Sleeping pill

We are tired. You are more tired than I am. We go to bed early. We are naked and you ask me to just hold you tight. You press your back close to my chest and your bottom is against my hips. I put my arm around your chest between your breasts and you put your arm on top of mine. I have been away and haven’t seen you for four days. I enjoy to feel you so very close to me again, to feel your soft, naked body against mine. Your breasts against my arm and your hand hold mine.

You say you haven’t slept very well the last nights when I have been away and that you are too tired to make love tonight. I ask if I may give you a “sleeping pill” and say that you will sleep much better after a relaxing orgasm. You answer that you are probably too tired for that as well, but that I can try if I want. I want! I want to give you the excitement, arousal, pleasure and release that only I am allowed  to give you. I want to give you a pleasurable orgasm that makes you relax and sleep. I tell you to just lay back, relax and enjoy and not think about pleasing me. This is for you and I want you to focus entirely on your own sensations without distraction.

You roll over onto your back. I stroke your arms with my fingertips. You get goose bumps. I let my fingers run along your sides in light and slow strokes. My fingers brush against the outside of your soft and round breasts as they pass by. When I reach your waist I move my hand to stroke your tummy, up over your chest between your breasts to your shoulders. I return down the side of your chest over your right breast down to your hip, across your tummy below your navel and then up along your left side and over your left breast.

You feel my erect penis against your left hip and move your left arm to rest against it. I caress your breasts slowly and I feel your large aerolas wrinkle and your nipples get large, hard and stand straight out. I feel your soft breasts with their hard nipples and I love them. I even love them more now when life has put it’s marks on them than when you were younger. I touch, stroke and lightly massage them for a while.

You pull your knees up a bit. I let my hand and fingers stroke below your waist, over your round hips and along the outside of your thighs. Down along your right side and up along your left. Across your tummy but further down towards your soft dark triangle for every time I pass. I feel the top of your triangle of soft pubic hair and let my fingers tangle in it. You spread your legs slightly and I move my fingers closer. I caress your soft venus mound for a while. I love that round and soft area.

You spread your legs further and I stroke the inside of your thighs and my fingers run lightly over your groin. You spread your legs wide now and my fingers find your vulva. Your lips are still close together. I stroke them with the lightest touch, from your venus mound all the way down between your legs to your perineum. Back and forth, back and forth. I part your lips slightly and let my middle finger caress you between the inner lips while the other fingers stroke your outer lips. You are not very wet yet and your clitoris is still small and soft. I let my finger stroke you softly from where your outer lips meet above your clitoris, down over it, in between your inner lips, over your lovely opening and to where your lips meet below it. Up and down, up and down.

You get wet now, your inner lips swell, get soft and pushes your outer lips apart. Your clitoris swell, get hard and point out. More and more for each stroke. Your breathing is heavier now. I kiss your cheek and you put the fingers of your left hand around my rock hard shaft that is pressed against your hip. You press your legs further apart as wide as you can and you start to rock your hips in time with my strokes.

You are very wet now and your soft labia is spread wide apart from your arousal to reveal the wanting opening to your wonderful vagina. My fingers enters it easily. You are so wet. My fingers press into your love canal for every down stroke and are then pulled out and up over your engorged clitoris for every up stroke. You put your right hand on top of mine to direct my strokes to the spots and with the pressure that feels best for you. Our fingers move together to heighten your pleasure. Around your clitoris, along your slit and into your aroused vagina. You groan for every stroke. Your hips are out of control and bucks wildly.

It seems this is not enough for you. You start to caress your self at the same time as I. We both stroke your clitoris, our fingers on either side of it. I have a finger in your vagina, massaging you from the inside. You vagina grip my finger tight and release again. I feel you flex your vaginal muscles in rhythm to heighten your arousal as much as possible. Grip and release, grip and release. I know you are close now.

I concentrate my strokes to your rock hard and slippery clitoris. Round and around. Your fingers are there to. We both work hard to bring you over the top. Your breathing is labored and you groan out loud for every breath. Your body lives it’s own life on the bed and is totally out of control. There is only one goal now in your mind. Your fingers move faster and faster together with mine in your wet crevice.

Suddenly your body stiffen, you push your groin up hard against our hands and you let out a long growl as your orgasm wash through your body. I feel your clitoris jump and your vagina contract rhythmically. After a while you relax and snuggle up to me again.

I say “Thank you for letting me do this to you!”. “No, thank you for convincing me to do this!”, she replies as she drift off to a relaxed and sound sleep in my arms.

I love you!

By: pierre duchemin


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  1. 76servant says:

    Being sensitive it is! With gentle conversation that allures each others desires! Beautiful loving approach in handling your wife! Enjoyed greatly! Thank you!

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