Jacking and Jilling at the Movies (A)

Sexual fantasies can become monsters. They start small but then you start feeding them and they grow to a great size.

I have no idea how or when this fantasy started. All I knew was I wanted to make it happen. So I shared my idea with my wife. She smiled at me and said, “Sunday afternoon. It will be relatively empty and quiet. Challenge accepted! Bring it on. How should I dress?”

Sunday could not come fast enough. It felt like I had a permanent erection for the next three days as our “Movie Date” approached. My head was so busy preparing what I wanted to do. Fantasies do not just happen. They have to be planned and made to work. (Often 90% of the fun is in the planning.)

Getting ready

Sunday morning we woke and showered together. The sexual tension was evident. We washed one another and our hands roamed freely over all the sensitive spots. But we stopped short of having orgasms. As we turned the water off, I slipped my finger into my wife’s pussy and was shocked at how wet she was. This girl was ready for what we had planned.

She dressed exactly as I had asked her to do three days ago. A silky blouse with buttons down the front, a long loose-fitting dress, and NO underwear. In her handbag she had two dark hand towels, a role of toilet paper, our bottle of coconut oil and last, but not least, her fully charged, purple Swan vibrator.

The movie theater was at a mall about twenty minutes drive away. On the way there Lucy hiked her skirt up all the way and sat next to me playing with her clit as if I was not even in the car. It was clear that she was as excited as I was about making my fantasy come true.

It was early and the mall was very quiet. We bought our movie tickets and walked in. We were alone in the theater. It was a bit of a disappointment for me. We took our seats in the second row from the back. A few minutes later two couples walked in together. They stood talking softly and then split up. They found seats in opposite directions. Strange? Did they also come here with the same idea that we had?

Lights!  Action!

We could not wait for the lights to dim and for the movie to start. My wife took out the two hand towels and used them to cover our seats. The other two couples had already started making out as the lights dimmed.

I put my arm around my wife and started to move my other hand towards her closest titty just to be shocked again. She had already unbuttoned the entire front of her blouse and was sitting with her boobs totally exposed. The cool air had her nipples at attention as I closed my mouth around her boob and started playing with her nipple with my tongue and teeth.

My baby was on a roll and she was over-the-top hot. She pulled her loose fitting dress up all the way so that she was now totally exposed.

I could smell the musk of her heat. It was intoxicating. I would not be outdone. I loosened my belt and allowed my trousers to fall to the ground. My cock was screaming for attention.

We were going wild. Lucy took out her purple vibrator and coconut oil. She poured oil on her toy and then told me to hold out my hand. She poured oil into it and instructed me to play with my cock. She wanted to watch me while she was playing with her toy.

We were still only three couples in the movie. I looked around to make sure that we were not being watched and was pleasantly surprised to see that both of the couples were making out. And not just kissing.

As I took hold of my very hard member, I saw my wife slide down in her seat. She put her feet on the back-rest of the seat in front of her, spreading her legs very wide.

My heart was beating so hard in my chest that I could hear the blood rush in my ears.

She stretched her hand out to me, took my hold of my face and turned it towards her, making sure that I was looking ate her pussy.  The next moment she plunged her vibrator into het very wet snatch.

I was mesmerized as I watched the vibrator disappearing into her pussy. I have watched my wife masturbating many times and enjoyed it every time, but this was different.  The closeness of other people, the possibility of getting caught plus the extreme heat of my wife and her unashamed lust to satisfy my “Movie Fantasy” was extremely erotic.  I had copious mounts of pre-cum running over my hand.  This, combined with the coconut oil, made the sensations that I was having absolutely mind-blowing.

She was on a roll.  She was having one orgasm after the other and was shaking and grunting like a wild animal next to me.

I did my best to slow down my own threatening orgasm. I had also slid down in my seat and had my feet on the backrest of the seat in front of me.  We were both sitting with our legs spread wide, naked from the waist down and Jacking and Jilling as if our lives depended on it.

We clearly heard one of the girls sitting to our left having a violent orgasm and that pushed my Lucy over the edge into yet another orgasm.  I was still busy with my own pleasure when she slid down from her seat and settled between my legs. Her mouth eveloped dripping head, and she started licking me like a lollipop.

I was so close to cumming and my body was shaking quite violently.  The coconut oil was running down over my balls down to my arse.  I was still trying to hold back my orgasm when my wife’s finger suddenly disappeared into my arse and I exploded into her mouth. My Climaxx just went on and on as if it was never going to stop.  I could not hold back a deep groan escaping from my lips.  It was so loud that I saw both couples turning in their seats, but at that moment I had no control.

My wife still had her toy buried inside her although she was on her knees on the floor and was shaking as she came down from her last orgasm. She still had me in her mouth and was very gently sucking me and draining every possible drop of semen from me.

I could not move. I could only savored the erotic moment and the gentle love that I was experiencing.

Lucy put her head against my inner thigh and just continued to suck me and lick me clean.  We remained like that for quite some time, Both semi-naked and enjoying the erotic situation that we were in.

This should be the end of the story, but we were not even half-way into the movie and there was still so much time for us to play….. and we did.

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25 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    Amazing! 🔥 HOTT! This made me rock hard! You have one fantastic wife who is willing to fulfill YOUR fantasy like that! The car ride, the surprised exposed breasts, the vibrator, the blow job! This hit all the right buttons for me!! SUPERB!

    I’m curious, what was your initial fantasy? Was it vague – like let’s have an orgasm in the theater? Or was the plan for you both to masturbate to completion? Or was the blow job part of the plan? …And please BRING ON part 2!!

