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The First Night

This one is based on “First Day of Love”. Told from the new husband’s view, the depth of their commitment is just now being realized. The utter joy of their long-awaited union has filled him with awe, as he understands how their waiting has brought them closer than any could possibly imagine. Again, not nearly […]

First Day of Love

I wrote this years ago, but never had a place to put it. Submitted an entry for a poetry contest, got it published in their book, and next thing I knew I got picked for 2 others. I put this one in the third, but am placing it here as well  😎 I wouldn’t say […]

Making Up For Lost Time

The morning started out kind of gray, but quickly cleared. John was still feeling a little frustrated from last night. They had decided to lay naked in the bed, and he had gotten pretty horny. Allyson was looking so hot, with her legs spread further by the minute. He’d made comments that her pussy was […]