Lost Bet – Friday, Saturday and Sunday

My husband ( I will call him John) and I (Jane for the purposes of this post) have been married for almost 10 years now.  We married in our mid 20’s and have enjoyed our time together.  The great thing is that God has always been vital to our marriage, and we have always worked through our problems with Him.  On most big issues, we have always been of one heart / mind.  We have never been close to separating or divorcing, but like any couple we have had our struggles.   Our sex life though has been one of those struggles in our marriage.  Below is the story of how that changed for the better in the spring of 2009 and has continued to improve since them.

This improvement has taken work on both of our parts.  “John” has had to learn to speak up more and also be a stronger leader in our marriage when it comes to both spiritual and physical matters.  He was trying to make me happy by not pushing me and by letting me lead sexually all the time.  I never realized how much pain I was inflicting on him and how I was damaging our marriage by not being worrying about his needs and how much sex matters in a marriage.  That took me personally understanding the importance of satisfying my husband sexually and it all started over one weekend which I will tell you about below.

As I said above, our sex life has not always been great due to a combination of long work hours,  job / work stress, family issues, personal issues, and a few minor medical factors as well, but in the end we have made it through our struggles.  For the sack of my husband, I wanted to be more actively sexually, but physically and mentally I just have not been able to do so throughout our marriage.  There was always something holding me back – lack of interest due to other stresses / interests, physically limitation, the fact I don’t like my own body, etc.  Finally, about nine months ago my husband really laid out his heart on how frustrated he was with our sex life.  He was kind and gentle about it, but also really showed how much of our lack of sex bothered him. I knew sex was vital to keeping a marriage strong, but I never realized just how patient my husband had really been with me regarding my waxing and waning on the subject all these years.  I told him I would really try to prioritize sex, but I think we both knew that it was more words then intended deeds even when I said it.    After a week or so we feel back into our old habits of him hinting and me excusing.

Throughout our marriage we have always made little bets and things amongst ourselves.   We would each pick a winner of a football game, or some other event or something, with the loser doing dishes for a week, laundry for week, cleaning the basement, etc.   We never bet money, always for something else.   A few times though we would bet with the winner getting to buy a big ticket item – a new flat screen him vs a new necklace for me.    In March of 2009, we made a bet that really changed a lot of things in our marriage, but most of all it changed our sex life.

I wanted a ring I had spotted at local jewelry store.  We could afford it, but it was a lot to spend on something I did not have to have.  Regardless, it was something I wanted and I knew that for the right bet my husband would let me get it.  He had been wanting  a new set of golf clubs which were about the same price as the ring I wanted. I brought up the subject of a bet – winner gets to buy what they want.   There was a NASCAR race coming up that Sunday so he said – ok we will each pick a driver.  He suggested whoever’s driver wins (or finishes higher) gets to buy what they wanted.  I quickly agreed and picked my driver.  He picked his.  Long story short I lost, he won.   After he won though he said he did not want the clubs, he wanted something else – ME for a FULL weekend.

I was shocked and intrigued at the same time.  I told him he won so he could set the terms and that was fine with me.  I set a few simple ground rules.  Nothing permanent (i.e. tattoo’s or piercing) and nothing that morally we both felt was wrong.  He agreed, but I was not too worried because at the time “all of me for a weekend” would probably mean he would want sex three nights in a row (which I could do).    We had plans the next two weekends so we decided to make HIS weekend would be three weeks out.  We also decided that we would skip church that Sunday and “stay in”.   At the time I assumed I would need to rest a bit so that was fine with me.

The weeks went quickly and soon his weekend was approaching.  Tuesday that week he told me he had a reservation for me at a local salon for Wednesday after work. I asked why?  He told me where I could get a wax job.  A wax job I ask?  I reminded him I trimmed my pussy into a nice 3” landing strip every few weeks.  He smiled and said “Babe I mean a COMPLETE wax job.  Front to back – clean.  Full brazilain.”  I looked at him and cocked my head a bit, and I said “Why?”   He just smiled and said “I have big plans for this weekend and I need you neat and clean for them.  I want to give you Thursday and Friday until after work to recover from any redness or irritation”.  I laughed and said “ok thanks”, thinking that meant he definitely would want sex every night for three days. I knew I could do that and smiled internally to myself.

Wednesday’s appointment came and the ladies at the salon though professional were precise as well.   When they were done with my privates I was perfectly clean front to back.   He had paid for a leg and arm wax as well so when they finished I did not have a hair on my body below my scalp.   When I left I only slipped my bra and knee length dress back on as my pussy and butt were a bit sensitive.  It felt a bit erotic as I walked out to my car and a breeze blew up my dress and over my exposed vaginal lips.

