Making The Best Of Cramped Quarters

Several years ago we moved cross-country and due to limited finances we had to fit our family of six into some very cramped quarters for a time. The apartment that we rented was quite small for our family. It was the upper half of an old farmhouse and it had only two small bedrooms and one small bathroom, and I’m still not sure how we managed to fit six of us and all of our stuff in it! The kids all slept in the one bedroom, but the other bedroom was so small that we decided to use the living room as our bedroom instead. This gave us more space for our bedroom, which was nice, but one drawback to using this room was that there was no door, and thus, not much privacy.

Lack of privacy can be a great hindrance to intimacy, which is so necessary for the health of any marriage. But, where there is a will (and there certainly was with us!) there is a way.

In my wife’s typical innovative fashion, she hung a white shower curtain in the doorway to give us just a little privacy. That was a good start! We also started planning ahead better so that we could make the best use of our time when the kids were asleep.

I can remember one morning; it must have been on a weekend since I normally slept on the couch in the spare room after work during the week, waking up in bed with my wife and enjoying the warm sunshine that always came through the east window in the mornings. I snuggled up next to her and enjoyed how warm and cozy her body felt. As my fingers stroked her arms and legs, she gave me a warm, wet kiss that really got me aroused. She was wearing a nightshirt and some soft underwear, and I began to touch her all over. I just love to feel her nipples harden when I touch them, and they certainly did as I stroked them and lightly pulled them between my fingers and thumbs.  When I slid my hand down across her tummy she parted her legs slightly and seemed to enjoy my touch as I gently rubbed her crotch.

We didn’t have much time to play, unfortunately, as the kids were beginning to stir and being such a small house and having just a shower curtain between us and them wasn’t very conducive to love-making. But the more we kissed and caressed, the more aroused I got, and I climbed on top of her, keeping the sheets over top of us both. Her body felt good even through her clothes, and I pulled my shorts down a little bit so that I could press my erection against her soft panties. It felt so nice to rub against her like that, as I kissed her warm, inviting mouth and cupped her breasts in my hands. It reminded me of how much fun I had bringing her to orgasm like that when we were first married.

It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting close, and I was really enjoying her. When I was almost there, I reached down and lifted up her nightshirt, exposing her soft, warm belly. As I came, I moved up slightly so that I could let it go all her stomach, and that felt so good. I’ve always been turned-on by the thought of letting go on her beautiful skin, and so this was a dream-come-true. I collapsed in her arms, enjoying the moist wetness between our bodies, and feeling very satisfied and in love with her.

We didn’t have too much time to enjoy the moment, unfortunately, so while my wife was quite aroused herself, she had to wait until our next opportunity. She had sex on her mind that day, and surprised me that evening. When I came to bed, she was all undressed, and seemed very happy to see me. After a couple of hot kisses, she sat up facing me, and squirted some raspberry massage lotion on her hands. She smiled at me and even giggled a little bit as she began rubbing the lotion all over her breasts with both hands. “Do you like that?” she asked, and she knew I did. I was very turned on and enjoyed watching her hands and fingers slide across her lovely breasts and nipples. She was very wet at this point and sat her body on top of me and let me slide inside of her. It felt so good to push against her as she laid her chest against mine, her warm breasts still slippery with massage lotion.

As I squeezed her bottom with my hands I could feel her getting more and more excited. I love to feel her lower body pushing against me and I get so turned-on to know that she’s enjoying the sensations and my body. It gives me a lot of pleasure to see, hear, and feel her have an orgasm. Her whole body is so beautiful to me, and I love to see it in motion, I love the sexy little sounds she makes when she lets go, and I love to feel her straining, tensing up, and then relaxing in satisfaction. And of course its always a good feeling to then let myself go and just enjoy the sensation, to be able to let it all out inside her, and then to just relax with her in my arms.

It was times like these that made it easier for us to bear with the cramped conditions! We can always enjoy the memories that we made and look forward to making more

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