Hubby’s Spanking

Raymond had had a stressful couple of weeks at work. That coupled with his duties at church made him want to get away and just be quiet. Sometimes when it got like this he knew that only one thing would do the trick and he looked forward to that when the opportunity arose.

He had a good sexual relationship with his wife but there were times he wanted something more and this was one of those times. He was sitting there browsing on his computer on a Saturday night when his wife Rose came up and asked if he needed a spanking. That had never happened before although he had often asked her for one. She was right on the ball and had almost read his mind. It was uncanny. She wasn’t really into it personally but was willing to do this if he wanted it. Of course he answered in the affirmative and soon they were upstairs.

She sat on the edge of the bed and loosened his belt as he stood before her. He felt a stirring in his loins as he pictured that soon he would be standing before her fully exposed. His eyes fell upon the purple paddle by her side in anticipation. He stirred again as her hands pulled down his zipper. The sound of it somehow sounded rude and forbidding but very exciting. Soon her hands pulled down his underpants as he felt his manhood gently spring out. Her hands were soon handling it after she had tied up his shirt round his waist. The way she did it was a positive not only in exposing his organ but in anticipation of the spanking that was to come. He appreciated it.

His member began to be aroused and stiffen under her caress. His mind went forward to the spanking again.  Kneeling on all fours on the bed his two white cheeks were ready anticipating the first love stings of the paddle. As the strokes started to fall the love blush began to appear. He was soon in ectasy as her skilful strokes landed again and again on his naked bottom.

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