I got home and “John” asked me how it went.  I smiled and said “It went. It all WENT” We both laughed and I went back to our bedroom, slipped off my dress and bra and went back to the living room in a pair of loose sweat pants and a bulky T – i.e. my normal around the house get up.   John saw me come back in and said “Baby I know my weekend does not start for a few more days, but can I see how you look now.”  I smiled a bit (still a bit hot from the breeze blowing over me) and pulled my sweats down where he could see my bare crotch, but I only let him see the front to a bit above my clit.  I laughed and said “You will have to wait until Friday to see the rest”.  He laughed back and said “I will see a lot more then that Friday night.”  We both laughed and went on about our night as normal.  That night went we went to bed I reached over and gave his cock a few tugs and whispered “Maybe you can show me a few things this weekend too.”  He laughed and said “I think this weekend will be educational for both of us.”

Thursday went off as normal, but as we went to bed “John” ask “Jane you are up for being at my beckoned call for the weekend right.  Anything I want within reason for the entire weekend.”  I said “yeah baby that as the bet.”  He said “Ok, well when you come home tomorrow night there will be some clothes for you put on downstairs, where we can head out to dinner.”  I smiled and said “Oh really”.  He said “Yep and I know I will like them.”  He laughed and we both went to sleep. I was beginning to think that the weekend would be a bit more in depth then I originally thought.

All day Friday at work my mind really raced about what “John” had planned for me.  My work lets us dress business casual  and on Friday we have “casual Friday”, so I had on my  normal casual Friday wear – semi baggy jeans, pink polo, pink cotton bra and matching bikini briefs.  Even though I had on tame clothes, I wondered about the clothes he said would be waiting for me at home.  “John” had never gotten involved in what I wore before.  As soon as 5 o’clock came I rushed to my car with a damp spot on my pink briefs.

I got home and quickly went in.   Hanging on the coat tree downstairs was a garment bag with small bag and a shoe box sitting at it’s base.   There was a sticky note on the garment bag that said “Put on the dress in the bag, the stuff in the bag and the shoes.  Your makeup is on the downstairs vanity.  Get ready and come upstairs when you are ready to go out to dinner.   Remember you are mine this weekend and I plan to enjoy all of you and it.  Love John”    I quickly unzipped the garment bag and found a beautiful black dress. It had spaghetti thin straps that tied behind my neck, had a small zipper in the middle of the back, right above my butt crack, just so you could get it over the hips and then snug it back up over the ass.  The dress left my back basically bare and was low cut in the along the waist / butt.  I held it up and it looked a bit short (maybe mid thigh), but it was descent.  I checked the bag and found some paste on breast petals.  In the shoe box there was a pair of 4” spike heels.  I smiled and shook my head.    My “John” really surprised me with this one, I never thought he could pick such a nice dress.

I quickly got out of my jeans and polo. I slipped the dress on and realized  just how low the dress was cut in the back.  Obviously I could not wear a bra with it and “John” had put breast petals in the bag for that, but the dress was so low the top of my pink bikini briefs showed.  Oh well, I would just put on some low rise briefs upstairs before we headed out.  The dress felt snugly around my hips and tightly covered my butt.  The hem was tight on my legs and would keep the dress both from riding up.  I looked at myself in the dress and realized how perfectly if fit my curves.  It was snug my hips and ass.  Basically, it hugged me tight without revealing my upper thighs.  It was not something I would normally pick for myself, but it was something that looked good on me.

I pulled the dress back off, hung it up and begin to get ready. I got my bra off and put the breast petals on.   They looked very sexy on my ample nipples and shock my breasts a bit in the mirror to watch them sway freely.  I remained topless for a bit as I did some basic face stuff then slipped my new dress on and finished my face and hair.  I slipped on the heels and then headed upstairs.

“John” was waiting on the sofa in a nice shirt and slacks when I emerged from downstairs.  I smiled and said “I like the dress, nice choice”.  He smiled and motioned for me to turn.    I did and when I finished my spin he was frowning.  He said “Jane I told you to wear what I gave you. I did not give you pink briefs. “  I scowled a bit back and said “John I am going to put some low riding briefs on before we leave”.  He said “NO you are not.  You are MINE this weekend I did not tell you to do that or give them to you to wear.   Come over here NOW!”   My husband is rarely that firm with me, and for the first time I released just how serious he was taking this weekend.   Still half shocked I walked over to “John”.

