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My wife does not orgasm

It’s really hard to give my wife an orgasm. I feel like a failure as a husband. I try to get her off before me but she never gets there. She’s still trying to get comfortable with her body. When we do have sex I always ask her did she come and she says no. […]

Baby Fever

“How was your day”? I asked as my husband went to dry his hands after coming through the door. Before my husband answered, he picked up our son from the bassinet. “Good,” he answered back. “I wish all days were the same. Some days are harder than others.” I looked over at my husband with our son. […]

A Rush of Hormones

For some reason every time I think about how I got pregnant I get very wet. Just the thought of conceiving on my wedding night as a virginal newlywed bride turns me on. The first time Nate released himself into me the start of new life was being created in my womb. I’m getting excited […]

Body Parts

God created my body parts and my husband’s body parts perfectly. They go well together. Just thinking back when we first came together as one, I couldn’t imagine something as big as my husbands penis fitting inside me. Just seeing it for the first time scared me. I was thinking how small I was and […]

Wedding Night Virgins – Breaking The Hymen

Wedding Night Virgins After three years of courtship and 15 months of being engaged, our relationship was legal in God’s eyes. Krissi and I were finally husband and wife. After the pastor had said those magic, you may kiss your bride words, Krissi and I shared our very first ever kiss! Our wedding day couldn’t […]