Long Distance Video Chat Sex Part 6 (L)

It was just as I thought. A very long week. This week’s e-mail was more about business than

anything else. I was a tad disappointed but understood since we didn’t do much household business last week. We just did business.

I woke up all week with a massive erection. I figured my mind was full of sexy memories for sure.

The weekend finally got here. I was all set and more than ready to go. No need to play the camera game. She knew I was alone and able to do what I wanted. I too worked on a few camera angles during the week. The way to snap pictures. I was thinking this could become a valuable tool. I also found that dark screen feature. I was logged in and ready. The signal came and on we were.

She too didn’t do the camera close but what she had on puzzled me. Was this the whole outfit or just the top part? I didn’t think she had any meetings tonight.

As we started to chat I asked right off what was up. “You will see,” she replied. Relieved to now know it was all part of the tease I was ready to move on. She asked what I had on. I told her, just what I was born with and nothing else. I got a good laugh from that. I told her sorry not very inventive but the best I could do. “No apologies required,” was the answer.

“Are you hard yet,” she inquired. Not really was my answer. “Do you want to be?” If it is you that is making me that way. “Would you like a little dance? I have one planned for you. I think it will do the trick.”

Give it your best shot I replied.

The camera went dark. Then when it came back on I could see her there in full view. She had on her two piece suit. I loved the way the jacket and that skirt fit her form. The skirt went down to just above her knee. She had on her white silk blouse, black spiked heels and I assume black stocking from the other day.

Then the music started. She started to sway with the music. She turned around so I got a full view of her. Then she started to slowly unbutton her jacket. She knew how this was my favorite thing to do when she came home wearing this. After she got it unbuttoned she spun around and as she did she took it off and threw it on the bed. I always have loved that silk blouse. It makes her form so sexy. It shows off her breasts just the way I like it. With the jacket gone the skirt shows off her hips and legs. Those high heels made her legs even sexier. When she turned around she wiggled her ass for me. It was driving me crazy.

My goodness she still has clothes on and I’m so hard.

When she came back around to face the camera she started to unbutton her blouse. One slow painful button at a time. When it was all the way unbuttoned she pulled it out from under her skirt. It fell open. I now could see she had on her very low cut shear black bra. The one from way back when all of this started. The one that showed her beautiful breasts off to their highest quality.

She twirled around with her hands on either side. She would open it and close it as she moved. Then she faced the camera and leaned over to give me a very sensual view of her cleavage. Oh the valley of delight I thought.

This time when she had her back to me she opened the blouse and took it off. She threw it on the bed. She then looked over her shoulder at me and grinned. When she came back around her soft creamy skin was highlighted by the black bra. It made her breasts so inviting.

As the music continued she would reach up and push her breasts together and bend over as she looked into the camera. About the fourth time she stood up and reached down between her breasts and unhooked the bra. She made sure it didn’t come off yet and she moved so seductively. Then she let it fall to the floor.

If she was trying to get me hard she more than accomplished the task. I was so wet. I had my hand on my cock and balls. Just playing with them enough to feel the heat.

She turned away from the camera and took her hand and unzipped the skirt. She let it fall right to the floor. There she stood with just her heels, stockings and almost nothing panties. Then she sat down on the bed. Her legs hung over the edge. She laid back and threw open her legs to give me a full view. There was no doubt the dance had an effect on her also. Her panties were definitely soaked. Then she crossed her legs and uncrossed them. Then a show of flexibility I didn’t know she had. She sat up reached down and grabbed her ankles. Then she rocked back on the bed while she held them. She held them as she spread her stocking covered legs. Then she let go and stood up. Turned around and bent over and put her hands on the bed. Her ass pointing up and right at me again.

Then she reached up and tugged at her panties until they came falling to the floor. As she stepped out of them she asked, “Are you ready for this?”

READY? If you only could see how ready I replied. With that she stood up and came over to the computer. “Stand up and show me then.”

I stood up and she took in a long look at my hard cock. I was slowly stroking it for her. I was so wet she could hear the squishing sound of the wetness as I stroked it.

“OH I WANT THAT SO BAD!” she told me.

Where I asked.

She went back to the bed and laid down with her legs open. She pointed to her wet pussy. “RIGHT HERE! I want it right here deep inside me.”

