Morning After

The morning after our wedding we were fully rested and ate a good breakfast. We couldn’t wait to return to our newly found sexual adventures back in the hotel suite.  We married as virgins, now we were married lovers. This morning she wore a short mini skirt, with a low cut blouse and a bra that was very clad was causing me erections during breakfast. She loved the effect it had on me. When we got back to room she was all over me a like wet towel. She stripped completely nude for me. I was thrilled and very aroused by this action and her dress that was just for me at my breakfast.

For the first time my wife unzipped the pants I was wearing and started giving oral sex as she pulled down the underwear. She bobbed back and forth giving me a complete surprise sexually as she just sucked making eye contact with me as she told me I could climax when I wanted as she wanted to do this to me for long time. I didn’t believe what was happening this Christian gal and my wife was sucking on me and I was leaking my sperm into her mouth she told me it tasted good. She wanted me to climax in her mouth with each suck she took me deeper finally I was so aroused I came in her mouth at her encouragement.

We kissed and hugged each other and she let me lie down from being weak kneed from all the excitement she caused me to have, truly a blessing I didn’t dream.

We slept some then the next lovemaking session as she bent over giving me a view of her crotch from behind.  I got another boner started do her from behind thrusting her hard as she moaned from her excitement as I was deep inside her and love juices was coating my bare penis which was very stiff and hard like a rock. I was unknowingly getting her pregnant during our lovemaking as we wanted to start a family sooner then later she was climaxing against the pressure of my penis as the seed was dipping into her love box during her second climax.  I sprayed her with love juice blast so hard she felt it splash inside of her.

Little before our marriage did I know about her well hidden sex drive or how well she looks without her clothes on. She always dress modest except for that one morning at breakfast and her charms keep me wanting more and other men jealous if only they only knew about my well kept secret at home I have a wonderful wife and great kids that I would not trade them for all the money in the world.

That was twenty years ago and we just keep getting better and better in bed and more in love each day. As we keep growing in the Great love that lord has given us each day. We got teased a lot about our wedding night baby from friends and family, we told them not bad for two virgins on our wedding night with no previous practice. What a fun time we had during our honeymoon. With the great memories that will last a life time. I still get erections from watching her undressing from in the privately of our love nest.

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