Once I was in front of the sofa he reached up under the dress and grabbed the front seam of my panties and pulled them off roughly.    He loves to pull my panties off, but he rarely did it so swiftly.   He pushed them to the floor and I stepped out of them and began to turn.   “John” took my hand and said “I did not tell you to go yet”.   He pulled me down a bit and guided me to his lap and then on down over his knee.  He pulled my dress up, exposing my bare ass over his knee.  He then gave each of my ass checks 2 quick blows – reddening them both, but not really spanking me.  Fortunately I did not tear up and mess up my makeup.   When “John” was done he told me to get up and get ready to head out.  That was when I realized for the first time that he was planning to take me out without any underwear and that the dress was so low cut that it showed the top of my ass crack. Fortunately the dress was tight enough that it hugged my curves and there was no way for someone to see any more then a hint of my ass crack.  Man this was so different then what I expected.

“John” guided me out to the car and we were off.    As we drove “John” said “Hey baby, pull that dress up a bit, spread your legs, and show me your beautiful pussy”.   I was shocked, but interested so I complied. He did win the bet and this is what he wanted, so I was going to let him enjoy it.  I got the dress up higher on my thighs and spread my legs. As we drove he stroked my leg and thigh a bit, just brushing across my clit and pussy lips a bit.   He got me very wet.  We pulled into the restaurant and I straightened my dress.

My husband parked at the far dark end of the parking lot.  I was not sure why until he got me out, guided me to the back of the car and bent me over the trunk a bit.  He eased my dress up and stoked my bare pussy a bit with his hand in the dark.    In these heels it was very easy for him to stroke me.  He apparently did not have any underwear on either as when I reached over to steady myself by holding on to him I felt his rock hard cock through his slacks.   I had a great grip on “John”’s rod as he stroked me.  It was amazing and so sexy.   I really was getting into it and was getting very wet   Suddenly he stopped stroking me and pulled his hand from beneath my dress and said “That should about do it”.  He straightened himself in his slacks up a bit as he spoke.  I was a bit confused, but straightened up and pulled my dress down completely.  I realized then that my juices were running down my legs.   I looked at “John” and said “What do you want me to do; go in there like this?”  He smiled and said “Yes” and guided me toward the restaurant.

Throughout the meal I felt so sexy.  My pussy was burning hot, soaking wet, and completely exposed as I set in the big leather booth.   The table cloth was long so I did not have to worry about anyone looking up my dress.  I kept my legs spread and enjoyed the air blowing between my legs.  Though my dress covered me, my bare back and slightly exposed butt against the soft leather seat felt great.  My tits were so hard, and were slightly visible even with the breast petals on.  It was a great meal, but I really did not focus much on the food my alone thought was what “John” had planned for me next.

Throughout the meal “John” kept telling me how great I looked, but he also kept telling me that he planned to take FULL advantage of me ALL weekend. I just got hotter and wetter.  When dessert arrived he began to stroke my thigh and worked his hand all the way up under my dress.  As I ate a few bites of chocolate cake, he stroked my wet bald snatch under the long tablecloth.  It kept everyone from getting a free show and made me feel like a wild woman all at the same time.

After dessert we left the restaurant, I assumed we were heading home for some hot sex.  I was wrong.  “John” drove us to a hot club downtown and told me that we were going to spend the next few hours getting hot and sweaty on the dance floor.  I told him I was not sure about that.  He told me he was.    Once downtown “John” once again found a dark parking lot without lights, I was wondering if I was in for another batch of teasing.   I was not, he parked and quickly got me out of the car and heading toward a dance club.

Inside the club there was a full dance floor of people gyrating and shaking.  Neither of us are dancers, but my husband guided me to the edge of the floor and started dancing up against me.  I looked around and after a few seconds figured out what the other girls were doing to their guys and began to grind into him.   After two songs “John” guided me to a table near the bar, ordered me a glass of wine and told me to start getting comfortable because we were going to be here awhile.  I drank the wine, as “John” drank water – since he was driving – and then we headed back to the dance floor.  As we danced I grinded into him more and more and he ground his hard cock back into me.  No one saw up my dress because it was so snug on my ass, but I know some of my juices ran down my legs along with the sweat that poured from all of my body.   His rock hard cock, even with a layer of cloth between us, felt so hot up against me.  After two more glasses of wine and A LOT of hot and sweaty dancing “John” told me it was time to go.  I quickly followed because I was ready to get home and get to pounding each other.

