Loving his Tool

Finally, we were married and I could begin to fulfill his desire for sexual fulfillment. A girlfriend had given me a few books and had described in detail what her husband liked but I had no idea how exciting it would be to bring him pleasure. I vowed to be available to him at any time day or night but once I had my hands and lips around his love tool, I knew we both were going to enjoy oral delights as often as we could.

When I pulled his shorts down for the very first time, I couldn’t help dropping to my knees and started licking and sucking the head of his beautiful penis. It grew to around 7″ and I couldn’t get my hand all the way around it. Fortunately I have a wide mouth and I can almost suck him in to the base of his shaft but what I love is to lick and suck the head of his penis til he’s ready to shoot.

I love to pull it out just as he’s unloading and rub the head across my nipples as he shoots spurt after spurt of his love cream on my breasts and nipples. Oh how he loves it and so do I. I have actually had orgasms while he’s shooting his load this way with no other stimulation at all. He loves to cream in my bra, especially if I have on one of my low cut mesh demi’s on that barely covers my nipples.

I will come out of the bathroom on purpose with in a a demi and panties and he will make me sit on the bed while he takes out his penis and dips it in my bra to rub across my nipple. Sometimes I will jack him off and let him shoot off in my bra and leave his love cream in there while I go about my day. By the end of the day, I’m ready for action and so is he.

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    • Gina G. says:

      I feel the same way seaside! I love sucking my husband’s dick and swallowing his cream. Sometimes when he jacks off and about to cum, I take him into my mouth and swallow him or let him cum on my face and tits.

  1. JethRo says:

    My wife enjoys me rubbing my pre-cum on her nipples and the she licks and sucks it off. It is such a turn on. I love seeing her tongue lick the tip of my dick or her tits for my cum. Great story…

  2. King Levi says:

    Ahhh married people, lol. Sex is such a blessing, a gift. I’m glad God designed it for marriage. Waiting for marriage builds character, strength, etc… When God does bless me with a wife, I will release all of my feelings to her. I enjoyed this story. Thank you for sharing. God bless!

  3. California Coastal says:

    Oh my goodness. I have to say you think like me.
    I want to thank you for a wonderfully erotic story and making me wet with desire. I, too, love to randomly suck hubby's cock. His ejaculations from that beautiful organ also make me shiver with delight and give me wonderful orgasms.

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