At The Bottom Of The Mountain

My wife and I had been married for about two years.  Our sex life has always been wonderful, but there is a time that stands out in both our memories.

We had taken a weekend to visit a young man who had gotten into trouble and was in prison. We had rented a room at a motel in the nearby town, which nestled at the bottom of a beautiful mountain range.  Even though it was early summer, a cap of snow remained on the peak above.  It was visible from our room window.  The air was fresh and clean, and the sunshine as it reflected off the mountainside was amazing.

We had gone to see the young man and had a great visit with him, encouraging him and praying for him.  It was mid-afternoon when we got back to the motel.  Since the most comfortable furniture in the room was the bed, we sat down on it together and talked over the visit.  We then prayed for him again, holding hands as we always do.

At the end of the prayer, we looked into each other’s eyes and recognized that special spark.  I took my wife’s face in my hands and tenderly kissed her.  She returned the kiss, surprising me with her level of ferocity.  Our lips parted, and our tongues began their dance.  I have always loved French kissing her, as the erotic energy from it is intense!

We broke the kiss long enough to strip out of our clothes.  I unbuttoned her blouse, then reached around and unhooked her bra.  Her beautiful full breasts bounced free in front of my eyes, her nipples already hard and erect.  As she helped me get my shirt off, I bent over and took her left breast in my mouth.  I swirled my tongue around her nipple and then took as much as I could get into my mouth, sucking with abandon.  She threw her head back, moaning in pleasure, as I continued my tongue assault on her boob.

As much as I love my wife’s breasts, I wanted more.  I pushed her back onto the bed, then started licking and sucking my way down her belly.  As I reached the top of her jeans, I unbuttoned them, pulling them off her smooth ass in one motion. I could feel the hardness of my cock, straining against the fabric of my own jeans.  They had to come off now!

As I raised back up, I took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the woman God gave me to spend my life with.  She is not super-model gorgeous.  She doesn’t have a figure that would ever be on a magazine cover.  But I have always seen her as God does: His special creation and His daughter.  Neither of our bodies has ever been perfect.  And they never will be.  But God has made us one flesh and knit us together to love each other and to serve Him.  And there is nothing more beautiful than that!

My eyes ranged over the woman of my dreams laying seductively below me.  God, I love her so much!  She had spread her legs, and I was gazing down on the most beautiful pussy the Lord ever created!  Topped with a dark bush of hair, the overlapping folds of the lips made it look like the prettiest flower in the universe!  All I wanted in that moment was to taste the nectar that her flower would produce shortly!

I made quick work of getting out of my jeans and underwear.  I wanted nothing getting in the way of making love to the most beautiful creature on the planet!  After my jeans came off, I knelt in front of her spread legs, inhaling the heavenly scent of her womanhood.  To think God created that smell for me to enjoy!  It always drives me crazy with lust!

I used my hands to spread her pussy lips wide, revealing her glorious pink clit and the wet entrance of her vagina.  Without hesitation, my tongue got to work.  As I licked and sucked on her pussy, I made little humming sounds and moans to show her how much I was enjoying it.  The sounds and vibrations seemed to inflame her further.  She put her hands on the back of my head, encouraging me to continue my exploration of her pussy.  I could taste the juices flowing out of her.  This was what I was there for!  She moaned and bucked her hips in pleasure, and I knew she was getting close to cumming.

While I would have gladly taken her over the top, my throbbing cock wanted its own action.  It was hard and ready; there would be no need to touch it beforehand.  I raised up from my feasting and pulled myself up over my wife’s body.  Her eyes filled with lust and love, and I knew she was ready.

I placed my hands on her legs, lifting and spreading them in the air.  I positioned my rock hard cock at the entrance to her moist slit and pushed.  I wanted to go balls deep on the first thrust. But instead, I decided to take it slow and make it last.  As I pressed into her body, I felt the head of my cock being engulfed in her warmth and softness.

Slowly, I inched my cock forward. I reveled in the delicious sensations as it went deeper and deeper into her tunnel.  My wife is smaller than I am in stature, so her vagina has always been tight.  It feels wonderful to have her “glove” fit my “hand”!

As more and more of my cock disappeared into her, she would gasp and moan a little with each further intrusion.  Finally, I was buried inside her as far as I could go.  As I released her legs and leaned forward over her, her legs wrapped around my back and butt.  It was the first time she had ever done that, and I thought I was in heaven!  I began to thrust slowly.  Each time I did, the base of my shaft rubbed her clit, and she would groan in ecstasy.

Faster and faster I thrust, and as my pace intensified, so did her pulling me into her with her legs.  We were one body, moving together in an amazing dance of animal passion.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out long.  And at that moment, we both recognized that we were going to cum together for the first time ever!

I looked my beautiful bride in the eyes and said, “I love you so much.”

“I love you t…..awwwwwww!”  She couldn’t finish the sentence as huge orgasmic waves hit her.  Her body tensed up, and her back arched as she tried to get more of my body in contact with her swollen clit.  The sheets were getting wet from her juices, but neither of us cared!

As she scaled the mountain of her orgasm, I couldn’t hold out any longer.  My cock felt like it swelled to gargantuan size and I unleashed rope after rope of hot cum into her body!  It felt like my whole body and soul was shooting out of my cockhole!  In that moment, we were more one than we had ever been before.  I pumped ribbons of cum into her for what seemed like hours.  I never wanted that feeling to end!  At the same time, my gorgeous wife was clamping down on my butt with her legs, using her arms to enfold me and pull me deep into her pleasure.

Finally spent, we collapsed together, breathing heavily.

“That. Was. Intense.”  She could only get one word out at a time between breaths!

“Yes. It. Was.” My own words were coming out as punctuated as hers.

To this day more than 25 years later, that time stands out as one of our most memorable lovemaking episodes.  Next time, I may write about what we did on top of a mountain!

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5 replies
  1. ClimaXX says:

    Now this is GOLD………………….
    She is not super-model gorgeous. She doesn’t have a figure that would ever be on a magazine cover. But I have always seen her as God does: His special creation and His daughter. Neither of our bodies has ever been perfect. And they never will be. But God has made us one flesh and knit us together to love each other and to serve Him. And there is nothing more beautiful than that!

    I feel the same about my wife. Of all the things I have read on MH….. this takes Place #1

    • Marriagebedrocks says:

      Thanks, ClimaXX! And it's great that you feel the same way about your wife! I think one of the best things we can do as Christians is counter the world's view of sex and beauty with God's view!

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