When we got back to the car “John” guided me into the car and then told me – “Lose the dress!”   I was shocked.  I know I had to look at him with a stunned face.  He did not smile, he just repeated himself.   He quickly got into the driver seat and looked at me and said “Now…lose the dress!”   I undid the straps behind my neck and unzipped the small zipper right above the middle of my ass.   I looked at “John” one more time, no change.  He simply shock his head and nodded at the dress.  I was shocked, but I complied.   I squeezed and shimmied out of the dress and dropped it to the floorboard in front of me.  John motioned for me to hand it to him and added “Take off the breast petals too”.  I did, then handed him my dress, while trying to stay low enough where no one could see me.   There were no lights in the far end of the parking lot so no one could see anything, but it still felt hot and sexy. When I handed the dress to “John”, he threw it in the back seat.   He told me he did not want me changing my mind like I was prone to do.

As I got set in the seat, he looked me up and down and said “You look hot baby.  You need to be naked more often.  I think you will discover that in the next few days”.  He smiled, I grimaced, but the feel of the soft leather against my bare body did feel so great.  I began to get a bit wetter as I ground into the leather seat a bit.  John told me to get comfortable and we pulled out.  I cowered down a bit in the seat again where no one would see me and put on the belt.

Fortunately, it was 2 AM and the roads were both dark and empty but the ride home was both scary and sexy.   Soon after leaving the parking lot, “John” rolled the windows down where the wind would blow across my exposed body – especially my breasts.  Eventually, realizing how empty the roads were I got brave enough to sit up a bit and let the wind blow over me.   “John” took the LONG way home and it drove me crazy.   I wanted to get home, but “John” seemed in no rush.   After about an hour of “John” telling me how great I looked nude, how hot I was making him, and of me being nude in the front seat of a car with rolled down windows only two cars had passed us,  each of which resulted in my slumping below the dash, my nipples were ROCK hard and I was super horny. That made me finally say  “John when are we going home?”    He looked at me and said “When you take care of me.”  I said “What?”   He said “When you decide to give me a blowjob and show me how much you want me!”   I was shocked, but I also knew by this point that he was not kidding.  I shrugged…in for a penny in for a pound.

I only give “John” about one BJ a year.  He loves them, I don’t mind them but they don’t really excite me either.  That really was the roots of one of our key problems, if I didn’t love it we don’t do it.   I figured out right then that they meant more to him then I realized and he was not going to give in tonight.   So, I did something I had never done before, I undid my seat belt (living the wild life I was), bent over the in the seat, reached out and unzipped my husband’s fly as he drove. I quickly fished out his stiff rod and began working it with my mouth.   My bare butt was firmly up against the door and even showed a bit on the glass probably as I worked him in and out of my mouth.  He was so primed that it only took me a few minutes of lip work to begin to task his precum dribbling out.  Quickly after that I felt his balls, which I was massaging through his slacks, pull back into him and release their load into my hot wet mouth.   He moaned and mumbled, I worked hard not to let too much slip out.  His load was huge that night in the car, but I kept most of it in.   When he was done, he smiled deeply and said “That as great baby.  Now lets head home for the rest of the night.”

In just a few minutes after he released himself into my mouth we pulled into our drive way.  The lights over every house around ours were out, people in our neighborhood never were up at 3:30 AM.  Once he stopped the car,  “John” quickly jumped out, grabbed my dress and ran up the driveway to the front door.  Without thinking I jumped out of the car and ran buck naked after him in just heels.   It was amazing feeling so free and so open.  I loved the feeling.   John had the door open for me when I got there.  He quickly ushered me in and closed the door behind us.

Instantly he took my hand and guided me to the bedroom.  I begin to take my heels off and he said “Leave them on and assume THE POSITION!”  By that he meant doggie style as that is his favorite position.  I did not complain, I immediately got down on all fours and “John” mounted me almost instantly.   He began pounding me and pounding me hard.  His rhythm was so fast I could barely keep up pushing back against him.  He plowed me relentless for about 5 minutes. I knew I was about to cum and I yelled, “Get ready baby I am about to cum HARD!!”   That seemed to drive him over the edge and he said “I am too”.  We both came at the same time and I had the most mind blowing orgasm I had had in a few years.   His second load was not a big, but he felt huge in me and I had five shaking orgasms before I stopped and collapsed sweating in a heap.

