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Sex Stress Relief – S-E-X Spells Stress Relief

Sex Stress Relief – It had truly been a stressful week. Two big clients demanding projects within unrealistic deadlines had made the office a place to avoid rather than the place to hang out and enjoy the company of my coworkers that it normally was. With only one more day left in the week, and a good two days worth of work to complete, I found myself heading home an hour later than normal, missing my sweet wife even more than normal.

“How was the day honey? You look tired,” she said as I walked in, dropped off my briefcase, and headed right for the back door. “I am,” I said, hardly paying attention to the table, and full prepared meal that sat upon it. “I’m gonna sit out back and enjoy the fresh air for a few before dinner, if that’s ok with you,” I said, almost already out the door.

I closed the door and sat down on the patio lounger on the back deck, looking out into the yard for a moment, but not really seeing much but the glow of a few walkway lights leading to the shed. Fall seemed to come out of nowhere on the West Coast, and it had already been dark outside for at least a half an hour. Still, the cold hadn’t yet moved in, and the somewhat warm air was comfortable to sit in. I closed my eyes and within a few moments was drifting in and out of a light sleep on the back porch, almost forgetting my wife inside.

“Can I join you,” I heard, slipping back into reality from my light slumber. I looked up to see my beautiful wife, in her typical jeans and t-shirt that fit her the same 12 years after the day I proposed. “Of course,” I said, “sorry I blew right by when I got home, I needed a minute to unwind from this crazy week. The back porch seemed like the perfect place.” She moved along side of me on the lounger and said in her calming voice, “I know, I can tell. I’m sure you’ll be glad when these projects are both over.” She knew me all too well. “Why don’t we just sit out here for a little bit until you wind down a bit. We can heat up dinner after a while in the microwave.”

Our backyard had always been our private little hideaway. I preferred being able to see my neighbor’s yards, but the previous owner of the house had built a tight and tall fence, making ours a yard of seclusion. Tonight I was actually thankful that I didn’t have to carry own a conversation with a well-meaning neighbor through the fence, but could just sit back, close my eyes and enjoy a moment with my wife. She slid in behind my, like she often did on the lounger, and slid her legs along either side of mine. She pulled me back up against her and began to rub my temples with her fingers. Within a few minutes, hours of stress were oozing out of me.

Sex Stress Relief – Wife Massage Bring Relaxation

Somewhere in the sensation of the heavenly massage I dozed off and slept for about a half an hour. As I came out of my sleep I instantly noticed she was no longer behind me on the lounger. Rising from the laid down position I was in, I realized she was now sitting in another chair across from me, and as my eyes began to gain their night focus, I realized she had changed from her jeans and t-shirt to her robe and slippers. Had I been asleep all night? Had she come out to wake me up to come to bed? “What happened?” I asked. “Shhhh,” she said to me, and before I could ask another question, she was slipping off her robe to reveal that she had nothing on underneath. Even in my half sleepy state, I realized the sensation of becoming aroused. In the dark, her slender body was barely visible from the glow of the kitchen light, barely sneaking out past the closed curtains inside. She was beautiful, and had a wonderful figure that always turned me on.

“I thought of a better way to help relieve some stress,” she whispered, making me smile the biggest smile I had mustered in over a week. Slowly moving towards me in only her slippers, I quickly looked around at our fence to assure myself that none of our neighbors would see in. “Relax,” she said, “All of our neighbors are seniors and have gone to bed. Plus, it’s dark, and you know that our fence is built tighter than a drum.” I knew this to be true, and I also knew my wife was not an exhibitionist. She wouldn’t undress in our back yard if she had even the slightest hint anyone could see. Realizing she had taken full precaution, I returned my focus to her lovely shape, which was becoming more visible as my eyes adjusted. I started to move towards her and she made a motion to stay still. “You’ve been working hard for everyone else all week…tonight you get to sit back and let someone do something for you.”

She moved in close and leaned over, kissing me on the lips softly and lovingly. I could not resist the moment to reach up and tenderly cup her breast in my hand. She paused and then kissed a little harder. Her breasts were not overly large, but had always felt perfect in my hands. Her nipples were firm, either from the night air, or from the excitement of being naked in our back yard. We were always an in-bed, under the covers kind of couple, so this expedition was a new one indeed. While we kissed she reached down and unzipped my pants, reaching in to touch me, and eventually freeing me to the night air. Her hands were soft and felt wonderful. The excitement of this new experience encouraged my arousal to full bloom within a matter of moments and just a few strokes of her fingers. I could feel her smile beneath her kisses, and I smiled back. As she leaned in closer and continued the rhythmic motions with her hand, I reached out to touch her between her legs and could feel she was aroused as well. “Ummm, I’ve been thinking about this from the moment you fell asleep out here.” And we kissed long and hard.

Without warning, she stood up, breaking from our kissing. “This moment is very steamy honey, but it IS a little chilly out here. I know you’d kiss me and help me all night long, but tonight is about you.” And with that, she turned around and began to back her lovely heart shaped rear towards me, reaching out to find my full erection with her hand. With a familiar skill of many nights of our lovemaking, she quickly led me into her warm wetness and pushed herself back onto me. I was know sitting up on the edge of the lounger, with my wife half sitting on my lap, half squatting over my legs, and her body pushed in tight against me. I started to push in towards her, but before I could, she began moving her hips in a circular motion, and I nearly went over the edge with her first motion. I held her hips from behind as she quickened her pace, and then reached around with one hand to touch her while she continued to send an amazing sensation through my body with her movements. Her sex stress relief touched me deeply.

I couldn’t hold back for long, and released weeks of frustration in a moment of pure passion with this amazing woman I loved so much. She could tell I had reached my climax, and slowly reduced the pace of her moment, until she finally came to a stop. She leaned back, and kissed me on the lips while rubbing my face tenderly. “Ready for some dinner?” she asked with a huge grin on her face. In the moment, with my naked wife sitting on my lap in our dark backyard I had to let out a laugh too. “Yes, I think I am now…. lets go.” Her sex stress relief worked!

I was able to finish out the week with considerably less stress!

Sex Stress Relief

By: Sabrina Campagna

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  1. WiffleLove says:

    Truly amazing wife! Knowing you were so bogged down with stress at work, she knew just how to relieve it. And to see that she actively insisted on having you let her do all the work… wow!

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