Maria, my Wife

My wife and I have only been married for a short time, and it’s been the best two months of my life! I feel that much of this is due to the love and support we have received from our family, friends and church community. These connections have sustained my wife and I throughout our relationship, and I recognize God’s hand in our lives every single day.

Before I go any farther, let me confess my own sexual history. I slept with two women before I was married, and in each of these relationships things went downhill soon after sex became a factor. My mom and dad were virgins when they married, and I know that my promiscuity disappointed them. After the demise of my second serious relationship, my mom took me to a seminar in which Christopher West broke-down John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”. This seminar changed my life. I recommitted myself to Our Lord, and promised that I would wait until I was married before experiencing sexual intimacy again.

My wife was an immigrant from a very traditional Hispanic family. I met her while I was working retail during college, and we hit it off well. Her father and 4 older brothers were suspicious of my intentions when Maria and I began dating. Despite living in the US for more than a decade, their experiences with Gringos were not always positive. However, like Maria’s family I was devoutly Catholic, and had come from a “big” family too (there were 6 of us). In time, after numerous explicit threats, I was eventually accepted.

In the year I had known her, we had never gone any farther than hugs, kisses, and a single, hot, make-out session in which I felt her breasts beneath her blouse. To be frank, I felt bad about that for days afterwards. She was a virgin, and I was afraid that she would resent me for disrespecting her. A few days after, I told her that I needed to marry her because I couldn’t trust myself to maintain self-control. After asking her father’s permission, we made our announcement to friends and family.

In the days after our engagement was made public, I began trying to prepare myself for married life. I started a new job, bought a small house, and helped my wife, mother, and mother-in-law plan the wedding. I was exhausted, but felt incredibly successful. In the months before the wedding I found it nearly impossible to be with my fiancée without becoming aroused. When I kissed her goodnight, I lingered to smell her hair and stroke her back and shoulders.

My mother, who is a forceful and pragmatic woman, encouraged Maria and I to realistically discuss our expectations and desires regarding sex, children, and other marital issues, and made arrangements for an engagement encounter weekend sponsored by the Diocese. I learned so much about my bride-to-be in those three days that I became certain I was marrying the right woman!

The wedding Mass was incredible! My Maria was a vision in her white and blue gown. Kneeling before the altar and receiving the nuptial blessing consecrating our love in the sight of God, was an absolutely surreal experience. Receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus set my mind reeling with deep awareness of the new glorious responsibility I had undertaken. I would offer my body to her, and create new lives with her, and defend and sustain my family just as Christ does for his followers.

The wedding reception at my parent’s home was a blur. I was so eager to be alone with my new wife that –had it not been for the wine- I may have been very obviously frustrated.

We left our families, and drove to our house. I was a dutiful husband and I carried her over the threshold. We sprinted down the hall to the bedroom, found the bed strewn with rose petals, and discovered scented candles on each of the nightstands-courtesy of my mother and mother-in-law who had slipped out of the reception to prepare our wedding bed. They had also left a basket of fruits (mostly berries and plumbs), scented oils, KY Lubricant, towels, and a book about sexual positions. I was a little mortified to see just how many bases they’d covered, but Maria and I laughed about it while flipping through the book together.

Maria and I talked for a while, and made-out for around half an hour. I didn’t want to be too forward, because she was pretty tired. We discussed getting a good night’s sleep and putting-off sex until the next day, but neither of us felt we’d be able to wait. We got undressed, and I was immediately awestruck by her glorious breasts. They aren’t particularly big, but I loved to touch and suck on them during the shower we took together.

During our shower, Maria used her soapy hands to caress and fondle my manhood. She had never touched a man like that, but (like me) had studied some sexual literature in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and she did her best to heed that advice.

After stroking me for a long while, she got down on her knees before me and lovingly kissed, licked, and sucked my throbbing member. In the minutes leading to orgasm, I was weak in the knees and had to hold on to the shower rail for support. My bride pumped my cock firmly and I cried-out as I exploded into her mouth. Needless to say, our shower was quickly over, we hastily toweled-off and scrambled back into the bedroom.