  2. ClimaXX says:

    Oh…. I forgot to answer your question. My fantasy was just about 100% as it played off, BUT my wife was "over the top, boiling over, hotter than a raging fire" excited and exciting. I did not expect her to be quite so wild.

  3. NewBride says:

    Well written! It definitely painting a picture.
    I’m sitting here at work, alone. It’s Friday so everyone took off a little early. All my work has been completed and I was daydreaming of what I will do to my husband when I get home, so I turned to MH for some inspiration! Yours was the first story I read. My nipples immediately hardened as I began to read. I felt a tingling in my chest, which quickly moved down through my pussy! She was quite moist by the end! I’m very tempted to tickle and tease her a bit. That would be so naughty at work, right?
    Can’t wait to get home to my man!

    • ClimaXX says:

      New Bride… yes, that would really be naughty but naughty things are nice, so lets all be nice and naughty.
      I hope that you made passionate love to your hubby.

    • HornyHubby says:

      NewBride, You should check out my story "Not Your Average Monday". Let me know if it inspires you to have some fun on your own. Maybe write a story telling us about it. 🙂

    • NewBride says:

      HornyHubby, I’ve masturbated to that one before! It’s a juicy story. In fact, I just went back and read it, and it’s got me going at it again. Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to a nice release.

  4. HornyHubby says:

    Wow! That was hot! My favorite part was when your wife had her shirt completely open and her boobs exposed. Wow! She was really into it. And just to clarify, you said you heard another woman have an orgasm? Was it loud or just obvious? (Just curious to know how you KNEW that's what it was.) Great story!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Hey HornyHubby how are you? Long time no hear, how's your wife doing? God bless

      And I'm curious too, Climax, how did you know?

    • JAM777 says:

      Hello Mrs. Thornton, hope you are well!
      I just wanted to say that I replied to your comment on "Is MarriageHeat Pornographic?"

  5. ClimaXX says:

    You guys are so nosey…. and I love it. We were only 3 couples. Although we did not talk to one another, we were all very aware of what was going on. I think that her extremely loud orgasm was meant to be heard and was part of the hype. She wanted us to know what was happening.

  6. CMLove says:

    Haha! This was so hot, I love reading about the exploits of you and your wife, Climaxx! Curious as to what the movie was and if it added to the sexual experience or just the over all atmosphere was the only thing that was sexy.
    Applause to your wife for having fun and letting go!! May God bless your marriage as you strive to follow Him!

  7. HornyHubby says:

    @Harper: She is doing great. This year she was diagnosed with sleep apnea but we're handling it. But no more cancer or anything serious like that. (Thank God!) Sexually we've been struggling. Just with schedules and having a FOUR year old now! (Unbelievable that she is four now!) Plus work and we moved recently, etc. We're just tired and have very little time and energy for sex these days. But that's just from life, not any medical condition. Thanks for asking!

  8. BradMona13 says:

    Brad and I had a similar experience when we were in our early 20's. Since we both are very voyeuristic, we decided to travel out of town to an Adult movie theater since we had never been to one. Back in the 70's, adult movie theaters were getting pretty mainstream. Anyhow, we worked up the courage to go. I wish I could say I dressed up sexy for the experience, but that would be a lie. Both Brad and I were wearing jeans and I had a thin sweater on top. I did however take the liberty to go braless.

    This was a couples theater and as the movie started there were perhaps 15 other couples in attendance. I must admit, the action on the screen was pretty hot and I was getting rather aroused. The fact that Brad had his right hand over my shoulder and was tweaking my right nipple didn't make things any easier. LOL We were both pretty engrossed with the on screen action and he didn't notice when I unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down. Soon my hand was inside my panties playing with my already soaking wet pussy.

    I glanced around the theater to make sure I was not being watched. What I saw was that a few others were engaged in similar activity. I saw a woman with her back firmly pushing against the back of her seat and figured she was doing the same thing I was. I could also see the arms of a couple of the men moving up and down in various tempos. Knowing that they were stroking their cocks and that the other woman was probably fingering her wet pussy was driving me wild.

    Brad had looked down and saw then what I was doing. I was very close to cumming, and my breathing was getting more rapid. He continued to roll my nipple between his thumb and forefinger… and I was soon cumming all over my hand.

    As I came back to earth, I held up my hand to let Brad taste my fingers and get a whiff of my pungent cunt. His cock was throbbing in his jeans, and as I stroked my hand along his upper thigh, I could feel the wetness of his precum that had leaked through.

    He did make it out of the theater with his throbbing cock still inside his jeans. How he managed that was a miracle! About 10 minutes later we were on the George Washington Parkway heading back home to Maryland. I rewarded him with the best deep-throat blow job I could. 45 minutes later, we were home… screwing our brains out. Oh, to be young again. LOL

    • Mr.Lover says:

      Hi BradMona13,

      I love your comment. It got me so hard. One of my fantasies, as a single guy, is that I'm masturbating in an adult bookstore or adult theater. The thought of being in a place where I could catch a woman masturbating or be seen masturbating by a woman makes me so horny.

  9. ClimaXX says:

    We have a beach Jacking and Jilling planned with some camera action. It is going to be so hot. My wife will wear the right garment that would allow her to reveal her pussy to me in such a way that others will not see what she is doing and then she is going to have some orgasms JUST FOR ME to see. We plan to sit at the edge of the other people and have her back towards them.

  10. SecondMarge says:

    Very sexy story. Must be so hot to look around and see other couples doing the same. Or knowing that at some point they looked around too. Keep writing

  11. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Climax,

    This story is hot. I would love to do this with my wife someday! Reading about or watching women masturbate (I used to watch porn, but do not anymore), turns me on!

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