The Night

I remember it like it was yesterday.  We went to get married;-no hustle or bustle just us.  You opened the door for me and we entered the chapel, the minister waiting. I remember looking at you as the minister said our vows for us to repeat, and I was in tears because of how happy I was and still am.  I remember our first night together as man and wife. You took me in your arms outside in the mountains, as we sat by a creek. The breeze was so soft and tender and yet very exciting.  We kissed under the moonlight the most passionate yet intimate kiss you had ever kissed me with.  We made our way home that night only to find ourselves wrapped up in each arms.

We both were nervous, excited, and hoping that this night would be the night we both had dreamed of.  As I lay down on the couch for you to massage my feet I remember saying I will always love you. I felt your touch on the bottom of my feet-ever so light-but sensual.  You touched my ankle and then before I knew what was happening you had taken my toes and liked them all the way to the calves of my legs.  You then took my breast in your hands and caressed them ever so tenderly, but the passion only you and I could feel, like the racing of hearts was not enough.

You removed my blouse, and you licked my thighs–until you were there touching my love area just for you. You said you could feel and taste the love juice that was only meant for you. You then covered my body with yours like a protector and you entered me and rode with such determination. Your kisses were erotic and your tongue on my nipples ever so hungry.  I arched towards you and couldn’t stop the feelings of just wanting to thrust towards me ever so hard.  You were my stallion as you rode and our bodies moved to the music that only we could hear. You said, “Oh honey if we could only do this forever and never stop!!”  You then kissed me with your whole body and I took you into my mouth and oh the way you felt; so straight, and ever so hard, that I could hardly take you all the way in.  The excitement was overwhelming. I took you out and straddled you and rode you just like my big stallion. I rode you with excitement, passion and oh my sweet love, do you remember -I couldn’t wait any longer. I was ready for your cream to mix with mine and we became one right then.

You took yourself away only to touch me in the love area and excite me again.  I arched towards you again waiting for your love cream, but you stopped and kissed me to tease me, because you knew that I was ready for your love again.  You caressed my breast, my nipples hardened as you, my husband, my new lover, had just began to show your love for me. You reached for my body and swooped me up in your arms. The kisses, the breathing, the touches were ever so wonderful, the beauty of your love for me was breath taking.   I was breathless, I was losing all self control for your love. I reached for your manhood and took you again into my mouth and there you were so strong, so passionate… You moved and put yourself inside of me to show me that your love was greater than anything I could ever have…

Oh Honey I said, “Please give me more…. I was ever so excited as I moved with you and the more we thrust towards each other, the more and more we were excited, until we climaxed together. The movements, the sweat, the tears for happiness and the excitement to love like this made us swell with the love cream for each other and there we were together at last forever… never doubting that our love for each other would continue to be more and more exciting. And God our love for each other will only get better. God knew that I needed a man who could give me everything that I needed, and God knows each of us and what our sex drive is… I am so glad God gave me you because you have proven God did create sex for pleasure, excitement, and our enjoyment to show our love for each other… I love you honey and you are the best there ever was and still to this day you are the best that ever will be…

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