Baby Fever

“How was your day”? I asked as my husband went to dry his hands after coming through the door.

Before my husband answered, he picked up our son from the bassinet.

“Good,” he answered back. “I wish all days were the same. Some days are harder than others.”

I looked over at my husband with our son. I love seeing my husband ease into the daddy role. He was meant to be a husband and a father. I wondered how long it would take me to get pregnant again. Our first pregnancy was a huge shock and surprise but all part of God’s plan. Now it was months after I’ve given birth. I look at my son and see two people who created life. I look over at my husband and I’m thankful he and God gave me the gift of being a mother.

But every time I look at my son or think about my pregnancy, I wanted that pregnancy feeling again. I don’t know why. I guess it was hormones or my body playing tricks on me.  How could I think about having anther baby so soon after birth? My doctor gave me the OK to have sex again. We tried a few times but being new parents is tiring. Now it’s like a switch flicked on or something. I was afraid to ask my husband if we should ditch being careful and just let go. Just have sex and hopefully end up pregnant again. He might think I’m crazy.

After a few moments of playing with our son, my husband told me he’ll feed and change him. I should go and relax because I probably had a long day.

No way. I answered back. You had a long day.

No. You had a long day. My husband said. Just go and relax.

No. I still have to cook dinner and pump. I said

You can pump while you relax and I can cook dinner, My husband said.

Of course, I couldn’t win this “argument”. So I did as I was told. Relax, pump, and let my husband care for our son.

I went over to the couch, put my legs up and turned on the TV.

I look over my shoulder and saw my husband with our son over his shoulder burping him. After our son burped, he went to sleep on his shoulder. My husband  put our son back in his bassinet so he could go and cook dinner.

Watching our son sleep made me ache for another little one. I love pregnancy. I went to the kitchen to help my husband cook dinner. He told me to sit back down on the couch and relax. I told him I wanted to help as I wrapped my arms around him. As we’re cooking dinner I asked him what he thought about another baby.

I think it’s up to God, not us.  My husband said. We can try or not try but God decides. Our son wasn’t planned by us but by God.

Of course hearing this made my homormes go out of wack. I felt a slight desire between my legs. Why? I’m not sure. I tried to control it but my knees felt weak.

Maybe we should try and not try. I said. Just leave it open for pregnancy. Let God plan it.

Of course my husband agreed. At this point, I felt damp between my legs. I tried to suppress this. I mean we’re in the kitchen cooking for goodness sakes. Our son is sleeping in another room.   I wanted him inside me. I wanted him to ejaculate in me. I wanted him to make me feel good. I wanted his babies. I didn’t know how to start sex before. Usually my husband starts or off. This time I started it off.

As my husband was finishing dinner, I tried to pull him away to go to the bed.

What are you doing? My husband asked.

Trying to make another baby with you.

What? My husband asked

Yes! I answered. I want you inside me. I want you to ejaculate in me. Right now!

Of course, my husband was shocked. He didn’t know what to say. He looked at me shocked.

After dinner, my husband said.

I can’t wait that long! I said.

I pointed to my lady parts.

I’m damp. I feel thumping right now. I said. It can’t wait.

I took my husband’s hand and put it down my pants.

See. Look how ready I am, I said.

So right here? My husband asked.

I took my hand to stroke him between his pants.

It didn’t take long for him to realize I didn’t care if we did it right here. My husband turned off the stove and put the food to the side.

This is new and risky for us my husband said.

My husband wanted to go slow. He started kissing me and made it down to my neck.

No! I said. I want you inside me now. I’m aching down there.

He unzipped his pants and pulled down his briefs. His penis was rock hard. It was ready for me. I took off my bottoms and put a finger inside me. I told my husband to lick the juices off.

My husband picked me up and put me on the counter. His pants at his ankles. He took off my shirt. His kisses traveled across my face, neck, and chest. My lady parts were screaming for him. It wanted him. I didn’t want kisses. I wanted his penis.

Hurry up and enter me! I whispered.

Of course, my husband didn’t listen.

I can’t just enter you. My husband said.