After a few moments of laying there I  kicked my heels off into the floor and got up.  “John” ask me where I was going.    I told him to wash off.  He told me that was not required and told me to get in bed NOW!   I climbed back up into bed nude and John positioned himself behind me with his semi rigged cock in the small of my back.   As we positioned ourselves to go to sleep he said “I expected my wake up blow job at 11AM tomorrow baby when you serve me breakfast in bed while you are only wearing  a g-string and heels.” I was very sleepy  and said “What?”  He repeated himself and I said “Ok baby” and smiled to myself as I began to fall asleep.   My pussy was so wet and my body was so sweaty, but I did not care I felt great and I was wondering what Saturday and Sunday would hold for me.

Lost Bet – Saturday

I woke up about 10:30 the next morning and “John” was stilling cupping my breasts from behind and his cock was rock hard in my back.   He moved a bit as I got up, but really did not wake up.  I remembered what he told me he wanted from me from last night as I got my footing.  I smiled to myself, maybe my husband and I are more compatibly sexually then we thought, and began my day with a smile and a bit of wonder what the day would hold.

I found my heels in the floor and carried them with me as I went.  I slipped them on in the kitchen and added a black barely there g-string from my panty drawer as well.  My head hurt a bit from the 3 glasses of wine, but my pussy was feeling a bit tingly still so it was all good.   “John” is not a big breakfast guy, even on the weekend, so I just made him a bowl of cereal and some juice.   After having some juice and some fruit myself I put it all on a tray and toddled my way back to the bedroom to wake my hubby.

I left the tray on the side table and eased back into bed. I easily found his stiff cock under the sheet and positioned myself for my ordered task.   I stroked “John”’s ball with my hands a bit as I worked his cock with my mouth.  I woke him up slowly, but it was still only a few minutes before he was wide awake and releasing his morning load in my mouth.   I swallowed some, spit some and lost some but he seemed to enjoy it all and when I was done said “That was AMAZING baby”.  I smiled and said “Well I am here for your pleasure this weekend baby”  He laughed and said “Yeah and remember that”.  After that I gave him his breakfast and laid beside him nude stroking his cock and licking his legs as he ate.   He and I both seemed to love it.

After he finished eating I got all of his breakfast stuff gathered up and off to the kitchen.  When I came back I kicked off the heels and dropped the g-string to the floor.  I said “Are you ready to give me a morning pounding baby?’   “John” smiled and pulled me onto the bed.  Soon he had my back flat on the bed and my legs around his shoulders pounding my pussy with his cock which had recovered from the AM suck by now.    He pounded my bare pussy and I loved the feel of his balls slapping between my legs.   My clit was so sensitive after a few minutes that I began to orgasm and screamed in pleasure.  “John” pounded away on me while I came three or four times.  The orgasms were low and long and after a few minutes of pleasure my body began to come back to normal and I just lay on the sheets cooing a bit.

After a few more minutes of laying there I said “I am going to clean up now OK?”  He said sure, but added that he had a plan for that too.   I was not shocked at that point and ask “and what is that?”   He laughed and said “I built you a shower for the weekend on the deck”.  I said “WHAT”   He laughed and got up.  His cock looked wonderful hanging semi limply as he came toward me.  He gathered up a little mesh bag next to the door which lead outside and guided me out there.

He lead me out onto the private part of our second floor deck which overlooks our back yard which has a high fence.  The end of the deck off our bedroom has a privacy fence on the right side  which completely conceals it from the neighbors view.  Out there, right off our bedroom,  he had a little thing built with a water hose and  a few 2X4’s of wood with a locking water nozzle mounted about 7′ off the ground.  Next to this crazy rig was a camping chair from the garage.    John pointed to the crazy wood device and explained that the water from the hose would be relatively warm and he wanted to sit there and watch me shower.   He handed me the little mesh bag with some soap and a bottle of my favorite shampoo and lotion in it.  “John” sat down in the camp chair buck naked and motioned for me to begin showering.

What followed may not have been the best shower of my life, but it was definitely the hottest.   I began by getting the water going and getting my body wet.  It was actually quiet warm and the water felt good on my body.  I lathered myself up huge soapy bubbles outside the stream of water as “John” watched.  Soon my body was completely covered in bubbles, and then I got under the  lukewarm water which streamed out of the hose and nozzle down on me completely revealing my bare body and uneven tan to my husband who was sitting in a chair watching me with a huge boner now.  I washed my hair twice, and every inch of my body at least three times while “John” watched me intently after that.  I felt so hot and so amazing out there on the deck.  I never realized how much I would enjoy being watched in the “Shower”.

