Snow Day

The phone rang just before the alarm would have gone off, the bed was nice and warm, and the air outside the covers was decidedly chilly.  Envying the black bears who are now hibernating I picked up the receiver.

Hello, Angela, sorry to wake you, but I need to let everyone know before they leave home that today’s home school activities downtown are canceled due to snow.  Thanks, Betty, for letting me know.  Too bad, now I have to stay at home and not do any extra work teaching other people’s kids. And on top of that, today is my birthday.  What a nice present!  No school.  Okay, bye, see you next week

With that I turned off the clock radio, made a quick trip to the bathroom, toured the children’s bedrooms to tell them to stay in bed, then returned to my own place next to Chris under the covers.  Happy Birthday, Angela.  I love you.  Looks like you get to sleep in as part of your birthday present.  Whatever you want to do is fine with me, your wish is my command, either sleeping some more, or Something Else.

And with that he spooned his warmth against me and wrapped his arms around my chest and relaxed as he does before falling asleep.

Obviously the reader has guessed by now what I wished for, otherwise this story would not be posted here!  Something about knowing that Chris really meant it when he said I could choose not to have sex, well, it made me horny as all get-out.  As usual for nearly every morning his cock was again hard as a rock pressing against my butt, but he was otherwise peaceful, relaxed, undemanding, and still.

I tried for maybe five minutes to fall asleep–I really do need to catch up on some Zzz’s–but before long the muscles in my loins and thighs and gluteus started to twitch and contract as if they had a mind of their own.  Next I noticed my chest starting to sway ever so slightly back and forth, just enough to cause my nipples to push against his motionless hands.  And without any input from my brain my fingers were finding the warmth between my legs to be getting more like hot, and next thing you know they were stroking my little clit.

It didn’t take much, just a little separating of my thighs, and Bang!  Chris’s erect manhood was no longer resting in my posterior cleavage, but was imbedded deeply inside my waiting vagina.  Just like that.  Aahhh!!!  Soon I was grinding my pelvis and pussy backwards against him as I continued to stroke my clit.

I stopped just before my climax, deciding that since this was after all my birthday, I could indulge in the primal luxury of a purely penis-induced orgasm.  So I pulled gently away, rolled on my back, then wordlessly invited Chris to penetrate me from above.  And there he was once more, buried to the hilt in my greedy womanhood, driving repeatedly in and out fast then slow up and down left and right screwing me good grinding his pubis against my pulsating clit going round and round like a phallic screwdriver holding his chest high above my heaving breast then squeezing me tight against his strong torso with his tongue in my ear as I bit into the soft flesh of his shoulder and allowed my own pelvis to rotate and buck of its own accord and my vagina squeezed around his dick and I felt each little vein and groove and he kept pumping and moving and grooving and screwing me good good good.

The plateau he had brought me to on this snowy birthday morning with the kids in bed and the door shut and nowhere to go lasted much longer than one of our usual late night love events, at least twenty minutes (in the mornings like this Chris may be hard as steel, but it takes forever for him to ejaculate–perfect), so when the orgasms finally came over me , they hit hard and fast.  I curled up into a mindless multi-orgasmic ball of pulsating female flesh, with my head buried in his chest and his hardness plunging in and out of me and let the climaxes plow through my body, over and over and over.  Mmmm…

I relaxed and stretched out luxuriously against his pole, and waited patiently for Chris to begin a new rhythm of his own, meant for his sensual pleasure.  I was floating in post-orgasmic heaven now, and I just love the feeling of my husband taking pleasure in my body.  So when he started to shudder and moan and hump and grind like a rutting buck and then shot his pulsating load of sperm deep into me and I actually felt the warm splash against my womb, well, that next wifely orgasm was even better than heavenly.

I knew he’d be a little sore the rest of the day, but hey, it was my birthday, and the man offered me a choice.  And I had nowhere else I had to be, on account of the weather.

I love you, Angela.  Happy Birthday.

And I love you, Chris.  Have a safe drive to the hospital in the snow!

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