg. I placed your left foot back on the ground and pushed your legs back together. At this time, the server brought our dessert for home along the bill. We paid and walked to the car.

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