Then she came back over to the computer. It went dark. When it came back on she was on the bed. She had changed the position of the camera from last week. The view was way closer than last week. There was no doubt what I was seeing!

“You like the view?” she asked. “I figured it was one you have seen before when you lick my pussy. I wanted you to see how wet I really was. Are you ready for me to use the vibrator?”

Yes, I told her. More than ready.

“Can you wait again until I’m done?” she asked. I can as long as you can do some more when I do. “Sure.”

With that I heard the buzzing sound of the vibrator. Then it came into view. She started to work the tip of it all up and down the outside of her pussy. Her moans grew. Up and down it went over her wetness. She was beyond wet. This was going to be a big one. “OH YES!! OH YES!!” she would moan. “I want to feel your tongue on me,” she moaned. Where I asked? Where? “Right here,” she said.

She took the tip of the vibrator and now ran it inside her wet pussy lips. Up and down she went. Pointing to where she wanted my tongue to go. She kept this up as she kept getting louder and louder. I could see her legs quiver with excitement. She couldn’t always hold them open. Her fingers were on her nipples first tugging one then the other. She would raise her hips with the rhythm of her strokes. I could see her pussy starting to make contractions. I had a wonderful view of it all.

Then I saw her other hand come down to her pussy. She took her fingers and spread her pussy open. She took back the vibrator for a second. “PUT YOUR TONGUE HERE!! RIGHT HERE!! LICK MY WET PUSSY!! LICK IT HARD!!”

Then she put the vibrator back on her pussy. It worked up to her swollen clit. All around her clit she worked the vibrator. Her moans were more like screams now. Her legs tense with pleasure. Then she let out a scream. I could see her contraction from her orgasm. Wave after wave it hit. She would let up some on the vibrator. Then put it back on. More screams. Her legs and body moved like it was out of control. She would let up and then do it again. Finally she closed her legs and started to coast down.

When she finally could she came up to the computer. “Pretty good view?” she asked. Front row right down front I said. “Are you ready?” she asked. Oh dear I was ready before you ever got your skirt off. I’m going to cum so hard for you I may hurt myself. “Do you think you can shoot further than last week?” She asked. I can try.

I told her I was going to set up the camera more over my shoulder this week. I think it will give you a better view when I cum. “Great, I’m ready to watch now.” “What do you want to see as you cum?” she asked. Can you put the camera down like you did the one time so I can see your pussy while you sit there? “Yes I practiced that this week. I thought you would want that. I might even be able to use the vibrator again. Would that be ok?” Oh yes.

Our screens both went dark as we repositioned our cameras. When hers came back on I had a great view of her pussy. I could see her inner thighs and she still had some minor contractions going on.

I had my camera positioned up over my right shoulder looking down at my hard erection. I gave her a personal point of view. I asked if that was a good angle. “YES”

I asked if she was ready for me to start stroking my cock. “Yes I am but I wish I had it in my mouth sucking on it instead,” she told me. I wish you did also was my answer.

I looked up at the screen and saw the vibrator going back down on her wet pussy. Her moans were immediate. The results on me were unbearable. Between her moans I heard “Stroke that hard cock for me. Stroke fast and hard. I want to see you cum!” Faster I went. Her eyes were fixed on my hard cock. Her moans had me on the edge. The sight of that vibrator on her wet pussy was too much. NOW I ASKED? “YES NOW, NOW!! CUM HARD FOR ME NOW!!”

I held off as long as I could. I let the explosion build deep inside me as I worked my wet cock. Her eyes were on every move I made. Then as I heard her scream one more time “CUM NOW!!” I let loose. I shot up past my shoulder right at the camera. Then wave after wave of cum spewed from my hard cock. She took in every shot. My balls were spent.

My chest and belly were covered. I reached for the towel to wipe off and she said, “No, not yet. Let me look at you some more first.” As I sat there letting my cock relax back to normal she took in the view. Finally I said I need to wipe up.

She move her camera back up so I could see her lovely face and naked breasts.

I asked how she liked the camera position. She told me it was a great view. She giggled when she said that she flinched when the first shot came flying at the camera. We both got a good laugh out of that.

Sadly I said next week we would be back at the café. On the upside just a week or two more weeks and I would be home. After today we may need to give certain parts a rest. She agreed but said we can do a little so I wouldn’t forget what she looked like. I assured her no way.

We signed off. The next time the real deal.

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