The Corn Maze

Joy and I heard of a corn maze nearby and saw a deal for tickets, so we bought a pair and decided to head out on a recent Saturday. It was just after lunch and during a lot of college football games so we figured it wouldn’t be too crowded. To take advantage of things, I convinced her to wear her panty vibrator but promised to “be good” if it were too crowded. I turned it on the low audio setting for the car so that it would just periodically give her a teasing buzz when the music on the radio got loud enough. I loved seeing her squirm from time to time and hear a small yelp or soft moan here and there.

Finally, we arrived at the farm and found it pleasantly uncrowded. It was overcast and cool, so we had on light jackets and jeans. We checked in at the ticket desk, received wristbands to show our admission, and began walking around. I changed the setting on the vibrator to random low pulses since there was no music playing to set off the audio mode, nor were there enough people anywhere nearby to make enough sound to set it off. She squeezed my hand and gave me a sideways look as the first pulse hit her clit. I just grinned back.

We explored some farming exhibits they had on the farm as we made our way towards the sign at the end that said “Corn Maze This Way.” Since there was nobody nearby, I hit the button on my remote control again and upped the intensity of the vibrations. Joy jumped slightly as the first stronger pulse hit her clit. She responded by giggling and giving me a slight punch to my shoulder. I was fighting to keep from having a full boner but was turned on.

We made it out to the corn maze after a few more minutes. There was a worker there to give us an overview and explain that there was a short maze and a long maze. I asked which was busiest right now. The girl said neither was busy, but a family just went into the short side a few minutes ago. Other than that she didn’t think anyone was there because they didn’t get busy until later. I smiled and thanked her and said we’d try the long side.

We got a few feet into the maze, holding hands and chatting when I hit the button on my remote and upped the power to the strong one I know Joy likes. She squeezed my hand and yelped a little. “You’re bad,” she said, smiling.

“And you’re sexy as ever,” I replied, taking her in my arms and kissing her hard, pressing my cock against her waist, allowing myself to grow to full length and uprightness though I had to adjust my jeans slightly by hand to allow that to happen.

“Down boy,” she giggled, giving my cock a squeeze over my jeans and starting to walk away.

We continued further into the maze, nobody at all nearby. All we heard was the wind in the tall corn stalks and sometimes a snatch of voices far away. We were deep into the maze soon. I turned the vibrator to its final, max power setting. Joy stopped walking and moaned, crossed her legs and leaned forward slightly.

“Oh, I’m very wet,” she moaned. “If you don’t stop I’m gonna cum soon.” I just smiled and said, “That’s the idea.” She moaned again and smiled, one hand pressed against her crotch to hold the vibrator closer.

She looked around and listened. I said, “There’s nobody nearby.”

She looked at me, no longer smiling, but a look of sexual desire and I knew she was close, eyes wide and dilated. She moaned again, then again, faster together. Then her eyes closed and her midsection shuddered and her legs quivered and she grunted in rhythm, trying to remain quiet as she could as her pussy contracted in orgasmic bliss. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming…” she whispered, grunting with each contraction. A few moments later she begged me to turn the vibrator off. I turned it down to the lowest setting instead, but it was enough for her to recover for now.

I took her hand, and we continued for a few minutes deeper into the corn, still nobody nearby, and we found a dead end. I took her and kissed her hard. She broke our kiss and whispered in my ear, “That was a rush. My panties are soaked.” I whispered back, “It was hot! I’m ready to explode.” Then I leaned closer and said in a lower growl, “Suck my cock.”

She pulled back, slightly surprised, but smiled, looked around for a second, then squatted down in front of me, unzipped my jeans, reached in, and pulled my throbbing member free. The cool air and touch of her warm hand felt fantastic. She looked up and said, “Keep a good lookout. Promise?” I nodded, and she bent forward and her warm, wet lips wrapped around the head of my cock and I was in heaven. She used her other hand to stroke my shaft while her tongue bobbed and swirled. I hit the buttons on the vibrator to bring it back to full power. She moaned as the vibrations intensified on her clit once more.

The naughtiness and excitement were intense. Her mouth felt incredible. I heard a sound of a group of people laughing and getting closer but not nearby just yet. Still, it was enough to set me off. “Oh baby, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned softly. Joy sucked harder and stroked faster. I felt my shaft stiffen and explode, giant jets of cum shooting into her mouth. She moaned and then squealed a little and spasmed, and I realized she was cumming again, too. She never let her mouth off of my cock, sucking down every drop until I stopped twitching, then pulled off with a slurp, closed her eyes and swallowed, then smiled up at me as I quickly shoved my half-hard cock back into my jeans and turned off the vibrator.

She stood up and kissed me hard, the salty flavor of my cum still on her tongue.

“You’re a naughty, awesome girl,” I told her, taking her hand and walking back out of our dead end. She squeezed my hand and said, “What can I say, you’re a terrible influence.” We giggled and smiled, both glowing and delirious. As we made our way around the next curve, the group I had heard during her blowjob appeared and moved past us towards our dead end spot. After they had cleared, Joy and I looked at each other and laughed.

We had a fun time recounting our corn maze fun that night as we made love before bed.

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11 replies
  1. SouthernGent says:

    Please tell us the brand and model of this wonderful remote vibrator…also,, how does she get it positioned and keep it positioned on the correct spot? do the panties have a pocket or is there another way to get it to remain in place? Maybe you could get her to respond and let us know how it all works.

  2. HornyHubby says:

    Wow that was hot! I loved this! I too would like to know which vibrator you used on her. And how you get it to stay in place after walking around. And is it very loud? If you used it in a place where others were around, would they be able to hear it?

    • possibility says:

      What an erotic hot story! I also shot my cum soon after reading this. I now feel very satisfied! May god bless us in our sexual unions!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    You made the excitement of that so palpable to all who read this!! I could so identify being in that situation. The kiss at the end and tasting yourself – that was so amazingly hot!!!!! Thank you. LH

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