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Gift Wrapping

A short time back, I was working as an assistant manager at a retail store that was in a mall.  I normally worked the closing shift, but since it was the busy Christmas season, I was helping out once in a while on the morning shift as well.  Because it was Christmas, we were looking for some seasonal help to fill in some of the schedule gaps, and I asked my wife if she would like to give it a shot.

She agreed to, and she soon was pulling a few extra shifts, and we both found it enjoyable to get to work together.  BUT…there was one shift that I will never forget.

I had been assigned one of the opening shifts, and as the manager on duty, it was my job to get to the store early, open up, and prepare for the coming day.  Coincidentally, my wife was working later that morning, so we decided to go together to save gas.

We got to the store, and I completed most of the things that I needed to do, but soon got a naughty thought in my head.  My wife was doing some things in the back room of the store, near the gift wrapping table, setting out things for the day.  I approached her from behind, and embraced her.  With the thoughts that had already been going through my mind, she quickly knew my intentions by the hardness of my manhood.

Without even turning around she said, “Come on, we can’t do that here.  What if someone catches us?”

“Who’s going to catch us?  I’m the only one who is supposed to be here, and besides, we still have 15 minutes until the store opens.”

Although I probably stretched the truth, and in reality we only had 12 or 13 minutes until the store opened, I didn’t think that this was an opportunity that would ever be in front of us again.

As she mulled over the situation, my hands had already made their decision, and were creeping up her blouse, grazing over the underside of breasts.

”Are you sure nobody will catch us?”  She seemed willing, but nervous at the same time.

I grinned, “Well, we better get to it then.”  No sooner had I said that, then I lifted her petite body up onto the gift wrapping table where we would be wrapping Christmas presents for the rest of the day.

But for now, I was my turn to unwrap my gift that she was giving me!  I put both hands up her skirt, and grasping each side of her panties, pulled them down and off her now quivering legs.  She undid my belt, pulled down my zipper, and slid my boxers away from my bulging penis.

She looked down at me, then up at my eyes, and said, “Let me get more wet for you.”  She took her index and middle fingers on her right hand and began to rub her clitoris in a circular pattern.  Knowing what gets her going, I took my shaft in one hand and began rubbing it up and down.

It didn’t take long before she began to quicken her pace, and soon I could tell that her pussy was ready to receive me.  Even though I knew we didn’t have much time left, I wanted to please her for a minute, so I took the head of my cock, which was now glistening with precum and began rubbing it against her now swollen pussy lips.

She responded with a slight moan, but as time was of the essence, and she was turning me on like crazy, so I slowly eased myself into her.  She was now on the edge of the table and I was standing against her, but we wanted to be closer, so she extended her legs around my back and wrapped them around my butt.

Since we were both extremely turned on by now, I was able to more very easily within her, and we were soon pacing the movement of our hips in unison.

She leaned up to kiss me and let out a moan as our lips connected.  She let go of my butt, and ran her fingers through my hair.  We were now moving in perfect unison and I was getting close to finishing.   She normally is not able to get the big O with just my penis, so I moved back slightly, which allowed her fingers just enough room to return to rubbing her clit.

I slowed down enough for her to get closer, and with a small whisper, we both said, “I’m ready.”  I quickened the pace, and was now fully moving my cock all the way in and out.  I could feel the walls of her vagina begin to tighten, the telltale sign that she was close to the big O.  I could tell that I so close, but I wanted to wait for her.  And then there it was.  Her pussy began to pulsate against the full length of my cock, which immediately triggered me to go over the edge.  As were shuddered against each other, our bodies were both feeling the numbing effects of the orgasms.

I leaned my head down, and our lips met once more for a short kiss.  As our lips parted, and breathing was slowing, a sense of clarity began to return to my mind.   “I guess we better open the store!” I said as we hurriedly redressed.

We got the store open, and soon a rush of Christmas shoppers were browsing, buying, and talking.   But no customer that day ever found out why my wife and I would giggle when they asked, “Could you gift wrap that for me?”

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  1. Fetishhubby says:

    Very nice I am rock solid after reading this I may have gift wrap some thing for my hopefully horn "helper" almost 20 yrs married…
    So horny… Thanks for sharing?

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