Love of Masturbation

The best thing about living a healthy, loving marriage with your one true soulmate is exploring every avenue of intimacy.

My wife just loves to watch cum shoot from my throbbing cock, it truly turns her on. The many ways she makes me cum is so much fun. Last night was fantastic. Wearing only black thigh high stockings, I was instructed to lay back and enjoy.

Tonight you are going to get a silky foot job and I am going to watch you shoot cum all over my stocking feet. Well as soon as her sexy, pretty feet made contact with my semi-hard cock, my shaft grew immediately to its full length & thickness. Pre-cum also started to drip from my big swollen head. Now one stocking foot is rubbing my swelling balls and the other is sliding up & down my hard rod.

Come on honey, cum for me. I want to watch your hot load cover my pretty feet. That is all I have to hear. My cock starts to twitch and throb as the first rope of cum shoots on these incredible sexy feet.  Her toes were covered in my love juice.

The next surprise was having my wife lift her cum dripping feet to my face and telling me to lick them clean. I was so turned on.  Each toe was sucked clean. While my wife moaned and fingered her soaking wet pussy to orgasm.

That night was great but my favorite is when I am told to jerk my cock while my wife rubs my balls and slides a wet finger up my ass. This gets me the hardest and my wife instructs me to point my throbbing cock at my open mouth. She wants to watch my cum shoot out towards my waiting tongue. Hearing her tell me what to do & the anticipation of my release never makes me last long. Her finger starts to slide in & out of my ass rapidly as she pulls on my excited balls.

My hand is working overtime stroking my throbbing cock until I hear her say, cum for me, shoot your big load all over your face & chest. That does it, my cock pulses and begins to shoot my creamy juice right at my face. Catching some cum on my lips & the rest covering my chest. It is always a very intense orgasm. The night ends with my wife licking up my chest & giving me a very passionate messy cum kiss until we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have such a open marriage when it comes to the bedroom. These special nights just add to the nights we make crazy passionate love to each other. I guess what I am trying to say is a little kink in the bedroom can go a long way.

We are truly blessed.

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11 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    Wow Eroticcouple, I loved this passionate story, so intimate and erotic, awesome what your wife did with her finger and telling you what she likes and wants you to do, really HOT ! God bless you two !

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    It's so wonderful that you're so free to tell each other what you like, and want. It's so vital. My hubby & I also have our own things we like 😉 Good story, you two! Keep writing.

  3. Eroticcouple says:

    hornyGG – what else is there. 😉
    Thanks Mrs Harper as the years (28) of marriage have passed the love for each other has grown & all barriers & walls disappear – where we can truly be one in Love enjoying each other fully.

  4. texasman76 says:

    Eroticcouple, thank you for sharing this hot story. It got me as hard as a rock. I have eaten both our juices together and it's absolutely delicious and have also enjoyed my own. This has given me a great idea of having my wife instruct me to cum in my mouth. That just sounds so hot. I love how the couples here can share ways of keeping sex exciting and passionate in the marriage bed.

  5. Dean316 says:

    Wow that was a good read. Masturbation is a awesome. I don't get the idea that its a sin. I cherish it! Seriously, who dosen't like sexually pleasing themselves?

    God bless you and your wife. Always be horny and fucking.


  6. ArtRutherford says:

    I love to masturbate too, Eroticcouple. The sight of shooting cum is very exciting to me. May the Lord bless your marriage and keep your wife's feet very flexible!

  7. MajorMajor says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. "Wearing only black thigh high stocking…", yes, that's one of my favorites too; the sight of my wife's pussy revealed as she opens her legs just turns me on so much! Sometimes I kneel in front of her, she spreads her pussy lips, plays with herself and I shoot all over her pussy. God bless both of you and your marriage.

  8. possibility says:

    MajorMajor, I am the same. The sight of my wife's cunt surrounded by her mature luxurious growth of black pubic hair against her inner pinkness and wetness always gets my mature 65 year old cock standing and throbbing to full sexual attention. Imagine my generous thick white spunk all over her vulva after I have masturbated with her gently fondling tickling and generall playing with my very low hanging balls – ooh fuuuck!

  9. John Thompson says:

    I often masturbate with my wife, usually when I'm "in the mood" and she isn't. We sleep nude and masturbation in bed with her while running my hand over her naked legs, breasts, bottom and the hairy mound between her legs, and when she's stroking my inner thighs or my scrotum is exquisite. Before we married I masturbated most nights, and sometimes over porn. Having my naked wife with me, with my one hand on her and my other round my shaft straining hard over her, is much better than any porn.

  10. Old Lover says:

    Just caught up with this love of masturbation story as I’m reading MH tonight next to my sleeping Anne. Reading this . . . “cum for me, shoot your big load all over your face & chest. That does it, my cock pulses and begins to shoot my creamy juice right at my face.” . . . made my experienced cock hard as a rock. She loves to make me cum all over me and her. I’ll have to let her have her way with me tomorrow!

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