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Hot Shower Quickie

We have rather large walk in shower. My wife really likes the bench in the back to sit on when she shaves her legs and other areas. It was one of those days I really couldn’t wait for her to get done before I came in. I tapped on the glas and said, “Mind if […]

Sundae Sunday – Writers Challenge-Kitchen

We were in the kitchen getting ready for Sunday sundae when this adventure began. I’m not really sure how it got started but it did and it was a sundae to remember for both of us. My wife had gotten the ice cream out already and was getting the chocolate topping out when somehow she […]

Private Island Part 2

On the morning of our second day, I got up and let you sleep. You looked so peaceful lying there in the fresh, relaxing ocean air. I went for a shower. We had an outside one that was open to the wonderful view. It was like showering in the rain out in nature. I decided […]

For the next trip Part 4

Out of the blue the other night I was told it was a movie night. Things had been rather slow after the wild video making of the other day. That is rather normal the week or so before I leave on a long trip. Seems like everybody starts getting into the “being gone” mode. I […]

For the Next Trip Part 3

After we did the video with me being the star of the show I didn’t give it much thought after that. I figured that was that and she wouldn’t ever want to do any more. Then one afternoon while I was working in the den she came home carrying two bags. I asked what was […]

Private Island

I see by the poll that is being done here on MH that romantic interludes on the beach are a favorite. I have to agree. A few years back, I wrote a fantasy story to send to my wife while I was gone. One day she sent me an e-mail saying she wished she could […]

For the Next Trip Part 2

I got the accidental video secured and demonstrated the security. She was satisfied at how well it was secured. I reassured her that only I and my computer were able to unlock it. “What about me? What if I wanted to see it?” she asked. I said I didn’t think you would want to. “Not […]

Long Distance Video Chat Sex Part 7

No story would be complete without “and they lived happily ever after.” This isn’t all about video chat or long distance but it does wrap up this chapter nicely. As with all trips thank goodness they come to an end. Definitely with some changes. We kind of cooled it for the last weeks. The two […]

For the Next Trip Part 1

The one good thing about these long trips is you get plenty of time off between them at home. The kids are in school all day and we are at home alone during that time. It can be a distraction because there is still things that have to get done. I was being lazy and […]

Long Distance Video Chat Sex Part 6 (L)

It was just as I thought. A very long week. This week’s e-mail was more about business than anything else. I was a tad disappointed but understood since we didn’t do much household business last week. We just did business. I woke up all week with a massive erection. I figured my mind was full […]

Long Distance Video Chat Part 5 (L)

A quick warning if you have been following the series. This story will probably rate an (L). It is so hot that I just couldn’t do it any other way. I just do like my wife and quick skip over those words. I got an e-mail during the week that was just what I had […]

Long Distance Video Chat Part 4

After the previous weeks encounter the boundaries seem to be set. The one thing that was discussed during the week was that even though that was great it probably wasn’t sustainable for the next few months. I know for me getting that horny with little recourse would get frustrating. So now it was time to […]