Husband Wild With Desire

Husband Wild With Desire -Sensitive Spots

Husband Wild With Desire – Through much reading and exploring I have discovered the really sensitive spots that drive my husband wild with desire.

The first is of course kissing. The more deeply and passionately I kiss him the hotter he gets. I love to swirl my tongue inside his mouth and then gently suck on his tongue as If I am sucking his rod. This gets him moaning and begging for more.

Next I move down to his nipples which are usually sticking out at this point. I lick all around the outside of his nipples lightly flicking the sensitive bud. I alternate nipples and use my nails to lightly scrape over one nipple as I’m licking the other. Now he is moaning and groaning and his rod is soo hard. My husband is wild with desire now. I love it!

I then lick down and around his navel now inches from his beautiful rod. I then pull up and move down between his legs which are bent as he lays back on the bed. I rub the inside of his thighs and gently lift his sac and massage that area between the sac and his bottom massaging and stimulating those nerve endings as he moans with pleasure. I trace the line on his sac from bottom to top scratching and rubbing with one hand while the other continues underneath his sac. Now he can hardly stand it as I inch my face forward towards his manhood.

I flick my tongue out at the bottom of his rod and lick upwards towards the head. Over and over I lick it until finally stopping at the frenulum where the shaft meets the head. I lick it and flick my tongue on this little spot while he writhes around telling me how good it feels. Finally I include the head of his rod in my licking and pull it upwards from his stomach so I can suck the head into my mouth completely. I suck and swirl my tongue on the head of his rod as he begs me not to stop. When I feel him starting to tense up I speed up the pace as he tells me it’s on the way. I suck feverishly on the head and start pumping the shaft with one hand. Just as I feel the first contraction I stop sucking and pump him faster with my hand and watch as he explodes all over my breasts and stomach.

Afterwards as I clean him and me up and he is so appreciative of my efforts and is so relaxed. I love to do this for him almost as much as he enjoys receiving it.

Maybe others can enjoy this as much as we do. Trying this to make your husband wild with desire for you!

Husband Wild With Desire

By: Andre Girard


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  1. Anonymous says:

    My wife knows just how to stimulate my hot spots when we make love, and I do my best to do the same for her. Our usual pattern involves beginning with kissing, but I soon move my kisses from her lips to her cheeks to the tip of her nose to her eyelids to her earlobes. Her earlobes are quite sensitive, so kissing and licking them really fires her desires. Then I go down her neck (another sensitive area) to her large, soft breasts. I move to her nipples, which by this time are quite hard and erect. As I suck on first one nipple, then the other, I slide two fingers into her warm, slippery vagina. I find her hard clitoris and begin to massage it, sliding it back and forth between my fingers. She has told me that the combination of my sucking her nipples and fingering her clit sends a shock wave between those three hot spots that feels like being on fire to her. To prolong the ecstacy, I occasionally return my lips to hers, and the passion of our kiss inflames her in a different way. Eventually, the pleasure becomes too great, and as I sense that her orgasm is near, I bring my mouth to her right breast again (it’s more sensitive than her left one) and increase the speed of my fingers strumming her clit. She comes. Loudly, with a great deal of wild thrashing about. My fingers and lips keep working, making it last as long as I can. She deserves it!
    My beloved’s hands have not been idle during all this. Of course I have a huge erection all throughout this (in fact, I’m quite hard after just watching her undress). As I give her pleasure, she strokes my throbbing shaft and rakes my balls with her fingernails. (I have found that when she stimulates my testicles this way, it seems to “wake them up” and make them produce more sperm. The result is usually a stronger and longer-lasting orgasm for me.). She then places one fingertip on my frenulum and moves it in little circles. The effect is amazing — after a few seconds of this, my large, stiff penis grows even more, becoming a gigantic, diamond-hard cock for her to enjoy. Her fingers then move to the tip, and she smears my pre-come all over my engorged glans.
    So this is the state I am in as her orgasm subsides. As her moans become sighs, she rolls onto her back and pulls me on top of her. She has told me that at that moment, she NEEDS me inside her just as desperately as I want to be there. I slowly penetrate her tight, slippery warmth. When I am in as deep as I can go, she kisses me and wraps her arms and legs around me. I begin to thrust — slowly at first, then harder and faster. She knows when my orgasm is near — she can feel my cock growing even larger and harder inside her! I soon come. It lasts so long, feels so good. As I erupt, I raise my head and scream. She takes advantage of that positioning to kiss my neck and say “I love you” over and over until I am totally spent. We then lie together, kissing and caressing each other, very thankful for our “hot spots”.
    As I have been writing this, I’ve become quite aroused. My wife has just gotten out of the shower, and she’s approaching the bed, wearing only a robe and a smile. And now just the smile. Yes, Honey, right there…..mmmm, that feels soooo good. Umm, Marriage Heat? Catch you later…..

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