Breaking the Routines

Every once in a while my husband Ryan and I get stuck in routines that somehow don’t involve sexual intimacy between the two of us.  Life seems to get in the way of one of the most important aspects of our marriage.  Don’t get me wrong, we have a great sex life but it does seem to get pushed to the side a few times every year for weeks at a time.  I recognized this morning that we had been in one of those ruts.

I woke up at about 4 am for some reason thinking that it had been over a month since the last time that I had made love to my husband.  I was too tired to do anything about it at that moment but I made a mental note to make sure that I made it up to Ryan later tonight.  Just thinking about what may happen tonight brought butterflies to my stomach and I could feel my pussy start to get a little wet.  Although it was wonderful to have some of these feelings back again I knew that we both needed to sleep and so I suppressed the urges, closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep again.

It seemed like I began to dream almost immediately after falling asleep.  My dreams seemed to be a collage of some of our most memorable lovemaking sessions.  Our wedding night when we both lost our virginity, our honeymoon where we made love 6 times in one night, the marriage retreat where we accidentally walked in on our friends while they made love and then ended up making love in the bed beside them later that night, our trip to Niagara Falls where Ryan and the bellhop watched me masturbate in the bathtub, making love to Ryan in the hot tub at his parents house while they were away, having a quickie upstairs while we had friends waiting for us in our living room, and my favorite time when we were in a chalet and had an unexpected visit by some friends.  We spent the weekend in the chalet making love to our spouses and walking around naked completely unashamed in front of each other.

I woke up suddenly at 6am when my alarm clock went off.  When I sat up I realized that pussy was now so wet that my underwear was almost wet right through and my nipples were as hard as small pebbles.  Ryan was already up and was downstairs getting ready for work.  I took off my underwear and grabbed a small towel to dry myself off a little bit before putting a clean pair of underwear on.  Just the touch of the towel when I tried to dry myself caused me collapse on the bed again.  My pussy was so sensitive it was like I had a mini-orgasm every time anything touched it.  Since Ryan was downstairs and the kids were all still asleep I thought that it would be a good time to take care of myself so that I would be ready for later tonight.

Using the tip of my fingers I traced the outline of my pussy lips from bottom to top.  As soon as I reached the top near my clitoris I started to cum again.  This happened 3 times within a matter of minutes but I was still not even close to satisfied.  I knew what I needed so I got up and wrapped my housecoat around my naked body and went downstairs to find my husband.

It worked out well that Ryan was in the bathroom having his shower still when I came downstairs.  I quietly opened the door to the bathroom, took off my housecoat and peaked in the shower at my husband.  He was washing his hair and didn’t know that I was standing admiring him.  I love his broad shoulders and chest.  I am proud of him that he is still fit when so many of his friends have gained a lot of weight since they got married.  His ass is firm from his bike rides and his legs strong.  I licked my lips when I saw his cock.  Although it was not erect it was still beautiful and attached to his large sack that I knew must be full of his juices since we had not made love for so long.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I quietly stepped into the shower in front of him.  He jumped a little when he felt me put my hands on his hips.  Ryan opened his eyes and gave me a big smile as he said good morning.  I reached down and grabbed his already hardening cock and said that it was definitely a good morning.  I kneeled down in the shower and wrapped my mouth around his full erection.  Ryan moaned and put his hands on my head as he directed my mouth up and down his cock.  I did this for a minute and then stood up and bent over in front of Ryan.  He knew what I wanted and moved up behind me.  He placed the head of his cock at my entrance and shoved it into me in one hard thrust.

It felt so good to have him in me again.  He felt so big and I felt so full.  I told him that it had been a long time and I needed him to pound in me.  Ryan didn’t let me down.  He grabbed on to my hips and began to push into me so hard that I swear I felt his cock near my stomach.  I had one hand steadying myself on the shower wall and one hand on my right breast squeezing my nipple.  It seemed like every time that he thrust into me I would cum but I couldn’t quite get to that explosive orgasm that I so desperately needed.

After a few minutes of him pounding into me Ryan said that he couldn’t hold out much longer.  I told him that I wanted him to cum in me.  His thrusts suddenly became more urgent and harder than ever.  I could feel his cock inside of me swell and I knew that he was about to cum.  He groaned loudly and then I felt him cum.  I could feel each spurt of his orgasm as he drenched my insides with his juices.  It felt so good to be one with him again.  Ryan slowed down his thrusts until he just held himself in me.  He leaned down and kissed my back before completely pulling out and then he turned me around to face him.

Ryan thanked me for the morning surprise and then asked me if I had cum.  I told him that I had a little bit but didn’t quite get all of the way there.  I told him that he had to get ready for work so I would look after myself after he left.  Ryan smiled again at me and said that he really wanted to make me cum and he wanted to try something new.  I only wanted that big orgasm so I told him that I was fine with something new.  He surprised me when he kissed me and then moved down my body.  He first kissed and licked each of my nipples before moving even lower towards my pussy that was now full of his juices.

Don’t get me wrong, he has given me oral sex before but he has never done it after we had sex.  I have to tell you that when he put his mouth over my lips I almost came right there.  He then licked inside of my lips.  I knew that he was tasting both of our juices and it felt incredible.  I moaned and put my hands on his head and pushed his face harder into my pussy.  It only took a couple of minutes and I could feel the orgasm that I needed begin.  It started at my toes and soon my entire body was engulfed in complete orgasmic delight.  I think at one point I actually lost consciousness.  If Ryan had not had his arms around me while he was licking me I would have collapsed in the tub.

When I came to, Ryan was hugging me and my head was on his shoulder.  It was my turn to thank him for the morning surprise.  He said that he enjoyed it and would be willing to do it again in the near future.  He then kissed me and got out of the shower to get ready for work.

I stood in the shower and said a quick prayer of thankfulness for my husband before my mind began to think of what else we may be able to do tonight together!

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