What A Pleasure!

Pleasure can be many ways! But the best way I enjoyed it and I uttered, “What a Pleasure!!”, was by making love to Tom, my husband.

The first night I spent was really memorable.  I was really nervous when I was getting ready to go into our bedroom.  I was so tense about what would be happening there.  I felt like going to bathroom again and again.  At last I decided that I got to go there.  Though nervous, I was really excited about the very thought that we are going to make love that sweet night.

I entered the room and sat beside him. He hugged me and said, “I LOVE YOU”.  I was taken by surprise.  Because he never said that me that before.  Later, he looked into my eyes and said,  “I love your eyes and kissed them.” He added, “I like your breasts.” Saying this, he kept his hand on my right breast.  I moaned at the sensations. He now kissed my left breast.  I was still in my wedding dress, he in his suit. He said, ” Let me love you.”.

He started with a kiss. Deep and passionate. His tongue pried opened my lips, wanting more of me. Desperate to taste me.  So I let him. The wet warmth made me lean more into him. Letting my own tongue slither past his. That only made him more determined in his quest. But I had to pull away to breathe.  His breaths blew at my face. He said again “Let me love you.”

He slowly undressed me.  I was in my inner garments.  I thought it was my turn to do something.  I undressed him. He was in his boxers.  He was very excited at my initiation. His hands hungered to touch me again.  They stroked my waist.  They rubbed the underside of my breasts.  They teased my nipples. He pulled my legs on the bed.  He said, ”Dear! Time to get rid of these”, and he is ripped off my inner garments too.

He kissed me on every body part and mostly he spent his time kissing my hard nipples.  I was moaning continuously.  I loved it very much.  He couldn’t wait anymore, even I couldn’t wait.  He parted my legs as he slid over me and pushed me back.  He began again.  This time he wanted me to see him pulling off his boxers.  He laughed at the way my eyes grew wide at his size and knew I liked how he was. “Want to touch it?” He held himself in one hand and climbed on top of me again.  I breathed out heavy. His purplish tip glistened in the little light of the room.  I wasn’t aware that my tongue fleeted past my lips when he stroked himself. Nor was I aware that I whimpered his name as he brushed his heated length against my belly. I hissed suddenly.  At the feel of his swollen tip slickly grazing my thighs.  Everything was just tingling.  Spinning too.  My whole body was aching to feel him.  No longer embarrassed, I thrust my hips towards him.  Couldn’t stop squirming under him.  Pressing his head down hard.  Urging him to tongue me more.

But he stopped and started with the next.  All at the same time, thumbing the already moist and erected nipple.  I shuddered. I wanted to return him the favor. So I reached down to him.  Rubbing his sides, feeling his abs and finally finding it, I stroked him.  He let go of his work on my tit and gaped.  Gasping for air as I caressed the length of him. Returning the torment he had elicited on me, he looked up, arching an eyebrow.  Now the smug look was on me.  His face contorted as though in pain.  His eyes shut tight, reveling in me.  Cupping him and then fondling him as I thumbed the smooth, round head.  There was a moist feeling from its end.  I swiveled the clear liquid around the swollen end.  He let out a long breath.  But he was more experienced than I was.

He ran his own fingers on my own swollen sex.  It was my turn to let go suddenly. He played with my sensitive clitoris. Pressing it then flicking it lightly with his thumb. His other fingers drew delicious circles around my flaps.  Deliberately passing past my wet core.  Taking only its moisture as he rubbed it on my growing clitoris.  He kept doing it until I could do nothing but gulped shallow breaths. Longing to have more of him. So I took his already full, hard size. Pushed it hard right into me. And he let out a very loud groan. He didn’t see that coming, I was sure.

He gazed up at me. Desire and triumph plainly clear on his features.  Joy too at the permission.  But there was that love he was talking about earlier on.  He stayed still, waiting to see if that was what I really wanted.  But I couldn’t keep still anymore. I was just aching. Wanting. Needy. Too dazed. Too tingly to argue much. So I led my own thrusts.  And soon he took over and pushed down on me.” Look at me.” He muttered. Yes!  It felt so – so – delicious to be connected to him in this way.  He started out slow, realizing how I had winced when he pushed himself up to his hilt.  He stayed still until I was comfortable to his thickness before moving again. Then he let it out – oh – so slowly. I nearly screamed at the torture. So I held his smooth, firm butt and spurred him on.  The touch was unexpected on his part so he pulled out completely.  I frowned at the lost of contact. But it wasn’t too long before he finally let out a mischievous grin.

He knew something that I didn’t. He began again. This time he placed my hands back on his firm, fleshy bottom and gestured me to stroke as he penetrated me. I wasn’t really arguing on that. So with each thrust, I stroke him good. Pushing him deeper too into me. Making him pound harder. Stopping him from teasing me any further. He was only too willing to comply. “Don’t. You. Stop.” My words came out breathless. But he didn’t really need to hear them. We shouldn’t stop. We couldn’t stop.  My fingers hungered to feel more of him. So they touched his now wet length.  Yet he was undeterred in his vigorous motion. He breathed out harshly feeling the foreign presence between him and my hot, wet flesh. Lost his tempo for a moment when my fingers brushed lightly on the underside of his shaft. But got it back when he let his own fingers intertwined with mine, letting us feel my reddening clitoris. My turn to lose my timing. He was on the edge now. His breaths going more ragged as so were mine. He didn’t go slow anymore. I didn’t want him to. And he kept up his fast pounding until I felt myself going tighter and tighter. Until I couldn’t bear it anymore. Until he gave one deep thrust. And that broke me apart. I had to scream. Screamed his name. Screamed for him not to let go.

He gave one last strong push before finally he collapsed. His full weight on me. I was all damped and spent. My chest hurt with the wild thumping of my heart. He rolled over to my side, panting hard…and said” I LOVE YOUR EVERYTHING”. I said for myself “what a pleasure!!!” and slowly turned towards him, kissed him. I whispered ” I LOVE U TOM”. In his arms. I got all the pleasure in the whole world. And slept on him all the night till the next day.

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