I lay my wife down on our bed, and lit the candles left by our family. I lay next to her and ran my hands over her body again and again, leaning over to lick and stroke her neck, shoulders, hands, breasts, stomach, and thighs. I reached between her legs to pet her wet pubic mound, and began exploring her inner folds gently with my lubricated fingers. Her clit was firm and aroused. I sucked her nipples while circling her pearl and rubbing her labia with my hand. Her breathing deepened with each stroke, and she began to squirm a bit when I inserted my fingers into her one, then two, then three at a time. With each fingering, my wife spread her legs apart more, and gave me access deeper into her. I returned to rubbing her clit systematically and as my movements became faster she began to quiver and moan loudly.  I slid down the bed to look at her beautiful, vulva and vagina, and tasted her sweet wetness for the first time. I flicked my tongue in and out of her hole, and over her clit, and reached-up to squeeze and tease her left nipple. She began to convulse, and pulled-up her legs to squeeze my head between her thighs. Making her come, and feeling her writhe in pleasure was one of the proudest moments of my life. I gave glory to God for creating a woman who was truly made to be mine.

I knew that she was ready for me to enter her, and I prepared myself to become one with her in the fullest sense. Maria and I had both read that for many women, it is easiest for them to become accustomed to their partner’s member if they begin the experience with a woman-on-top position. I arranged the pillows to lean against, and Maria straddled my waist. My erect penis was on my stomach, and Maria rubbed her wetness up and down my shaft. I held my cock upright, and my wife very slowly lowered herself onto me. I have never felt anything so good in my life! In my pre-marital experiences I’d always used a condom as contraception, and this new unrestricted sensation was beyond my wildest dreams. She rode me slowly, to get used to my stretching her out. I loved to be able to look into her eyes while sucking and fondling her breasts, she spoke in whimpers and moans, and I returned my affection in short gasps of affirmation. When my wife felt able to adjust to my being inside her, we stopped, and changed our position.

Maria lay on her back, with her butt elevated on a towel-draped pillow to facilitate my entry into her again. I put more lube onto my cock, and on her vaginal opening, and mounted her, pushing myself inside her gradually. I began to move in and out of her, sliding in and out more quickly, breathing heavily my acclamations. I told her how beautiful she was, and that I wanted to make her happy, and that she was giving me the purest pleasure I have ever felt. As I continued to move within her, my wife began to gasp and I realized that she was weeping a little, but she told me to keep going. I cursed within myself that despite my excruciating pleasure she was experiencing a very real pain. My breath became quicker, and I drove deep within her. In a blinding flash I was within Heaven, within my blessed Wife! I was giving her all of myself, all the life within me! I quaked and spurted, and gradually regained awareness of my surroundings. When I opened my eyes my Beautiful Maria was touching my face and smiling at me. Though there were tears in her eyes she looked at me with so much love. She only said very gently “My Husband…” and held me closely to her. I stayed within her for half an hour and we spoke quietly, touched, and listened to one another breathe. We uncoupled, and I moved down her body to see the “damage” I’d caused. There was some blood, and her vaginal opening was raw, and our juices had dribbled down onto the towel that had been so lovingly provided.

I felt somewhat guilty that my pleasure had been the source of her pain, an after she used the restroom, and I washed the place between her legs, I went down on her again. I did not want her to remember her wedding night as an evening in which her orgasm was eclipsed by the agonized rending of her maidenhead. I told her that I needed her to go to sleep happy, and she was receptive to my offer. For the second time that night I made her come, and praised my Lord for the woman I love.

She is still very open and adventurous and giving in (and out) of bed. She has reached orgasm several times through intercourse since our wedding night, and I feel very proud to be able to make her happy.  Every moment I share with her is a blessing. We pray together every morning and evening, and attend Mass at least once a week. I cannot imagine sharing my life with anyone else, and despite my past transgressions I feel unending gratitude to our merciful Savior for the happiness I have come to know.

Maria, my virgin bride, you are my greatest treasure!

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