Surprise After Work

I never knew how much of a romantic my husband was until I came home from work one day. Lately, Eric had seemed preoccupied with something. His attention just wasn’t on us and I’d begun to think that maybe something was seriously wrong. Well, I couldn’t have been more off base. As I came home Friday night, I didn’t see Eric’s car in the driveway. I figured he must be working late again. I didn’t think we had any plans that night.

As I unlocked the door, I walked into candlelight and rose petals on the floor. I closed the door and set my briefcase down. I followed the rose petals into the living room. Setting on the coffee table was a beautiful arrangement of roses and a glass of white wine. A note card on the table said “Drink me.” I smiled and took a slow sip of wine. My favorite.

I followed the trail of rose petals down the hall to the spare room. On the bed was a long silk robe and a note that said “Wear me.” I slowly stripped out of my work clothes. Taking everything off, I slipped naked into the silk robe. It was soft and cool against my skin. I tied the sash and headed back out to follow the trail of rose petals. This time, they lead me upstairs to our bedroom.

The rose petal trail, led straight to Eric. The room was lit only with candlelight. Roses filled the room and a bottle of wine was next to the bed. The CD player played classical music softly. Eric was standing across the room. He was wearing black suit pants and nothing else. I love Eric’s chest. He works out daily and his chest is gorgeous.

I crossed the room and started to say something. Eric put his fingers to my lips and told me softly not to say a word. This was for me. Eric slowly walked around behind me. His hands went up to my shoulders and he gently rubbed them. My muscles cried out a huge thank you as his fingers firmly rubbed my tension away. Eric leaned in and I felt his lips gently kiss my bare neck. As his lips kissed a trail across my neck, he reached up and unpinned my hair, letting it fall down around his face. Eric loves my hair and his hands gently rubbed it, bringing it to his lips to kiss.

Eric circled around to face me and gently kissed my forehead, then my nose. He kissed each cheek and then my chin. His lips were gentle and firm as they kissed my lips. His hands stroked my arms as his kiss deepened. I felt like I would melt. Next, Eric took my hand and led me slowly to the bed.

Laying me down he lay down next to me. Leaning on one arm, he looked down at me, smiling. His fingers caressed my lips and I kissed them. His fingers skimmed their way down my chin and down my neck. Gently, he stroked my neck and then moved down further. His fingers moved across my robe and slowly circled my nipples through the silk robe. My nipples hardened and poked up through the material.

I watched Eric’s face as he played with my nipples through the silk robe. His fingers skimmed over my nub and then circled it, pushing and pulling the material down around it. Eric leaned over and I moaned as his mouth closed around my nipple, pulling the material with it. He sucked my nipple through the robe, his tongue flicking across my nub. I moaned and arched up off the bed.

Eric smiled and blew gently across the wet spot on the robe. My nipple twitched and got harder. Eric leaned down and kissed my lips again, his tongue gently pushing against my lips. I moaned into his mouth as his tongue pushed into mine. As he kissed me, his hand pulled slowly on the sash, untying it. He lifted his lips from mine and looked down as he pushed the robe open. His eyes scanned my naked body and I felt suddenly very erotic.

Taking a rose petal off the bed, Eric gently trailed it across my lips and then over my neck. I watched and moaned as the rose petal glided across my breasts, circle each nipple. Eric pulled the petal down over my stomach and then down through my soft curls. I closed my eyes and moaned as Eric made small circles in my curls with the petal. The petal was soon replaced with his fingers.

Opening my legs wider, I closed my eyes again and enjoyed the sensations going through my body. The soft music, the aroma from the candles, the touch of Eric on my body. It was incredible. Eric’s fingers moved down and slipped across my nether lips, stroking me gently. His fingers teased me, touching me but not enough to really touch me, only enough to arouse me more.

Eric leaned down and kissed my lips. He moved down the bed and kissed my nipples and then my stomach. His body slid down mine and I felt his kisses on my thighs. Gently, Eric opened my legs wider and I felt his lips kiss mine. Slowly, oh so slowly, Eric stroked my pussy with his tongue. His lips moved gently up my pussy, the tip of his tongue slipped just a little inside me. I moaned and arched. He was driving me crazy.

