She said it just before I left for work

“If you pull your cock out of your pants I will suck it.”

As I was going out the door for work I turned back and asked my wife, what did she say? She looked at me with a naughty smile, “I said, if you pull your cock out of your pants I will suck it for you.”

I dropped my briefcase and sat down on the sofa undoing my pants in a hurry. She came over and knelt in front of me on her knees she looked up at me and took my huge throbbing cock in her mouth. She slid her mouth down and up and down and up drooling on the top of my head.

I once told her even the worst BJ is awesome if you just drool on it, you could do nothing else right but if you made it soaking wet then you have made it incredible. She always remembered that and this was no exception. Not only was my whole cock wet but the front of my pants and the sofa cushion were getting soaked by her amazing mouth.

She just would not stop even for a minute I wanted so much to hold out so I could make love to her next, but she just wouldn’t let up. I warned her “I’m going to cum!” She groaned and said, “Good honey let it go…” So I did right in her mouth. I kept cumming and it didn’t seem to end soon. She thought I was done and closed her mouth and looked up at me and smiled and then I had some left and it came out all over her face. She opened up again quickly to catch the final release.

She looked at me and smiled and said “Can I have my turn?” I said sure and she pulled down her thong and held her legs high and I moved down to eat her pussy. I soaked it with my tongue and mouth and she soaked my face with her pussy.

I got to work late…I can’t wait till tomorrow morning.

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