My wife Chrissy is a very attractive woman.   She dresses stylishly, works out, and has us both eating healthy.   I also love that she is good with my family and will be a great mom someday.   The one thing I wish she would overcome is that she hates her feet being touched, and rarely, well actually never painted her toes.  I am ok with this for the most part, but I always thought that feet can express a women’s femininity, especially if she has polish on toes when wearing open toe sandals.

I would make passing remarks in the past about these things to no avail. She would either say flat out no to a foot massage, or would say “someday” she would paint her toes for me.   I never really thought I had a strong fetish for this, I just think a little color on her toes would enhance her beauty, and well make her feet more interesting.

Things changed this past spring when she was in her sister’s wedding.   At her sister’s insistence all brides’ maids were to get their fingers and toes done for the wedding.  Chrissy got hers done in a barely there pink. I was very complimentary of this and hoped it would be a segue to a fire-engine red.

In mid May, we went out shopping.   Chrissy wanted to look for sports sandals and shoes to go with a new maxi dress she recently purchased for our vacation in the Outer Banks. In the shoe store, as she is trying on sports sandals, I “helped” by finding sandals I thought would be cute with her new dress. She came over to where I was and showed me a pair of multi-colored blue sport sandals she picked out. I in turn showed her a pair of barely there thong flats with jewels.  She commented how she’s seen that paired with maxi-dresses, but didn’t think she would get much use beyond that. I responded that she could wear them with shorts, capris, and, “If you painted your toes a bright fun shade…” She cut me off, “You would like that wouldn’t you.” She then gives a quick brush of my groin area with her hand, and sits down to try them on.   She said they fit well, and thought they looked good, but was unsure of the thong between her toes. I said, “You could get used to it.”   She put them back and said she “will think about it.”

As we were walking out of the store in the strip mall, we ran into Chrissy’s friend Margot and husband Mike.   As we made small talk, I noticed that Margot was wearing a the same thong sandals Chrissy tried on. I assumed Margot and Chrissy were talking about her shoes as Margot was pointing to them and took one off to show Chrissy.   I had to re-focus my attention on Mike so I would not be distracted. As we said our good-byes, Chrissy mentioned she wanted to go to Ulta.

As we walk into Ulta, Chrissy said, “Why don’t you pick out a couple of nail polishes for me.” I kind of smiled, and asked in a hopeful tone, “For your toes?”   She looked at me smiled and gave a quick, “mm, hmm.”  She added, “ I saw how cute Margot looked with her pedicure, so I thought I would do mine too.” As we proceeded to the nail care section, I found they had a sale to buy two and get one free. I pointed this out to Chrissy. She said, “Why don’t you pick out three colors then, I am going to the hair care section and be back in a minute.” I felt a little odd looking at nail polishes, yet fantasized how beautiful her feet will look afterwards. A store associate came over and asked if she could help. I said I was picking out some polishes for my wife. “Awww, that’s sweet,” she said.   I picked out a red crème, a vibrant fuschia, and was thinking of a third when Chrissy came back.   Chrissy picked out a deep sultry wine color. The sales associate also suggested a base coat and top coat.

Later that evening, she got her stuff to do her nails. I tried not to notice too much, yet couldn’t wait for the final result. I sat down in a chair near her.   She said, “You’re making me nervous, I will show you the final result when I’m done.”   I decided to head off to bed and do a little reading. After quite some time passed, she strolled in the bedroom. I looked down at her feet and noticed her toes were still plain.

Chrissy saw my look of disappointment and said, “I got sleepy, I put on the base coat and will finish up tomorrow.” I asked her what color she chose. She teased me by saying, “One of the colors you got me.” Being turned on, I took the lead for some quickie sex and we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to her sitting across from me on our bed with her beautiful bright pink toes staring me in my face. “You like them?” she asked. “Wow!” I exclaimed, “They look really sexy.”   “How about a good morning kiss?” she said, as she proceeds to go down on me. I soon climaxed into her mouth. She said, “I wish I would have done my toes sooner in our relationship if I knew it would turn you on so much.” We spent the next hour love making, until me testicles started to hurt from pumping her too hard.

Later that day as I was packing for our trip, she told me she was going to run out to go to the store. I thought she was going to the drug store, but when she came back, I saw a bag was from the shoe store. As I got nearly finished loading the car, Chrissy come out wearing her Maxi dress and the metallic jeweled thong sandals from the shoe store.   As were leaving the driveway, she puts her feet on the dashboard and asks, “You like my toes?”

Needless to say, we got no more than an hour out of town before I was looking for a place to stay for the night.

“How beautiful are your sandaled feet, O queenly maiden. Your rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of a skilled craftsman..” Song of Songs 7:1

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