Using his fingers, Eric opened my pussy and slipped his tongue inside. With slow darts of his tongue, Eric drove me to the edge. Just as I was about to cum, he stopped. Eric’s mouth kissed my thighs and then my knees. His hands caressed my skin as he kissed my body. He sat up, taking a glass and sipping the wine. I watched is lips against the glass, thinking of them on me. He smiled and licked his lips. Taking another sip, he set the glass down. Eric returned to his position between my legs and I moaned and arched as I felt him pour the warm wine into my pussy with his mouth. He sucked it, drinking the wine and my orgasm with it. His mouth covered my pussy and I felt like I was turning inside out. I grabbed the bed and pulled on the sheets, my body shook.

Finally, I collapsed back against the bed and smiled. Eric stood, still dressed in his pants. He took my hand and helped me to stand on my weak legs. He lead me to the bathroom and turned the water on in the tub. As the tub filled, he turned on the jets and the water rushed and swirled in the tub. Stepping behind me, Eric kissed my neck and slowly pushed the silk robe to the floor. His kissed trailed down my back and to the top of my ass. His hands massaged my body, rubbing my back and then my waist. Turning the water off, he helped me into the warm tub.

Water rushed around me, the jets pushing the water in every direction. Eric took a rag and gently rubbed it over my body. I closed my eyes and let the bath soothe me. Eric ran the rag over my shoulders, over my stomach and spent a lot of time on my breasts. Dripping water on them, he leaned over the tub and took one bare nipple in his mouth and sucked. It felt amazing. I watched as he ran the towel down my body and between my legs. Gently rubbing, he pushed the towel against my pussy and stroked me in the water with it. I was still so sensitive.

Eric told me to kneel in the water and face him. I did without hesitation. He reached down and moved one of the jets, guiding it directly against my pussy. The water gushed up against me and I moaned. Eric’s fingers slipped down between my legs and his fingers mingled with the water, pushing against my pussy. I moaned and leaned my head back. Between the warm water from the jet and his fingers, I was near another orgasm. Eric opened my pussy and let the jet assault my pussy. I moaned and felt my body quiver again.

Eric helped me out of the tub and dried my body off, massaging and caressing me with the towel. I had cum twice and Eric was still dressed. He guided me back out to the bed and I laid back. Eric gave me a glass of wine. I sipped and then handed it back to him. Eric slowly rubbed my body again. His hands massaged my breasts and my stomach. His fingers slipped between my legs. It didn’t take that long before a third orgasm was tearing through me.
I watched as Eric stood and slowly unzipped his pants. As his pants fell to the floor, his cock sprang up, hard and erect. Eric climbed back on the bed and settled himself between my legs. He leaned down and kissed my lips and then rolled his tongue around each of my nipples. As he kissed my lips again, I moaned into his mouth as I felt the tip of his cock push against my pussy lips. I opened my legs wider and let him slip his hard cock into my tight hole.

Eric moaned and held still. I knew he was trying not to cum but I wanted him so badly. I started to move my hips, pushing against him, rolling under him. Eric grabbed my hips and slowly pumped his cock in and out of my tight pussy. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him further into me. Eric was moaning, pumping his cock, thrusting deep inside me. He grunted and I felt his cock erupt inside me. Eric kept pumping, pushing his cock. I felt his cock stay hard inside me.

Rolling to the side of me, Eric moved me onto my side, lifting my leg up. His cock never left me as he fucked me on our sides from behind me. He thrust his cock harder and faster into my pussy, his other hand stroking my breast. I moaned and felt my fourth orgasm of the night rip through my body. Eric kept slamming his cock inside me. I moaned and closed my eyes. This was incredible. Every nerve in my body was alive and wanting to feel him.

Eric finally rolled me over onto all fours and fucked me from behind. I grabbed hold of the headboard on the bed and moaned as he rammed his cock into me, fucking me hard and fast. Eric reached around and stroked my pussy as his cock fucked me. We moaned and our bodies shook as our orgasm took over. Eric pumped into me a couple more times and then pulled out, collapsing next to me on the bed.

We lay there for a while, stroking each other’s hot bodies. Eric got up, blew out the candles, and we slept. We when woke up, it was one in the morning, and naked, we made a snack together. Then we showered and went back to sleep. Eric likes to surprise me, but this romantic surprise the best of them all. I can’t wait to see what he has planned next for me.

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