Once I was done “John” stood up and said “Now you need to wash me”  He strode over beneath the stream of water and looked to me to take care of the rest.  I took the soap and lathered his entire body up, pay particular attention to his shaft and balls.  After a few minutes, I had him cleaned up and shiny.  His cock was still rock hard though so I got a bit of lotion on my hand.  I position my bare body behind him and jacked him off from behind while whispering how much I loved him and how much I was loving being HIS all weekend in his ear.  After he was completely done pumping he headed back into the bedroom and quickly returned with a beach towel, some suntan lotion, and a loose pair of shorts.  That is when he told me I was going to tan for bit while he watched my “Glorious naked body in the sun”.

Even when I was younger I never tanned nude, or topless or in anything less than a full coverage bikini, except in a tanning bed.  That is why I have always had an uneven tan. I will lay out in the sun and tan a bit and then try to even it out in the tanning bed but I never seem to even out too well.   I have always been very conscience of my body even in private with my husband.    “John” slipped on the loose shorts and put some tanning lotion on his shoulders and then tossed the lotion to me as I finished getting the beach towel laid out.     I lotioned up my entire body, taking care to cover my rarely exposed breasts, buttocks  and crotch.  As I stretched out “John” reappeared with our portable MP3 system with speakers and a bottle of water.   He got the music going and told me to get comfortable and get tan while he watched me.   For the next 2 hours or so I laid out all oiled up and a bit wet.  The shower earlier seemed worthless now, but I did not care as I was enjoying it.   “John” would tell me to flip over ever so often where he could look at my bare ass and back or my breasts and completely exposed pussy.   The sun felt great on my body and the addition of my husbands eyes on me reassured me on how great this all was.   I began to regret how timid I had been about being nude around my husband up until now, I decided I was going to change that and mean it from then  on as I lay there in the sun.

After the tanning session was over, “John” told me to take a nice shower (indoors this time..LOL) and that what he wanted me to wear would be laying on the bed when I got done.  He told me not to worry about doing my hair or makeup though as we would be staying in that night.

When I finished my shower and got dry I headed out to the bedroom to find a pair of black patent leather hot shorts with a rear zip, a matching string bikini top, and my new black heels from the night before.   The shorts were one size smaller then I normally wear, but that did not matter as they were made to be skin tight and hard to get on anyway.  I squeezed myself into them and zipped up the back.  Once zipped up they felt like a second skin and my butt checks hung out below the bottom seam.   I really think it would have been impossible for me to have even a g-string on beneath them.  “John” later told me that was why he bought them.   I put the patent leather bikini top on only to find out that the small triangles BARELY covered my nipples and that there were small velco patchs attached keep the triangles which allowed them to be removed and make the top “open cupped”  with only half cups below and some strings around the breast.     I slipped the heels on only to find a note from “John” that said “The chips and salsa and the rest of my “man food” is in the kitchen.  Be sure to keep my food and drink coming all night like a good waitress if you want a tip later”.   I laughed and walked in to the kitchen to find a selection of sandwich meats, dips, chips, and burgers and sausages for me to cook later.

I piled up a platter of chips and salsa with some cheese and smoked sausage links and then walked sexily into the living room only to find my husband in his recliner watching a movie while wearing some nice shorts and a polo.    As I came over I noticed that he had a wad of $1 on the end table beside him.  I said “Sir here is your order”  “John” smiled and said “Thanks toots” and slipped a $1 into the FRONT waistband of my patent leather shorts.  The single set about 1 ½” above my bare pussy when he stopped pushing.  The top of the bill still stuck out above my waist.    I sort of laughed, but I played along.

The same pattern went on for the few hours.  I would deliver snacks about every 10 to 15 minutes as he watched some of his favorite movies.   Each time he was slip a $1 into my shorts, some in the front, some in the back, some in the legs and a few on my  butt. Later in the evening “John” said “Hey sweetie if you want to see more of bills you may want to show me some more of you.”  He tried not to laugh as he said it and I tried not to laugh in response, but we both smilled and then I said “MMMM well big spender let me think about it”.

The next time I came in I had his burger and a few sausages with me as well as some more snacks.  What I also had was both of the Velcro attached triangles loosened a BIT and was showing some of my nipple.  As I bent over to give “John” the snacks the triangles feel completely loose completely revealing my nipples and breasts.  I acted shocked and we both laughed but “John” wasted no time examining the goods and squeezing them a bit too.   He slipped five $1 into my top around my nipples after he completed his examine and groping.   As I left he said “There is more of that from where that came from if you keep working hard for me girl!”

