One O’Clock In The Morning

It had been a stressful month.  Colds had run through their house, he had a full schedule at work and their 5-year-old daughter seemed to pick bedtime to breakdown into tears over a toxic friendship at school.  It wasn’t exactly an ideal atmosphere for lovemaking; there was very little energy or interest by the end of the day.

This day had not been much different, and that night they both fell into bed weary from another full day.  She was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.  He was not far behind, but as they slept dreams of her began to fill his head.  Before long he was wide-awake wondering how to overcome his growing need to be inside her and get back to sleep.  He looked at his bedside clock.  It read 12:42 am.  Ugh – he tried to think about something else – he only had 5 more hours before he had to be up to get ready for work.  But his now hard throbbing penis was not going to let him go back to sleep.  Not until he sought out the very one who got him in this state to begin with.

By now it was 1 am – he’d been awake for close to 20 minutes.  The decision made…he moved over to her side of the bed where she lay sleeping peacefully on her side facing away from him.  He began to gently nudge her shoulder.  She moaned a little but didn’t come to.  So he nudged her a little more and whispered in her ear,  “Babe, I hate to wake you, but…”  She gradually came around and sleepily said,  “What?  Are you okay?”

“No” came the reply

She had a small moment of panic as she half sat up and asked,  “Why?  What’s wrong?”

By this point she was starting to become aware of his hand as he tenderly caressed her breast through her nightshirt.

“I need you, BADLY” he answered as he moved her hand down so she could feel his need, for herself.

“Oh my – I guess…what can I do to help?”  She breathed as she leaned in to cover his mouth with hers, while her hand began to stroke “his need” through his pajama bottoms.

“I want to be inside you,” he panted.  The desire now getting stronger and apparently becoming mutual as she sighed her consenting  “ummm…”

Soon nightshirts, tee shirts, panties and pajama bottoms were cast aside as their two naked needy bodies met together in the middle of their king size bed.  Mouths and hands exploring the wonderful gift of each other in the darkness.  His fingers found that warm moist place hidden between her legs, she moaned with delight as he dipped his finger inside her vagina and gathered up her wet juices to then circle around her now swollen clitoris.

“Oh honey, you feel so good beneath my fingers,” he said as he began sucking on one hard protruding nipple.  The unexpectedness of this encounter in the middle of the night had her so hot for her sexy husband that she couldn’t stand to wait much longer.  She began to tug on his arm as if to say – enough already, I want you inside me now.  He got the message loud and clear and proceeded to position himself over her as she spread her legs wide inviting him to the pleasure that awaited.  Her well-lubricated vagina made it sooo easy for him to slide right in, and the moment of their union made both of them moan with ecstasy.  They soon found their rhythm, thrusting back and forth, circling their hips round and round.  Her muscles squeezing in and out around his swollen penis.  Between kisses and I love you’s, he would reach down and pull in one luscious nipple and then the other between his lips, flicking his tongue over the top of each one.  This only increased the pleasure she was feeling between her legs, which were now wrapped around his back in an effort to pull him in as close to her as she could.

Her muscles began to squeeze faster and stronger now, seeming to hold tight around him for longer periods of time in the hopes of keeping this glorious feeling from ending.  Her pulsating orgasm proved to be too much for him as he began to feel the pressure of his coming release.

Finally his trusts became more intense and the relief he had been longing for came in about a half dozen warm wet spurts into his beautiful wife.  She loved the feeling when he released his warm load into her and this time was no different, however the intensity of this lovemaking only proved to bring on repeated orgasms at each of his releasing thrusts.  They felt such pleasure, unlike any they had felt before.

Both, now spent, collapsed in each other’s arms – exhausted but oh so satisfied.  He marveled at how God had designed this incredible woman just for him.  Reluctantly, they parted from their sweet embraces long enough to clean up.  Then fell back into bed, snuggling up together in the afterglow of their love, until they fell asleep again.  Neither one would ever forget this glorious time together at one o’clock in the morning.

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