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Sex, Phones, and Whipped Cream

  Reunion. The longest we have been apart was for ten days when Annie went to the Netherlands to visit relatives a few months after we were married. But for some reason, when we were together again at home, we pretended that we weren’t desperate for each other. We  decided to just take a shower, […]

Virgin Honeymoon: Part 3 (L)

Tuesday morning. Annie and I were virgins on our wedding night and she was still too sore from her deflowering to be able to have intercourse. We had technically consummated our marriage, but that was all. And now our relationship had suddenly become a bit tense. Arriving back, hot and sweaty from our run, we […]

Virgin Honeymoon: Part 2

We were both virgins when we married and we had dreamed of spending our honeymoon making love. Doing ‘normal missionary intercourse’ whenever we felt like it. But our wedding night haste meant that now Annie was too sore to have sex. Back in our suite, we both took off our clothes. We had agreed long […]

Sexy Milk Maid

Have many fathers here tried breast milk? It’s okay. I am not sure why I wasn’t keen…. It was several months since our first baby was born. We were fortunate to have lots of support and my wife was getting back to being her normal happy self. Our baby was due to be fed. We […]