Over the next few hours I worked REAL hard.  Each time I came in I did something different.  A few deep stretches,  some jumping jacks,  some yoga stretches, a lap dance, and finally a strip.  Each time “John” would put $3 to $10 in singles in my short, or on my  By the time he finished his third movie I was down to just my heels.  As his third movie finished, I came back in and “John” was sitting in his chair waiting on me.

It was about midnight now and I just walked over and said “Mister can I do anything else for you tonight?” as I set down on his lap straddling him with my legs with nothing on except my heels.   My shaved pussy was hot and wet against the bulge in his shorts.  He just smiled and I said “Sir I will take care of that”.  I slipped off of “John’s” lap and between his legs.  Once on my knees and with my head in his lap I began to suck on his hard rod through his shorts.  After about a minute I unzipped him and worked his cock out with on my mouth.  Once I had him out I began to work his rod up and down, licking his head with my tongue.  I keep my eyes on his face as I worked him.  He rubbed and tugged on my head and played with my hair as I worked.  His lips sounded out “Jane” and “Oh God” over and over as I worked. Soon his eyes rolled back a bit, a sure sign that he was close, and he moaned as he released his full load into my mouth.

After he finished pumping and I got most his load down my throat or wiped off my chin I stood up and said  “John lets go to bed where I can relax you some more”.  I lead him back to the bedroom and got his stripped.  Then I laid him on his back and gave him the most intimate massage I had ever given, or even dreamed of giving.   My bare breasts and my bald pussy worked up and down both John’s back and front, eventually ending with me sitting on his cock which was again throbbing and hard.   I slipped up and down on his rod a few times, but it did not take much, and I had a incredibly powerful orgasm which lead to my shaking body and screams of pleasure.   “John” released a small load as I came.   After I finished, I just collapsed sweaty and nude on top of him.  As I  did my happy husband whispered “Don’t forget you are still mine tomorrow and I have some BIG plans for you”

Lost Bet – Sunday

John and I had decided to not go to church the weekend I was all his where we did not have to worry about schedules and staying up late, etc.    I woke up about 9:30 nude and warm in my husband arms.  His warm body was behind me and his semi erect cock was nestled between my legs and butt.  My nipples were erect and my slip was damp from the dreams, but my legs were sticky from the dried juices from our last romp before sleep.

As I woke up and tried to move a bit, John works up and said “Jane get in the shower and get yourself cleaned up.  When you get out of the shower your clothes for today will be on the bed.  Don’t forget to do your hair and makeup today as well because we are heading out.  I am going to get ready in the guest bath and wait for you in the living room.  When you get ready come into the living room and I will tell you what the plans are for today. Remember wear what I leave for you and be ready for a FUN day.”

I took a long hot shower and get cleaned up.  Due to the waxing of my arms, legs, pits and pussy I did not really have any stubble  to deal with so I just enjoyed the hot water and the incredible feeling of a completely smooth body the way “John” likes me now.   I got out and toweled off before heading out to the bedroom and finding what my husband had for me to wear today.  I found a nice light yellow sundress that was a bit above my knee when on, a pair of nude colored breast petals and a pair of sandals.   I typically wear a bra,  but I knew that those breast petals were there for a reason so I played along.  Quickly I adhered the petals over my nipples,  I slipped on the dress, slipped into the sandals, did my hair and added some light makeup.     Around 11AM, I made it too the living room.

I found John there in some nice linen slacks and a crisp white oxford.  He looked amazing and has he stood up I realized he was not wearing underwear as his  cock was visible in the leg of his tight slacks.  I was amazed and smiled in pleasure as I saw his rod harden.    Quickly he guided me downstairs and to the car as he told me were heading to brunch and then for a afternoon out.

John had made reservations for us to have a brunch at a local restaurant on the patio. The day was a bit cool, but I was warm due to the sexual tension that was between me and “John”.  My nipples were rock hard but not visible due to the petals.  As we walked to the door of the restaurant and were guided to the patio, realized why John had bought me this particularly dress – it was virtually sheer when the sun was behind me.  Over the next 2 hours we enjoyed our meal, but I limited my trips in and out to a minimum where I did not give anyone a show.   Even with my attempts to minimize my trips with the sun behind me was in and out of the restaurant a few times and I know a few people got good looks at my silhouette beneath my dress.  You could tell I was not wearing a slip but I still am not sure you could tell I was panty and bra free.   Throughout the meal “John” told me how great I looked and I told him how I was both loving and hating this experience.

