A Mid-Morning Surprise…

…a deep pleasure filled moan escaped his lips and his eyes fluttered open slowly as he realized his wife had taken the swollen head of his cock into her warm mouth and was stroking the shaft with her silky hand…


The morning came early…well it was 7:30…technically this was sleeping in. Two little girls talking quietly outside the bedroom door were intently discussing their breakfast options.

Begrudgingly he rolled out of bed glancing back at his wife’s sexy ass in her pajama shorts. With a sigh he shifted his morning wood as to not be noticeable and quickly and quietly exited the bedroom.

‘WE WANT…’ the little girls started before being shushed and moved farther back down the hall…’cereal for breakfast!’

‘Ok let’s go.’ He said with a smile, ‘ just be quite your mother is sleeping. ‘

With two bowls of cereal being eaten at the table he headed to the third little girls room. He could hear her playing with her stuffed animals before he got to the door.
As he opened it and said good morning the blue eyed little girl with her crazy bed head smiled back sweetly.

A diaper change, a new outfit for the day, a cup of milk later and he was ready to start doing little girl hair. By the time the youngest little girl had her springy little pigtails in her hair the baby boy was stirring in the nursery. He sent the older two girls to get dressed and went to get his boy out of bed.

‘Hey Buddy…’ he said with a big smile entering the comic book blue room. He was met with a big smile right back along with wildly kicking happy feet.

Another diaper change & outfit swap and he was putting the little boy in his high chair with a few finger snacks to tide him over for a little longer so mommy could keep sleeping.

The older two came back upstairs and he started their hair. About the time he was almost done the little boy decided he had enough of the snacks and he wanted his morning mommy milk.

Mommy was up and out of the bedroom getting him before he could finish the braid he was working on. Less than a minute later baby boy was happily humming at mommy, playing with her hair and daddy was feeling slightly jealous again…well not of the milk.

While mommy was feeding the baby, he put the hair stuff away, got his wife a cup of coffee, that was appreciatively received, and then decided to finish putting the vacuum back together that he’d taken apart to fix and clean the night before. Once it was back together he proceeded to vacuum the basement, the rugs and bedrooms upstairs. at least it no longer looked like one of the dogs had exploded in the house last night. After sending the older two to make their beds he mopped the upstairs floors and took out the trash.

By this point mommy was already putting together the girls snacks and juice in the kitchen. He snuck a kiss as he walked by but was denied the butt pinch by a very deft and hand…’she wasn’t even looking’ he thought to himself as he rounded the corner into the hallway.

Feeling sweaty and tired, he took a quick shower then went and laid on the bed in front of the fan to cool off.

As he laid their with the cool air blowing across him in the blacked-out room he could hear the kids making noise and his wife’s voice trying to contain it as he unknowingly dozed off…


She entered the bedroom with the racket of the children settling down for their snack. She found her husband sleeping on the bed in his underclothes, his legs dangling off the bed slightly as if he’d just plopped down. She thought to herself,”I swear. The man can fall asleep anywhere and he sleeps like a roc…’the thought trailed off as another one entered her mind. The kids were out having their snack and she decided to have a bit of her own fun.

Closing and locking the door quietly she very carefully crawled up on the bed. Reaching out slowly she started touching his package through his boxer briefs with her open hand softly.

He twitched and shifted on the bed in his sleep…she froze, her hand still on his now swelling shaft. The feeling of it growing under her hand excited her.

She carefully reached up and folded down his boxer briefs revealing his semi-hard cock. It twitched and swayed lazily in the cool air.

She laid out on the bed lustily watching it twitch for another moment. It soon started to droop in the cool air so she repositioned herself over it, bent down and slowly breathed her warm breath over it.  His cock twitch ever so slightly at the sensation…as she inhaled she caught the musky manly smell of his cock and it got her even more excited. Feeling very moist she involuntarily parted her full lips, wetted them with her tongue and bit her bottom lip as she planned her next move. Leaning in closer she slowly extended her tongue and softy licked the underside of the head…his cock jumped suddenly startling her. With a almost in audible squeak she barely contained herself from jumping out of her skin and screaming.

Laughing at herself she decided to go for it. She opened her mouth wide and took his semi-hard cock into her mouth closing her lips around it she began swirling her tongue around the shaft and head, feeling it rock back and forth inside her mouth. Within a few seconds it started to grow quickly, the sensation of his swelling shaft growing with each heartbeat thrilled her. The head of his pulsing cock slowly working it way farther and farther into her mouth, combined with its slightly salty taste had her panties soaking wet now. Glancing up at her sleeping husband, knowing he could wake up any moment just fueled her lust even more.

She began to focus on sucking the head of his now rock hard cock her tougue caressing the underside of it then moved her hand in to begin pumping his shaft slowly. His breathing had quickened and had become reactive to her actions.  He shifted in his sleep and smiled around his cock, he was stirring in his sleep.


…a deep pleasure filled moan escaped his lips and his eyes fluttered open slowly as he realized his wife had actually taken the swollen head of his cock into her warm mouth and was stroking the shaft with her hand…it wasn’t a dream.

His hands drifted to her hair and gripped it, ‘Oh Beautiful….Oh Sexy, suck my cock…’ He grunted.

