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A New Chapter

Az was working away again. The time we are apart feels like forever and when he is home the time goes so quickly that I start to miss him before he even goes again. It had been near a month since seeing him. He only had a weekend free so we decided to meet up […]

Missing Him

I look around, I’m not in our room, I’m unsure where I am. My sexy husband is walking around opening the blinds and has my favourite music playing in the background. He’s telling me how beautiful I am. I’m listening but not taking in his words, I’m watching the way his hips move as he […]

The Salon, Wash and Blow…

Over the last 12 months Az and I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on ourselves, it’s been full on since I opened my own salon and he has always worked long hours with having his own business also. So as you can imagine any chance we are together during work hours it’s […]

A Much Needed Moment

We had been invited on a week away with a few couples we’ve been friends with for quite some time. We accepted their invitation reluctantly because a week with just ourselves would’ve been nice but we’ve declined them all a few too many times. We arrived at the cabin early. We split up after breakfast […]

The little memories that make a difference.

It had been a long day, we both left home in the dark and returned in the dark. I was in no mood for anything but a meal, a warm bath and a glass of wine in no particular order. I was home first and decided on the bath first, I undressed from my work […]