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Late night drive

It was a long day at work. I came home only around 10 PM.  I always make it a point to come home soon, but couldn’t that day. I hate it, with the lights out when I open the door, the dark hallway and my love already asleep, feels like I missed a day with her. A day that would never come back. I don’t have the heart to wake her up either; she sleeps like a baby. On any other day, I would have just sulked, cursed myself and went to bed. However on that particular day, I just couldn’t let it pass without talking to my angel. I have to wake her up.

I dropped my bag and went straight to my bedroom. She was so cute wrapped in the blanket. Pulled it off slowly like she was a birthday present. She was indeed a gift.. so beautiful and sexy in her red lingerie..picked her up carefully, a long jacket to cover my darling and took her to the car. Gently placed her on the seat and fastened her belt.  I could say she was partially aware that I was up to something naughty.. but she knows that its not very unusual of me and continued to enjoy her sleep.

I started driving and drove long till we reached a park. The park is well isolated from the city, and there was just one other car in the distance with a couple having their dinner. I drove bit inside the park and stopped the car next to a tree. The view was astounding.. is not talking about scenery outside.. the view of my angel, sleeping with her head resting not he seat belt and her face glowing in the moonlight. It was amazing ..haven’t seen such a thing even in movies. No camera could ever capture that. She was so beautiful.I kept starring at her.

I have no idea how long.. but she started waking up because of the cold. I was all smiles.. she asked me where I have brought her and what am I going to do to her.. pretending to be some innocent girl who just got kidnapped. yeah. I know. Can you imagine someone being that imaginative and spontaneous right out from sleep.. that my wifey .

I said. I was just passing by, and couldn’t resist your beauty so had to kidnap you. So don’t shout. She was pretending to shout, as she adjusted the seat and went backwards for more space for her legs. I loved where it was heading.

I bent over her and opened her jacket.. she was so sexy… I don’t know if she even tries to seduce me. I want to make love to her all the time.

I jumped to the back seat.. and reclined her seat all the way back.. put my hands from either side of the seat and held her hips.. and kissed her neck.. she mumbled ..and was trying to reach my head.

My right hand was going south.. slid it into her panties.. my babe wasn’t that wet.. so I didn’t directly start to finger her. I gently massaged her abdomen.. her body was so warm.. my other hand was rubbing her belly button.. I love to play with her like that..  she was moaning and moving her body.  I then started playing with her tender gorgeous breasts..  my lips were dying to suck on them… but our positions made it so difficult.. so was massaging her breasts and rubbing her nipples.. they got hard. loved it so much. At the same time, my other hand was massaging her abdomen, faster now..  my babe was spreading her legs more n more. I know now I will find a surprise wet wen I go down… I moved my fingers to her pussy.. it was amazingly wet.. and she wanted to kiss me bending her back.. we kissed so passionately… as I inserted my finger into her… she arched her body more..  that was my chance.. held her by hips and pulled her to the back seat completely, like a kid. I just want more of her.

Put her down on the seat and sucked on my babes breasts.. so delicious and warm.. I want to be there all day sucking on them, but then realized we weren’t home.. but I cant certainly cannot drive like this.. my penis would curse me.

So I lifted my head up from her breasts and went to kiss her lips… she just knew.. And she spreader her legs and locked her knees behind my ass.. pulling me in.

I love wen she does that. I thrust my penis in her wetness.. she was moaning in pleasure. I couldn’t control either, was moaning and breathing hard. It feels heaven when being inside my darling. I kept thrusting fast until I came inside her… she kissed me .. I knew she wasn’t done yet.. and she knew I am not done with her yet.

We drove back home with her playing with my penis.. and went straight to bed and stayed awake the entire night making love. Before we fell asleep very tired and naked, I said am sorry I came late today, and I felt like I missed a day . She hugged pressing her breasts on my chest, and said.. “its ok once in a while if late.., provided you make it up to me like today.”

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