In the Wet Grass

After a few stressful weeks of caring for aging parents my beautiful wife needed to relax and let loose a bit. We were at our favorite hangout, and the conversation turned a little racy as the night went on. A glass of honey whiskey seemed to loosen our tongues and allowed her to share a few of her fantasies. This gave me a glimpse into the sexy being that always lies below the surface.

When she teased me about how she would love to get up on the bar I had to know more.  I was like an eager dog looking for a treat. “Tell me more!”

She began by telling me about a movie that inspired this fantasy.  Ever since she has always dreamed of doing it.

The fantasy starts with her unbuttoning some of the buttons on her top before climbing up onto the bar. She straddles me, removing her top and then the bra. So far, so good.

But as she is telling me this she stands up with her back to the bar.  It looks like she is about to actually do this!

Being as how this is our regular hangout I caution her.  “If you keep going we may never be allowed back in.”

Smiling, she says, “Then we will have to find another place.”

She sat back in her chair, but I wanted to hear more. “Keep going, please!”

“You will have to wait and see,” she teased.

Both of us were now sexually charged up. We decided to go for a bit of a drive before heading home. We cranked up the radio and did our own car karaoke as we drove in the rain down the country roads.

From the whiskey and the conversations, my wife was feeling frisky. She took her top off.

“Pull over,” she commanded. “I want to make love in the wet grass.”

The thought was very exciting, but I wondered how we can safely do this.

Still, the sight of her sitting there in her bra was too much.  It was an open invitation. “Please take it off,” I begged as my cock started to rise. It’s such a turn on when my beauty disrobes like this, especially when she does it on our drives.

There was no doubt she was feeling good as she caressed her breasts and played with her nipples. All I wanted was to keep cruising with my daring beauty and let her continue to play. This was unlike times before when she had gotten topless on our car drives. Usually, she would hunker down a bit in the seat as cars would approach. But not tonight!

The headlights from approaching cars light up our interior. She sits up with her arms out, playfully daring to be seen. I could just drive all night watching this beauty act out her new openness and freedom!

But I had a better idea.  “How about we head home to fulfill your fantasy? Let’s go make love in the wet grass in our yard!” This also gave me some extra time to take in her daring play and the sight of her beautiful breasts.

I pulled into the driveway but forgot all about the motion light. As it came on it lit up the driveway and our car. I thought that my wife would put her top back on to walk to the side yard.  Instead, with a big smile on her face, she handed me her top and bra and got out of the car.

Without a care in the world, my half-naked beauty walked up the driveway. She was focused on only one thing: getting to the side yard and taking off the rest of her clothes. This was unbelievable!

There she stood, stripping off the rest of her clothes. Then she lay her beautiful nude body down in the wet grass. It became very apparent that the thrill of doing this, along with the sensation of the moisture on her body, was turning her on! Her skin became as wet as the prize that lays between her legs. She moaned in delight, confirming she was lost in the moment.

I soaked in the vision of her rolling in the grass.

“Take off your clothes,” she demanded.  God, this was so exciting! My cock grew rock hard, as the joy of being with her in nature washed over me.

Her face had an expression of pure sensuality as she spread her legs in silent invitation. Our bodies became one as I enter her.  The outside world disappeared. We both became connected with nature and with each other. The freedom we felt, being nude and making love in our yard, intoxicated us. The only thing missing was a sudden downpour as we made love.

We both came quickly due to the added excitement of being outside.  As we came down from our orgasms, I moved to lay next to her. The ecstasy and love of the moment we shared comforted us.

After I put my clothes on to go into the house, my insatiable beauty said, “I want to go to the back yard and pick a peach from one of our trees.”  She was still naked as we started walking back there. The light switched on again as we strolled through the yard. This time, though, some nerves set in and she changed her mind. Both of us laughed hysterically as I struggled to get the back door unlocked.

Once inside the safety of our house we hugged tightly, grateful for each other. The closeness we shared was such a blessing. I am so thankful that my beautiful wife doesn’t hold back when she shares her fantasies with me. Better yet is when they become reality!


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10 replies
  1. ClimaXX says:

    I love your story wfewtchr819. Very sexy. Being a very visual person it felt as if I was watching it all happening.
    Very few things can top making love in nature. We enjoy doing it on the beach. We have some very private spots where we live and have had some great times.

  2. HornyHubby says:

    Hot story! So if I'm understanding correctly, you both got naked and had sex in the FRONT yard on the side of the house? Wow! How visible would you say you were? To other neighbors or cars driving by? I love it when our wives get so horny they just don't care!

    • wfewtchr819 says:

      It was the side yard and there is a 5 ft fence and being lost in the moment I wouldn't have noticed if we were seen.

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