An Evening to Remember

My wife and I were in one of those erotic days, when we cannot leave each other & want to try something different.

She called me up in a husky voice whether I could come home early from work, which was enough of a distraction considering what was waiting … As I drove back an hour the previous night’s memories came flooding in & I wanted to get home soon & was thinking of how to satisfy her.

As I rang the doorbell, there she stood in one of our skimpiest dresses and stared up at me, her beautiful eyes shining with the possibilities.

She hugged me & we kissed each other as though we had met for the first time .She undressed me partially & picked up a bottle of massage oil as I sat next to her.
I smiled and pulled a chair next to hers, dragging my shirt over my head and tossing it to the side. She moved to a seated position as I reclined on my back. Smiling that wonderful smile, she held the bottle over her outstretched hand and squeezed out a slender stream of clear oil that formed a pool in her palm.

Gently she touched me, caressing my thighs, the warm oil allowing her hands to skate effortlessly across my skin. “Does it feel good?” she whispered, her fingertips running higher, occasionally drifting under my jocks.

I smiled and nodded as I closed my eyes, listening to the sound of more oil filling her hands, squeaking as she rubbed her palms together to absorb the excess. Both hands returned to my thighs, kneading my flesh and riding immediately up and under the flaps of my jocks. My penis was thickening with the sensation, as she rubbed harder and deeper. She paused and I opened my eyes to see her reach behind her back, drawing on the string that held her bikini top in place. With a couple of short tugs, the top fell down her shoulders and into her hands. Her breasts were sensational. Large, but firm, with thick, puffy nipples that were in pink contrast to the wheatish white skin previously hidden from view.

Within seconds the oil wasn’t necessary. My body was producing all the lubrication required, leaving me moaning and begging for more. Faster she stroked, her young breasts jiggling with the motion of her pumping fist. As my climax approached, she eased her grip, then stood up and forced a thumb in either side of her bikini bottoms, teasingly pushing them down her thighs like panties before stepping out to reveal a blonde triangle of pubic hair.

I stood up and before I could say anything she sucked my penis–all the way in until her nose brushed against my jocks. Unable to take anymore, I raised her forcibly to face me, wrapping her in my arms and kissing her passionately we made love with our mouths, combing and biting, sucking and exploring. My hands traced up and over her breasts, circling the puffy outline of her nipples through her dress.

“I want to take off my panties,” she whispered between kisses.
I leaned into her, nibbling the soft flesh of her neck as I pulled up her skirt and ran my fingertips into the band of her underpants, pushing them down to a midpoint on her hips. “I want you to do something for me,” I whispered, before running my mouth down her neck.

“That tickles,” she giggled, pulling away. I want you to get on your knees on the chair and face away from me.”

She looked at the chair, and then back to me, her eyes filled with hesitance. “What are you going to do?”

“Nothing that you wouldn’t want me to do. Trust me when I say that.”
She was a little unsure of what I was asking but went along with my request, allowing me to guide her into a kneeling position on the chair. With her leaning away from me, I pushed her skirt higher to reveal the small of her back. Pausing to admire her gorgeous butt, I pulled her panties down further and leaned forward, my mouth working downward along her spine while I stroked the inside of her thigh.

“That feels nice,” she muttered.

I sank my lips in the baby-soft flesh of her bottom; delivering deep kisses as my fingers glided against her vagina. She was wet to my touch as I slid inside her, paving the way for what would come next. Moving to my knees, I held on to her thighs and burrowed my tongue into her wetness, driving inward as deep as I could go.

“Oh Honey,” she moaned, her hips rocking against my face with the rhythm of my mouth. “I do like that.”

Deeper I penetrated, bathing my face in her juices, breathing her aroma as our lust simmered. We continued for several minutes until I felt the chair she was kneeling on begin to wobble.

“Okay! Okay, enough!” she gasped. “I can’t take this.”
I helped her down from the chair and she turned to kiss me.

“Your lips are shiny,” she said with a smile, brushing them with her fingertips.
I turned her around to face away from me, pulling her hair to the side and kissing the back of her neck as I slid her panties further down and onto the floor. Pressing my erection into the crevice of her behind, my hands roamed across her naked abdomen and down between her legs.

I turned her around laid her down and as I stared into her eyes I positioned my swollen member at her entrance, rubbing and teasing her sensitive clitoris. Finding the alignment, I took her waist in my hands and guided her body downward as my shaft sank inside her and we began to F …
I wrapped my hands around her butt, the butt I had practically worshipped in the past, working her back and forth against my lap. Our moans were loud and her expression was one of intense passion as we ground into one another. She grabbed hold of my shoulders, her fingernails digging into my skin.

“Harder,” she moaned, rocking against me.

Taking handfuls of her fleshy behind, I worked her with all I had to offer until eventually our bodies began to slow. I looked up and she pushed her hair out of her face, throwing it back across her shoulder. “,

Then I noticed a decorative chair I had stored in the corner. It was more of a mounded half-cushion with a high back than an actual seat; not particularly comfortable for sitting, but ideal for what I had in mind. Releasing her, I dragged it next to us and we resumed our passionate embrace, our tongues invading one another’s mouths. “Lay on the chair,” I finally commanded.

She looked to where I was referring and smiled. Adjusting the cushion, she carefully extended herself, spreading her legs as she stared up at me. I came to her, taking her ankles in my hands and widening her thighs into a V, nibbling on her toes, before running my mouth along inside of her calves.

Finally, my desire overtook me and I lowered my body on top of hers, rubbing my engorged member against the slick outer edges of her vagina.

I positioned myself for entry and pressed my hips forward, sinking into her delicious, wet channel. With my forearms holding her thighs apart, I started again to enter her, this time with absolute abandon. All the way in, then all the way out–long thrusts that seemed to embody all the emotion I had felt for her from the very first moment we’d met.

Her pelvis was thrashing against me and she was starting to whimper. It was a little-girl whimper, not the lustful moans I’d heard before. I could feel her vagina spasm as I filled her with more of my penis. “Coming!” she gasped. “Oh, god, I’m coming!”
“Come for me, ” I moaned in return.

Harder and faster I pushed into her as the waves of her climax hit. She seemed close to tears, and truthfully, so was I. I continued until I felt her movements start to slow beneath me. I looked down to see her staring up at me, a pleasurable, tranquil shimmer in her blue eyes. “You can come if you’re ready,” she finally whispered. “It’s okay.”

Her words, our eye contact, her beautiful, serene expression pushed me closer and closer to the edge. I lengthened my thrusts, drawing and plunging as the sensations of my own orgasm started to build.

I stared into her eyes one last time. She was watching me intently, waiting for the final climax.

“I’m going to come. Oh, . . . I’m going to come!” I finally gasped.

She smiled and hugged me close, her arms around my back and her legs wrapped tight around my butt. I could feel a surge of incredible intensity as all the passion and emotion I’d felt for her erupted in wave after wave. She held me, comforted me, her fingertips caressing my shoulders, her lips gently kissing my cheek until eventually our bodies were motionless.

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