A Much Needed Moment

We had been invited on a week away with a few couples we’ve been friends with for quite some time. Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.54.16 PMWe accepted their invitation reluctantly because a week with just ourselves would’ve been nice but we’ve declined them all a few too many times.

We arrived at the cabin early. We split up after breakfast (men do manly things and us women do quite the opposite) and come together in the evening for a meal, drinks and laughter. After following this routine for a few days I began getting bored with it.

My suggestion of “why don’t we all hang out together instead of splitting up tomorrow?” was received with laughter and all the reasons why that is a terrible idea because it’s nice to get rid of the men. I just missed my husband, sure the girls days were nice but I just wanted to be with him. I didn’t tell him because he had been enjoying his days with the boys and I didn’t want to seem like I was complaining. After passing it off as a joke I got back into the mindset I needed to endure another one of these typical girls days that I was not in the mood for. I sent Az a text just so he knew he was on my mind.

Me: Missing your cute little grin, have a nice day sexy xx
Az: Ahh my sweet k, won’t be gone as long today. I’ll be back at 3, make sure you’re ready and don’t mention anything to the others. Love you gorgeous xo
Me: Ready for what mister? I want it to be 3 NOW!
Az: Patience my sweet k, I’m struggling also… I could’ve gone for a day of you and I in bed.
Me: Come back then!
Az: I will at 3. Love you baby xo

I sat there watching the clock, I love spending time with my friends but it gets a bit much after awhile, more so when all I can think about is my sexy husband wanting to spend the day with me in bed. I messaged him again;\.

Me: Your sweet k needs her husband, her pussy is aching…
Az: Cheeky, go to our room and pick out something sexy to wear later.
Me: I already did that, which is why my pussy is the way it is now, my mind may have wandered…
Az: Give me an hour, be ready xo

Longest hour ever! I had a shower to freshen up, put on my something sexy and waited for my man, I had a beer while listening to the girls still talking about nothing of importance. I still had no idea what was planned, I was so excited and horny. Az walked in, the others came back early with him. I followed him upstairs and talked to him while he had his shower. Apparently the others made plans for an afternoon barbecue and movies outside. I was thinking whatever plans my Az had were ruined by this. We walked downstairs and they were all beginning to get things ready. Az told them we would be skipping the evening and would be back later, I could see the disappointment on their faces, I felt slack but we needed our moment.

We left and not long after were at a hotel in a lovely room with an amazing view. He informed me he had no intentions of returning to the cabin until tomorrow. He even had a spare bag packed with the necessities. We went out for a few drinks and had dinner, it was torture really, I wanted my husband in that bed and he was flirting like crazy and telling me all he was thinking of earlier in the day. It was a lovely evening but it was getting late, it was time!

We made our way up the hall to our room, hands wandering and occasionally getting sidetracked with lust, next thing we were on the bed, his body pressed against mine and his hands pinning mine to the bed. I could feel the ache in my pussy, I felt the arousal flush over my body. He removed my dress and unhooked my bra, what a relief just to have that gone, he squeezed my breast and began licking and nibbling, I couldn’t wait any longer. He kissed and nibbled my neck in all the right places, in the heat of the moment I pushed him back to his knees, I unbuttoned his shorts and let his erection spring free, I stroked briefly, feeling his hardness and admiring the delicate skin, I took him in my mouth, taking him all the way.

I could taste his precum as I slid him in and out of my mouth. His hardness was throbbing with every stroke, I could feel him getting harder and harder within my mouth. He pulled away from me and pushed me back on the bed, he was between my legs and submerged his tongue between my pussy lips, curling his tongue towards my clit. He slid two fingers inside me and began massaging my sensitive spots, I could feel myself clamping down on his fingers, I was close to cumming. The pressure was perfect, his licks and flicks timed to perfection, the pleasure was starting to wash over me non stop, my release was close, his warm tongue and lips massaged my clit until the sensations overpowered me. My pussy clamped down on his fingers while my body lost control, his mouth took in the taste of my orgasm.

He got up and I took him in my mouth again, tasting all his moistness, he was thrusting gently into my mouth, he pulled out again and laid me back on the bed, he spread my legs and pushed into me deep, it took my breath away, I was still very tight from my orgasm. He held it there while I caught my breath. He began pulling in and out, slowly at first, I could feel all of him as he filled me, he sped up and I began squeezing him with each thrust, I pulled his face to mine and kissed him hard as my body was tingling. The friction we were making was perfect, I could feel my body beginning to tense, I was tightening around him, I looked down to see him thrusting deep into me, it was enough to send another wave of pleasure over me. He pushed into me deeper and my orgasm exploded, my legs jolted and pushed him out, my body was shaking and tense, I was in ecstasy, my pussy was drenched with my orgasm. I looked up to see him grinning, he entered me again, I was so tight. He sped up and I could tell by the look on his face that he was close, I wrapped my legs around him and gently scratched his back, he was going harder, his body tensed and his voice grew deeper, I felt the first shot of his warm cum, he slowed and pushed into me with each shot of love juice.

He leaned in for a kiss then laid next to me. He gently massaged my breasts as we allowed our breathing to slow. I was so relaxed and I’m sure I had a smirk on my face. We later filled the spa bath and shared a bottle of wine, we talked for hours, I felt so spoiled. I didn’t want this night to end, I was very eager to see what would happen in the following hours leading into the morning.

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5 replies
  1. Eva says:

    Haha! I love this story! Maybe because we recently had a weekend away with friends during which we were disappearing constantly for a little playtime. I’m so glad you got yours! Sounds like you really needed it!

    • Minniescrizzle says:

      Thanks Eva, it was a pretty amusing week in regards to all the disappearing acts Az and I were part of haha but I definitely needed that big moment of playtime to tide me through!

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