Sex, Phones, and Whipped Cream



The longest we have been apart was for ten days when Annie went to the Netherlands to visit relatives a few months after we were married. But for some reason, when we were together again at home, we pretended that we weren’t desperate for each other. We  decided to just take a shower, then have coffee and desert while we caught up on our news.

After showering, we dried each other and sat together naked on the bed, kissing and talking. We had our coffee and a meringue, custard and jelly dessert with lashings of freshly whipped sweetened cream. It looked so good, and we were so keen to try it, that neither of us finished our coffee.

We lay down and she spooned some onto my tum. Then, using my erection, she dipped my knob in the cream and licked it off. It was a bit stiff for the job, so she got on top of me, moving her bum up and down while squeezing her PC muscles and dangling her tits in my face. It felt wonderful and my orgasm was truly worth waiting a week for.

Now that I was a bit more relaxed she lay beside me again and put another couple of spoonfuls of cream on my tum, this time with some custard. My utensil was now much handier for dipping and licking because it was a little bit more flexible than before. But it wasn’t quite bendy enough to reach the spoonful of ‘cream’ further down my tum that had fallen out as she lifted off me. When she popped my knob in her month to suck the custard off, it felt so nice that I had another orgasmic spasm that added a little more cream to it for her.

I spooned my dessert onto her lovely little mons, but it kept sliding down so I was having to lick it off her clit and labia. I enjoyed the time I spent making sure that there was absolutely none of it left on her vulva. Then I put a spoonful on each of her nipples and sucked them too. Her clean skin seemed to make the dessert even more delicious, so I spread some more on her breasts and all the way down her tummy to her clit. Then her sister phoned.

How many things can a girl do at the same time?

She lay back down beside me, head to foot so that we could both continue to snack. Annie kept on dipping my knob into her dessert and licking it as she was telling her sister the news of her trip. And I could see that her orgasm was approaching, too. But she still kept pretending that nothing was happening. She definitely has talent and I was feeling quite proud of her.

I licked her as clean as I could and in the process I found licking her tum to be unexpectedly sexy. (Mental note to revisit territory between upper and lower hotspots.) Her clitoris and vagina now got my full attention and I was circling, stroking, and pressing on her nipples, all at the same time.

She was arching her hips up for me and I obliged by poking my tongue in. Her whole body was writhing with intense pleasure and she was finding it increasingly difficult to sound normal on the phone. But it was obvious that she was enjoying the challenge of prolonging the ecstasy.

When she couldn’t last any longer and her orgasm was about to explode she croaked, “Got to go, courier is at the front door. He is delivering something I need to sign for,” and dropped the phone. A deep, prolonged guttural sound came from her throat as her whole body spasmed in a massive orgasm.

When she recovered her first reaction was, “I can hardly believe I made that strange noise.”

“It was amazing. I loved it. But what’s with the courier, a bit lame don’t you think?”

She pointed out, “It was better than ‘I am about to come. Got to go.’”

I couldn’t argue with that.

We agreed that it had been an excellent dessert even though another shower was necessary before the main course. Back in bed we kissed and cuddled, so much in love that we felt as if we wanted to be inside each other. And then nothing happened, we just drifted off to sleep.

Waking in the morning, she snuggled up to me and we sleepily made love. These can be the most enjoyable times, when we forget about ourselves and are only thinking of the other person’s pleasure. And we purposefully don’t climax at the same time so that we can maximize and enjoy each other’s orgasm.

I had just cum when the doorbell rang. We had forgotten that her other sister, who was about to get married, was coming for coffee. Annie jumped up, pulled on a top and her tiny shorts, and let her sister in.

Everyone does it, so why pretend otherwise?

Annie was feeling really happy, looking lithe and leggy, sitting with her feet up on her chair while chatting and showing off her beautiful legs. I was very conscious of how cute she looked. I had just freshly filled her with cum and she was in a post-orgasmic euphoria, talking about her trip.

The girls went to the kitchen to make coffee and Annie told me the conversation later. (Remember, these sisters read each other like a book and Hollanders are very direct. They say things that people in other cultures just know are ‘better left unsaid’. If you are married to a Dutch girl, you just have to get used to it!)

Her sister commented, ‘When I arrived you had just been done, hadn’t you’?

‘Thoroughly. But how can you tell?’

‘Will puts a spring in your step. And he puts something else in, too. You are getting a wet patch.’

‘Oops, sorry. I will go and change.’

‘Don’t apologise. I am envious, I can hardly wait.’

I still don’t know how to respond at times like this.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t there for that part of the conversation!


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7 replies
  1. HV450 says:

    Thanks all.
    You know what it is like when you have been apart for a few days from the person you love. Words are not enough. There is the urgent need to exchange body fluids that starts with kisses at the airport. From then on it just gets sillier and sillier. You could eat each other; except you can’t. But the dessert is always nice.

  2. OneCouple says:

    Awesome story HV450, my wife and I know the feeling of being apart and reuniting very, very well ! We're always very horny, in fact, I just got home yesterday and we enjoyed each other immensely[…] Thank you for sharing, hope to read more from you and God bless you both !

    [Edited – but great story material! Please consider submitting it.]

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