Long Distance Video Chat Part 4

After the previous weeks encounter the boundaries seem to be set. The one thing that was

discussed during the week was that even though that was great it probably wasn’t sustainable for the next few months. I know for me getting that horny with little recourse would get frustrating. So now it was time to set a jog for a pace not always a sprint. We made it clear some each week was fine and a surprise from time to time would be welcome.

The weekend came and it was time to log in. I got to the café and my normal early morning time and found a secluded spot. Got set-up and was ready. For the past few weeks I had been treated to a new outfit or a new bra so I was looking forward to see what today would bring. It was time and there she was beautiful as ever. I didn’t get to see what was going to be my surprise just yet. She was sitting too close for me to get any type of idea. We went through our normal chat about the week and took care of any family chores. Then the conversation took a twist.

In the past few weeks during my bra and breast looking time I had noticed she was sneaking in more and more self-pleasure time. She tried to keep her moans low thinking I couldn’t hear her and I kept it that way. I didn’t want her to stop. When the time came she widened the view on the camera and I saw what she had on. We were past the talk then take off the top era and now she just came online wearing a bra or some type of sexy top. Always revealing and always exciting. Most of the time it didn’t stay on long. I would start to chat sexy with her and she would start to play with her breasts and nipples. A bra or top just got in her way.

She had on a very low cut red lacy bra. So low and so shear I’m not sure it was doing much except accenting her beautiful breasts.

Then something strange took place. She started the conversation with talk about vibrators. What! Her talking about vibrators. I guess she had been doing some reading. The next statement really took me back. She even had been talking to a friend about them.

I got to thinking was this my lucky day. I thought I’d better come up with a mighty powerful story to get her started on this. Then I was brought back down to earth. No, she hadn’t got one. Sigh.

Then she said no way. RATS! She saw that monster her friend had and was too scared. I asked, “You saw it?” “Oh yes, she showed me,” she said. Giggles followed. I told her well they were not all like that. There are simple ones for beginners. More giggles. Yes, everybody has to start somewhere. “True.” Did your friend show you any others? “No.” Did she talk about how she got started? “Yes, she said it was just like us.” “Her husband was gone a bunch. She started out just rubbing herself but soon wanted more. She said it even gets used more now that he is back than when he is gone. Oh? “In a good way,” she said.

Time to explore this idea even more. This had my attention even more than the beautiful sight on the screen.

So I asked more questions to get an idea if this was something she wanted to try. “Oh yes, but I’d never be able to go buy one.” I asked, but if you had one you would use it? “Yes,” she said with a sly grin. Did your friend give you any ideas on how to use it? “Not really.” Do you want some ideas? “Yes”

Time to spice things up. I like seeing her in that bra but now want to see her naked and playing with her breasts and nipples.

First thing start out slow. Think about one of my sexy stories. Dress in one of the bras and panties you wear when we cam-chat. Start reading it as you slowly explore your body. Start with your beautiful breasts. Give them the attention they need. Yes just like that. Rub them and knead them. Feel them through your shear bra. You are doing good now. I could hear her starting to moan. I love seeing her massage her breasts as I watch. I was fully hard now. There, keep that up and now start to feel your hard nipples. Rub them and squeeze them. Yes, just like that. Can you feel yourself getting wet now? “Oh yes,” she whispered. Keep it up until you want to touch yourself down there but don’t. First take your bra off. Let your breasts go free.

She took off her bra now and her hard nipples were so inviting. I so wanted to suck on them.

Yes, great. Now keep working on your breasts and nipples. Can you feel the excitement grow? “Yes, yes I can.” Can you imagine me sucking on your nipples? “OH YES!” she let out. Are your panties wet now? “YES” do you want to feel yourself down there now? “YES!” Then run your hands across your wet panties down on to your thighs and rub them. Work your way back up and feel your wet panties. Do you want them off now? “YES, OH YES!” Then take them off.

I could see her move around and take her panties off.

I could only imagine how wet she was. I was so erect and so wanted to be with her right now. I wanted to fill her up full and feel her wrapped around me as we become one. I know I was soaked myself. I slipped my hand under my pants and oh yes I sure was. Her moans were louder and it was driving me crazy.

Are you ready to be touched down there? “YES, PLEASE! TOUCH ME, “she was almost screaming at this point. Then go ahead. Slide your hand across your wet love triangle and start to rub yourself. Now take your finger and find your love button and work it like I would my tongue.

Her moans of pleasure were driving me crazy. I could see the rubbing motion. I love to listen and hear her pleasure. She had one hand working her breasts and the other working her love button. I could tell her climax was near. I just sat back now and enjoyed. Dreaming it was me making her crazy like this and not just watching. She soon climaxed and was back on earth with me.

So do you think that a vibrator would make that easier? “I think so.” “At least different, but I’m not able to buy one.” I thought to myself, who said anything about you buying one. I pretended to sound disappointed.

In this day and age of the internet and free shipping just leave it up to hubby I thought.

We did our normal sign off. I drank in one more look of her beautiful breasts and hard nipples. I captured the image in my mind to carry me through the week.

After we signed off I did a little internet shopping. I found a nice unintimidating beginner vibrator and had it shipped to the house. I had them include a nice note. Thanks to free express shipping I think next week is going to bring a new level to this video-chat.

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4 replies
  1. Michael Walken says:

    IF I can make a recomendation regarding bras – Lisa often wears a front close bra and matching panties. When I open that, and her breasts spill / tumble out into my open hands …. WOW !
    Men, treat your wives to purchase it! Women, buy it if your really want to turn on your guy….

    Just my two cents 🙂

  2. hornyGG says:

    C Hildy,

    Just want to say that I have really enjoyed this series. Awesome job! I am looking forward to the rest as well as more stories from you. God bless you and stay horny!

  3. C Hildy says:

    hornyGG,thanks. It has been fun reliving them. Working a new follow up series that goes with this one. Plus just finished recalling an e-mail story I sent way back when about a private island. So I have a few more weeks worth done already.

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