She smiled around his cock and took it in deeply before pulling her mouth away. She continued to stroke his cock as she shifted up on the bed to kiss his mouth.

He grabbed her tightly and kissed her back their mouth exploring each other’s passionately. As she broke the kiss by pulling away she grabbed his hand and said,’Do you like me sucking your cock Handsome?’

‘…Yes..’ Came the grunted reply as his body quivered uncontrollably as she sucked his first finger into her mouth, licking it with her tongue.

‘Do you want me to suck it more?’ She teased.

‘Please…’ He replied softly as she took his middle finger into her mouth sexily before opening her mouth and trailing her tongue along the underside of his finger before kissing the tip.

‘Tell me to suck your cock.’ She said looking into his eyes and biting her lower lip sexily.

‘Please suck my cock…’he replied breathlessly as she continued stroking his cock.

‘Tell me without the please!’ She said naughtily licking her lips.

‘Suck my cock Sexy!’ He said demandingly and with that she lowered her eager mouth down and took his throbbing, twitching cock back into her mouth closing her lips around the swollen rod.

As she worked his cock with her lips and tongue his hips began to thrust in rhythm, his breathing got deeper and the moans of pleasure coming from him more frequent.

She reached down and and played with his balls while sucking his shaft, causing louder moans to escape from him suddenly.  She pulled off occasionally to get another passionate kiss and took the opportunity to stroke his cock quickly causing him to twitch and quiver uncontrollably.

Pulling her mouth away from his cock she turned her head to make eye contact with him, ‘I want your cum baby!’ She said in a naughty and lusty voice while she added a swirling action to her wrist as she made long firm strokes up and down his glistening shaft. ‘Are you gonna give it to me?!?!’ she continued lustily.

That was it, he couldn’t take it anymore. A deep throaty moan came from his lips as white spurt after white spurt shot wildly from his cock. She continued to caress it slowly rubbing the remaining dribble of warm cum into his cock which made him moan and twitch on the bed. Her hand, arm and left breast were now covered in stripes and speckles of the warm white goo.

She laughed coyly and said, ‘Husband! You made a mess!’

‘I beg to differ, Sexy! I believe it was you that made the mess!’ Came his breathless reply behind a very satisfied and loving smile.

Using a towel to clean herself off she giggled sexily and tossed it at him saying, ‘ I sure do love you Handsome!’

‘I sure do love you too, Beautiful! He replied, ‘That was sure a sexy surprise!’

‘Glad you liked it…’, she said as she opened the bedroom door…’I’m certainly looking forward to tonight!’ The door closed behind her with the last thing he saw being her sexy little smile.

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10 replies
  1. GeekyHusband says:

    Thank you… This was my first post and it almost didn’t make it. I’ve been writing these for several years just for my wife. When I stumbled on this site about a month ago and introduced her to it. She has been supportive though expressed a little concern when I asked about submitting this story as it was a very personal experience.

    I left the decision to her and…well you know what her decision was.

    I’m very glad she did. I adore her completely! She is more beautiful and sexier than she believes. We have been together for 10 / 13 years this coming October. (Married / Dating) anniversaries are the same day. We have four adorable children with very different personalities and we are very open and honest with each other.

    Though I must admit that what drew me to this site was two main points: First, our libidos have always been a little mismatched, me having the stronger drive…or turbo charged overdrive, as my wife may believe. This comes back around occasionally in our marriage though we are always striving to be understanding of each others needs.
    Secondly, the positivity of this site and it’s patrons. Too often throughout various media, whether it be movies, tv, books, the internet, etc marriage is portrayed as unsexy, drab, boring or monotonous. The focus then becomes unhealthy relationships that are portrayed as they thing to do.

    My wife is amazing and sexy and our lives, though different, are a kind of exciting that only comes with a loving relationship cultivated over years with respect, trust, loyalty and love. I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I can’t wait to live the rest of my life with her.

    Thank you for your kind words…I hope they help her feel the decision made to submit was appreciated and enjoyable to others.


    ‘Death cannot stop true love! All it can do is delay it for a while.’ ~Wesley, The Princess Bride

  2. Emmy Sue says:

    Loved this story! You both obviously love your children and each other very much. My husband and I also have mismatched sex drives. He would have it everyday if he could, but I get so stressed by life sometimes that I find it difficult to get in the mood. MH has started helping me with that though, hope it inspires you guys too!

    • Dan S says:

      Emmy Sue,
      If you don’t mind my asking, in what ways is your husband helping your through your stressfuls times to enable you to get in the mood?


  3. Loved by my Wife says:

    I have read many times, most recently in Kevin Lehman’s Sheet Music, that oral & hand jobs are excellent solutions for differing drives. My wife has not yet mustered the courage for oral. But, for us, when I need it & her vagina is not up for the pounding, she just takes my cock in hand and has me satisfied in a few minutes.

    Regardless, as the high drive spouse, it is not my job to make my wife live up to her commitment – that is between her & our God. My job is to be patient & appreciative.

  4. FTD says:

    Great story, Geeky. God is always honored through the hot monogamy He creates between a man and woman in marriage. This story got my juices flowing! Looking forward to fulfilling some hot monogamy with my spouse!

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