Corner of the Bed

Years ago, we were living in one of our favorite apartments. The layout was unique and quirky. It was a place where we enjoyed ourselves–in many ways!

I often think of one evening in particular. We both had busy schedules at the time and so we shared little time together, emotionally and physically. On this day, I couldn’t stop thinking of you. I was charged up and aroused all day. You and your amazing body were running through my mind nonstop. I couldn’t wait to connect with you.

When you arrived home, I welcomed you with a big hug. You must have had a long day because you melted in my arms. After our embrace we headed to the kitchen and cooked dinner together, pairing it with a glass of wine or two.

We cleared the table and began to clean the kitchen. The entire time I couldn’t take my eyes off your body as you washed dishes. Your luscious booty was dancing back and forth as you toiled away.

We were almost finished when I couldn’t help myself. I approached you from behind and wrapped my arms around your waist. I hugged you from behind as my chin rested on your shoulder near your neck. I reached my hand up and gently guided your hair back behind your ear, exposing the nape of your neck. I kissed up your neck to your ear and lightly nibbled your lobe. Then I kissed back down your neck and paused.

With that, I pulled your booty into my body. You obliged and pressed into me. My hand ran up the front of your body and to your neck. I held you as I kissed your neck and you turned your head. Our lips met as you continued to press your booty into me. You felt me growing as our lips locked.

You turned around and we kissed deeply. Our tongues teased each other as our lips lingered in passionate kisses. We walked hand in hand to the bedroom. You tried to get on the bed, but I felt empowered and pulled you back into me. We kissed as we stood next to our bed. Our hands were moving up and down each other’s bodies.

I pulled your shirt over your head and dropped it to the floor. Then you pulled mine off and threw it to the ground. We embraced and kissed, our skin heating up. My hands slowly worked their way down either side of your body. My fingertips found the waistline of your pants and slid them down and over your plump and perfect butt. You stepped away and wiggled them to the ground. There you stood with only your panties on. Your skin was glowing from the soft light creeping into the bedroom.

I unbuttoned and took off my pants and my cock jumped out, completely erect. You stepped toward me and dropped to your knees. You looked up at me as you wrapped your hand around me and slid my member into your mouth. It was so sexy watching you give me an amazing blowjob. Holding your grip steady, you stroked up and down the length of my cock with your lips. Your hand moved in sync with your lips up and down my shaft. I couldn’t take it anymore. I moaned to let you know how good you were making me feel.

You stood and moved toward the bed. I stopped you and said simply, “No”. I guided you to the corner of the bed. It was the perfect height and I told you to straddle the corner. With your feet still able to touch the ground, you rested your clit against over the corner of the bed. I again approached you from behind. This time you felt my cock press between your legs. My cock lay on the bed and you pressed your clit against my hard on. Again I kissed your neck and you slowly began to grind yourself along the length of my hardness. I pulled your bra down and exposed your breasts. I then reached around your body and cupped them as our bodies moved in motion.

“Are you ready?” I asked. And you replied “Oh yes…”

I guided your body forward so your upper body was laying on the bed, then I took a step back to admire you. Your gorgeous figure was bending over the corner of our bed. Your clit pressed down into the mattress. Your legs were slightly spread as you straddled the corner. You were slowly grinding your hips into the bed as I reached forward and gripped your booty. Then I pulled your panties down. I could see that you were VERY ready for me. You continued to gyrate.

I grabbed my cock and guided the head to your entrance. You were so wet. I dragged my pulsing head up, down, and around, teasing you. You moaned slightly as I slid myself completely inside. You felt so hot and wet as you took all of me inside you. I gripped your booty as I began slowly sliding in and out of you from tip to hilt with firm, deep strokes. My hands moved to your waist and you arched your booty slightly up and into me. We began moving together faster. We could hear our juices and bodies flowing and moving together while your clit continued to grind on the bed to our rhythmic motion.

You said, “Harder, baby.”

I leaned forward and placed my hands on the bed for better leverage. You were really driving your booty into me. You developed an amazing rhythm pressing into my cock and thrusting forward for your clitoral stimulation. We both were about to cum. I felt you begin to contract as you climaxed. We came at the same time.

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  1. J_ says:

    Loved the way you described your wife bending over, arching her back, and allowing you to admire and fondle her booty! Made me hard thinking about my wife doing the same!🔥🔥

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