A Work Thank You

My husband had been working so very hard, trying to build a life for us. He had just made partner after only being with the firm for two years. I was so proud of him, and want to show him. I wondered if i could do any of the things i had read about.

Running water for a bubble bath would be a great way to decide what to do for a special way to say thanks. I looked in the mirror as I disrobed for my bath and couldn’t help smiling as I thought of how much Danny loved seeing me naked. We go nude around the house because he loves it so, and i must admit so do I. As the bubbles surounded my body, I was getting hotter thinking about being naked for him. I ran my hands over my legs noting that a good shave was in order, and yes I checked there he loves it smooth there also. I can’t tell you how hot I was as I pulled the razor around the lips of my love spot(blushing), and yes it turns me on to hear the word from him and to say it myself as well. Drying off in front of the mirror I knew what he would want and what I must do for him.

As I pampered myself deciding what to wear, making sure i was smooth everywhere couldn’t belive how wet I had become thinking of showing him. I chose to wear just a long coat, and nothing else. mustering up all the nerve I had, I went out the door feeling almost naked. Driving down the road touching myself thinking of him, and being careful not to be seen, was hotter than i can explain. Oh no here I am in the parking lot shaking as I park.

There was no turning back now how could I do this, shocked as i got out of the car as i saw my bare legs and almost embarssing myself looking around hoping no one had seen. Making my way through the office as fast as possible, until I got to Pam. She said I will tell him you are hereand I said no please don’t and hold his calls. With a knowing smile she said no problem and I wont let anyone in.

I let my coat fall the floor as Danny looked up, and what a wonderful look on his face. He came around the desk and helped slide up on it as he spread my legs and I said thank you dear….he bent over to slide his tounge in me, but I stopped him. I pushed him back into a chair and took out the love shaft that I love so much and kiss and licked and just made love to it. Sucking him back hard he bent me over the chair and asking who’s love spot is it. Telling him it was his and to please use it, but he just rubbed the head of his love shaft around my so wet love spot lips. He wanted me to tell him I was his newlywed, and I was, and always so submissive to him in the bedroom never saying no. The head of it worked in and out just barely sliding passed my smooth love spot lips…..then he drove it home all the way so hard and then started using me so hard and fast. He was using me so hard it was causing my boobs to flop so hard it almost hurt……….im not sure how many times i came, but then he was through I could feel it pump his sperm deep into me. I turned and dropped to my knees and cleaned him up with my mouth licking him clean. He said no thank you……as I slipped my coat back on and kissed him goodbye.


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