Heros of My Home

Ever wanted to be a superhero just come to my house. I came home from work last Friday evening to find my wife dressed up like wonder woman. Red, white and blue tights and gold bracelets and even a lasso of truth. She looked amazingly hot her large tits being pushed up showing her amazing cleavage. She gave me a hello kiss and took me to the restroom telling me to shower. As soon as I got out she lassoed me not even letting me dry off.

“This is the lasso of truth, for every true answer you give you get a reward. For every lie, well let’s just say you will regret it.” My wife Donna led me to the living room and sat me in a chair in the middle of the room. Wrapping the rope around the chair so I could not move.  “Are you ready dear?  Let,s see how you like to be interrogated.”

“What day did we get married on, not the date, the day?”  I had to think hard on this one it was ten years ago the only guess I had just happened to be right. “Saturday!” A big smile came over her face and she began to rub my balls massaging and squeezing them so gentile. I could see her thinking of the next question I just wonder how difficult she was going to make it.

“What is my favorite color?” This one was easy I had this in the bag. “BLUE! like your eyes.” Donna did not even say a word she just began running her hand up and down my now hard shaft. I was enjoying this so much. The attention I was receiving from my lovely wife always gets my fire burning.

“On a scale one to ten, how do like the taste of my pussy?” A very big smile came over my face as I gave her the answer of “Ten.” She bent over and ran her tongue around my swollen head taste the drips of pre-cum. She was driving me absolutely crazy I was so turned on and she knew it.

“This is your last question.  Let’s see if you get a reward or a punishment. What is my favorite position?”  There was no doubt in my mind.” Doggy style, Woof woof.” She bent very low and began to suck my balls and kiss them then she spit on the head of my swollen cock and thrusted it straight down her throat.  She was bobbing her head up and down. After a few minutes, she stood up and gave me a very nice striptease.

She turned around and sat on my shaft taking the whole thing at one time. She was so wet and hot rocking back and forth and moving up and down she was driving me crazy. Within minutes she was moaning very loud and having her first orgasm I felt her juices flowing down my leg. She returned to her knees and finished what she started letting me fill her mouth with my cum. Donna gave me a very nice kiss untied me and we went to the bedroom to start all over.

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  1. Dean316 says:

    Man i'm not married (yet) but i could take that! I'd be saying to myself "I have to answer questions to get a blowjob?" Anyways good story. Always be horny and fucking.

    God bless you and your wife,


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