Sexy Milk Maid

Have many fathers here tried breast milk? It’s okay. I am not sure why I wasn’t keen….

It was several months since our first baby was born. We were fortunate to have lots of support and my wife was getting back to being her normal happy self.

Our baby was due to be fed. We were naked in bed and she was astride me. I was nuzzling her firm, full breasts and she said, “Suck harder, you know I feel orgasmic when I am feeding.”  I wasn’t too keen on tasting but I wanted her to feel good, so I gradually squeezed more firmly on her nipples with my lips. I was inside her too and she was working her clitoris firmly on my pubes.

“That’s lovely. Keep sucking.” Her rhythm was building on me, then she tensed, and let out a guttural roar. We both orgasmed. She gave me a delicious squirt of her warm milk at the same time and I gave her a big squirt of my hot cream. Our baby heard us and joined in making noises too. It was a family sharing moment.

As we were recovering she said, “Well, that’s one of my boys satisfied!” I replied, “And it was lovely. ‘Tis sure you are a handy maid.”

“A free fuck with refreshments, just for you. Anytime, Milord,” she said.

“And grateful I am too. Now hasten wench, and apply yon generous titties to our needy sprog.”

As she got out of bed she got a well-aimed slap on a buttock as befits the milk-maid from her lord and master. She got her revenge later.  But it is so nice being married to her and going to bed with her every night.

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11 replies
  1. NewBride says:

    This is my fantasy! I am at my horniest when I imagine I am “feeding” my husband when he is sucking my titties. LOVED this story. You made my pussy wet and I can’t even take care of it right now!

  2. Trieste2 says:

    I love feeding our baby and also having my husband licking up the milk leaking from my other side. Having both my titties stimulated at the same time makes me feel orgasmic sensations in my vagina and I enjoy feeling his shaft up inside me. (We are all naked and I am sitting in bed with my knees up and his legs under mine.)
    He finds it very sexy and always fills me with his cream. Sometimes I cum too and then I am so exhausted that he puts our baby to bed while I just lie down and relax. If I am still awake when he gets back in bed, and I can't be bothered going to to the bathroom, he will clean up his stuff that is oozing out of my vulva. He carefully lifts my legs and uses soft tissues to gently wipe my labia. He knows that I don't like the wet feeling. (And I can see that he enjoys doing it because it makes his penis get stiff again).

  3. HV450 says:

    Thanks everyone for kind your comments; it seems others find feeding sexy too. We also found pregnancy more fascinating and sexy than we expected. And impregnating my darling wife was super exciting for both of us too.
    'Trieste' I enjoy playing around with her ‘creampied’ labia too and sometimes she likes me to lick her clitoris while she decides whether to have another orgasm.

  4. HotMomBusyWife says:

    I love this ! I love the word play as well ! My husband and I are still breastfeeding and we are sometime reluctant to have sex because we don’t want milk to get every where but it’s so good to see that it’s okay and people think it’s normal to explore milk filled breasts while have sex .

    • AimToPleaseHer says:

      A year has gone by and I am sure that hubby has spent much time nursing on your sweet milk filled breasts. It brings back fond memories of when my dear wife was breastfeeding our children and me. She always says that weaning three children was easy, but she has yet to wean her husband.

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