He was teasing me. This wasn’t the time to stall. I took my hand and tried to grab his penis. He pulled away and said wait. It was extremely frustrating to wait. He could see how much wanted him inside me. He continued to kiss me. Then pulled out my nipple and nibbled. I felt a puddle  forming on the counter. This was the wettest I’ve ever been. I was so desperate for his penis. He could tell I was.

The baby might wake up so we’ll have to hurry, I gasp.

Well, making a baby is nice and slow. My husband said.

Ugh! Please enter me. Please I begged.

I don’t know why but for some reason my husband liked this. He liked seeing me beg for him. He liked seeing me so wet that I was desperate for him. He stuck two fingers in me.

Mmmm….  My husband said as he licked my juices off.

He continued to explore my body making me wetter. I could feel my vagina screaming at me.

Please ejaculate in me I begged. I want your babies.

Do you really want them? My husband asked.

Yes. I said.

Just then, my husband pushed me back on the counter.  He took his penis and rubbed it all over my body.

Where should I come? He asked.

I pointed to my lady parts.

I want all of it in there, I said.

He continued to tease me.

Please. Please. Please. I begged. Put it in.

After a few minutes of my husband rubbing himself all over me he told me to get up. He stood me over the counter and went behind me.

How bad do you want this? he asked.

Really bad. I said. I want it bad.

Just then I felt my vaginal walls expand. My vagina was holding on to my husband’s penis for dear life. I felt a rush of relief and pleasure.

Oh. I moaned slighly.

How does it feel? My husband asked.

It feels good. I said. I want your babies.

Oh. Oh. Oh. I moaned softly as my husband’s penis came in and out of me.

My husband went faster in and out of me. I was trying my best to hold on to the counter and not make much noise.

That feels good. I moaned. Keep going.

I felt my breasts moving up and down as my husband moved in and out of me. My vagina was filled.

Turn around my husband said as he pulled out of me. He placed me on the end of counter on my back. He held both my legs over his shoulders. He felt for my vaginal hole. I felt my walls accommodate him.

Yes. I moaned.

My husband went faster in me. I felt jolts of pleasure.

Keep going I whispered. Don’t stop.

My husband leaned forward and kissed my neck. I wrapped my legs around him. I wanted him to stay right there. I needed him to pleasure me and ejaculate in me. I wanted him to be close to me. I wanted to look into his eyes as he finished inside me.

Oh my gosh my husband moaned. You feel so good.

My husband buried his face in my neck. A few minutes later he told me he was about to ejaculate.

Baby I’m about to let go he whispered in my ear.

Look at me I said. I want you to let go inside me and look at me. I want to see your face when you ejaculate.

My husband’s eyes met mine. After a few more pumps inside me he was ready.

Baby, I can’t hold on anymore. My husband grunted.

Let go. I said as I looked at him. I want you to let go in me. I want your babies.

OMG. My husband gasped. It’s coming…… I…..

My husband’s eyes rolled back as he pushed further in me. I held onto him tightly.

Ooooooo. Oooooo. OMG. I heard my husband moan.

Yes. I moaned. I want all of it.

I just came inside you my husband gasped.

I know. It felt good. I love it when you do, I said.

Did it feel good? I asked as my husband withdrew from me.

It felt amazing. I just got you pregnant my husband said. You’re probably pregnant now!

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6 replies
  1. Old Lover says:

    HoneyNugget, a beautiful, sensuous bit of writing! It brought back memories, particularly the crystal clear time I impregnated my Anne with our third God-given child. Even in our fifth decade of marriage, she loves to feel my hard cock in her loving pussy and thrills at the moment of feeling my hot seed filling her warm pussy. Although fatherhood is not possible, your story made me horny to fill my Anne with my love.

  2. Adam Rose says:

    "Proverbs 3:15 She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her."

    All men want a wife such as you.
    Bravo, well done with the story. Your husband is a lucky man.

  3. AimToPleaseHer says:

    What a beautiful and exciting story. Reminds me of the joy of babymaking with my wife. That was many years ago, but sometimes in the heat of passion I will still tell her that I am trying to impregnate her.

    You brought back some great memories. Thanks again for sharing.

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