I figured after lunch “John” would rush me home, I was wrong.  He lead me down to the dock below the restaurant we ate at and to a boat in one of the slips.  I turned out he had borrowed a boat, a 25′ cruiser,  from one of our friends and had them dock it there for us to use that after noon.    I quickly got on the boat as John undid the lines and got us underway.   We were quickly out in the middle of the lake and I was loving the feeling of the sun and wind.  Then John turned and said “Ok loose the dress and the breast petals baby.  It is time you got a good even tan.”.

I was shocked, but I complied and then stretched out nude on the bench seat in the bow.  John tossed me some suntan lotion that the boat owner’s kept on the boat and told me “Don’t burn” and laughed.   I lotioned up and laid there bare as “John” headed across the lake and around.  Fortunately the lake was not busy that day and “John” was able to keep us WAY away from the other boats so no one every saw me.  Since I was laying on the rear bench you could only see me if you were close to us.

After about 45 minutes of  all over sun, “John” pulled us into a quite cove.  As he ease us to a stop I turned back over and got on my back.  “John” smiled as he looked at me there nude and said “Time for you to take care of me.” and motioned toward his slacks.  I smiled and crawled over to him.   On my knees I undid his zipper and fished his stiff rod out and smiled up at him before I began working.  As I worked I moaned and talked about how much I loved his cock and how great it felt to be nude outside.

I worked him in and out for about 3 or 4 minutes before he released a huge load into my mouth.  I made sure to not loose a drop. I looked up and he was just smiled in pleasure ear to ear.  As he finished he guided me back to the bench seat and began kissing my face, neck, and breasts.  After a few minutes of him kissing my nude body he got rid of his shirt and pants.  It was not long before he was hard again and he got on top of me and began really working me hard.   I was so into it I just took the pounding and moaned harder and harder.  It was not long before he gave me one of the biggest orgasms of my life.

After I was done shaking we both laughed and talked about how great it was to be out on the lake nude.  We laid there a few minutes before I suggested we slip in the lake for a swim.   John did not argue and we both  slipped into the water and swam around nude for a few minutes.  The water was so cold, but it felt great on my hot and sticky body.   We both swam back to the boat and made out kissed a bit near the rear of the boat.

After making out for a bit, John got the great idea to put on life vests and just float and screw.   He slipped onto the boat, got us two life vests and then we both just floated behind the boat and kissed and rubbed each others bodies for a few minutes.  Even though the water was cold John was able to get a erection after a few minutes of me stroking him with my hand and talking a bit dirty to him.   I floated up on him and wrapped my legs around him as I guided him into my bald and soaked pussy.    He slipped in easily and we proceeded to just hump each other until we both came in a few minutes.

By then we were exhausted so we both crawled onto the boat and laid nude on the floor of the boat for a bit.   It was late afternoon then so John suggested that I go into the cabin and rest a bit while moved the boat a bit.  He put his slacks and shirt back on and I  went into the cabin stretched out on the little sofa there until John got us to another part of the lake.  He then came in and laid down beside me.  He got nude and then we laid there in each others arms for about an hour and just talked.  Then we made slow passionate love for about an hour.  It was dusk when we got back to the dock.  I slipped on my dress as John tied off the lines.

Soon we were in the car and heading home.   Once home I got nude again, as did John, and lay in  bed talking about our weekend.  I told him how much I had enjoyed it and how different it had been then what I had expected.   I also told him how much we needed to keep some excitement in our sex life.   John agreed and we decided then to make some changes.   After that we made love one more time and feel asleep nude in each other’s arms.

Monday came early and it was hard to get back into the routine.  We were both a few minutes late to work but it was ok.  From that weekend on we have really worked hard to keep our sex life active.  I know how much it means to John now.  The most important thing is that we both have learned that we can ask each other to try things sexually and that we can tell each other when we want to have sex.  It has made our marriage so much better.   We don’t plan to lose this new found segment of our marriage anytime soon.

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  1. Alextif says:

    This is the story that i wish i could write, it got me and my husband off, and it was mindblowing we are going to do this soon, please bet and tell us about when “Jhon” was all yours!

  2. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Wow, this was such a hot and sexy story of reconnecting and building on the marriage bed. My wife and I are in the process of trying to connect again more intimately. Starting March 1st we will try a 30 day run of some kind of sex everyday. I cant wait , maybe I will have a hot story to share!

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