First Day of Love

I wrote this years ago, but never had a place to put it. Submitted an entry for a poetry contest, got it published in their book, and next thing I knew I got picked for 2 others. I put this one in the third, but am placing it here as well  😎

I wouldn’t say it’s a hot & heavy, but then… Imagination makes all the difference!

Enjoy, and keep up the heat–


First Day of Love


The luminous moon shines through the open window…

pale golden light that gently caresses the soft, luscious skin of her magnificent body,

nature’s evening chorus blending the vibrato of his strong, loving voice.


Waiting an eternity, never further than impassioned kisses…

having made their vows before God and Man, now at last alone,

neither knowing how to proceed, yet feeling at peace, the two lovers meet.


Kissing, holding, passionately stroking each other…

When the moment comes they do not hesitate,

but fall together to the soft palette in one pulsing, fluid movement.

She rising and falling,

he caressing every magnificent curve…

Then, rolling in rhythmic unison, they change position

so that now she is caressing as he begins to rise and fall.

So it goes, for hours on end…

rising, falling, kissing, caressing,

loving throughout the night’s entirety.


In the morning, they come away to break fast

before continuing to make passionate love…

sometimes fast, sometimes slowly…

all through the day until, finally,

they fall asleep in each other’s arms…

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