Just a Few calming drinks with my cheeky husband

I love my life, I am so blessed to have an amazing husband (he will be referred to as ‘Az’ for this site) that

provides and cares for me above and beyond my expectations. We have been married for 7 years and fall for each other, every single day. This will be my first story here on marriage heat, I’m hoping it is well received…

We have family all over the country and visits often are few and far between. It had been years since visiting his mother, I’ve only met her a handful of times and always got the impression she thought I had ‘stolen’ her son from her. We would always want to stay in accommodation while visiting though she always insisted on us staying with her (my suspicion of her wanting to ruin any chance of romance for us was becoming quite true once again). We took our bags to the bedroom, Az sat on the edge of the bed and I sat in his lap, already feeling homesick even though he was with me. His mother stood at the doorway and when Az acknowledged her she made a scene as if to say she had interrupted a fully blown sexual session. I was slightly amused by it.

We joined her in the kitchen, her partner was not home yet. We talked for awhile but I needed a beer, I needed to relax, I just wanted to let go and try to enjoy this week as much as possible. We left in the hire car to get ourselves a few drinks. We drove for what seemed like ages, we were trying to come up with a plan of how we could deal with this week without it being dramatic or awkward.

We got our drinks and were on our way back when Az pulled into a park which had a gorgeous area overlooking the water. He just looked at me and said “I want to share a drink with just you babe, I can see you’re a little upset”.
“Perhaps I am, I’ve been copping rude looks from your mother since we turned up, let alone the snide remarks in regards to how we live how I dress and why we’re not ready for kids yet because I’m being selfish in regards to my career”. I wasn’t upset, more just dreading this next week of judgement.

We walked hand in hand down to the water, our other hand occupied by our beers. Just looking at his gorgeous face, he’s cute dimples and confident stance, I wanted him. I felt a sudden rush of emotions, I just wanted to hold him and kiss him and feel him. I told him he was cute, he smirked like he always does and it just melts me. He admitted to wanting me when we were sitting on the bed back at the house, he said he snuck a look at my cleavage and his hands were about to wander as his mother stood at the door. Oh how that would have been amazing… We talked a little more about what would have followed and I could feel myself becoming aroused, I knew my panties would be becoming moist and I wanted him to know it. He was heading to get us another drink when I stopped him, I asked for a kiss and leaned in to his lips, he tasted of him and a mixture of salt air and beer. There was one thing missing from them and that was my pussy juices.

I let him go to the car, I slipped off my panties from under my short dress while he was gone, as he came back I handed them to him, his cute smirk had now turned into a very cheeky grin. His hands were very much wandering now, my nipples were firm and I could also see his bulge forming shape in his shorts. He gently teased my nipples through my dress, I could feel my pussy becoming more and more ready for his sexy hardness, he would slide straight in without hesitation. He kissed me and I stopped him “I meant to tell you, you’re lips taste fine but I would love to see them shine with my juices, I want to taste how much my pussy needs you”.
I sat down, he knelt before me and slid my dress up, he spread my legs and began kissing my inner thighs, he looked up and told me that my other lips were already shining and with that he ran his tongue over my pussy lips, kissing me down there with as much desire as he does with my mouth, he was so gentle and slow, tantalisingly great. He slid a finger slowly inside me, massaging me while he expertly used the tip of his tongue on my throbbing clit. I was about to cum, my body was tensing, I held the seat to steady myself and with that gentle suck of my clit I let it out, threw my head back and let the waves of pleasure go through my body, I could feel Az smirking against my pussy and it made me so hot knowing he was the only one that can do this to me. He looked up at me with his sexy grin, his lips along with his dimples were shining with my love juices. I was aching for his hardness now, I was in a moment of lust, I wasn’t even concerned if we were going to be caught.

“Oh my baby, you definitely know how to take my worries away, my pussy is still pulsating for you, come give me a taste” I’m sure the way I spoke was dramatic even though it wasn’t my intention but he had taken my breath away.
I closed my eyes as his moist mouth reached mine, we kissed hard, tongues entwining and exploring. I began to unbutton his shorts, I unzipped them and he lowered them enough to show his bulge, his underwear was damp with precum, this made my pussy ache for him again. He lowered his underwear until his sexy cock sprung free. The site of his hardness and the dampness of his knob was getting me excited, I used my tongue to tease just under his swollen knob, I could taste my man, I had him in my mouth, I held his hips and ever so slowly moved my mouth over his cock, using both my hands I began to massage him as just the tip parted my lips with each stroke, occasionally massaging his balls in the process. I kept this going for some time, keeping the pace and rhythm.

He was close to cumming but I wanted to feel him deep inside me, I wanted to be connected to my man, I needed to mix our love juices. I stood and turned to lean on the seat with my bum sneaking out from under my dress for him to see, he massaged my cheeks while running his length between my pussy lips, a few playful spanks later and I was ready to beg him to drive it into me, I felt the tip part my pussy and he slid slowly but deep inside me, he held it there and we both, I think, felt we were where we needed to be, my feelings of homesick were gone because our bodies when connected is home wherever we may be. He began to thrust, gradually increasing the pace, he reached around and brought me to my next orgasm, holding my clit as I felt my legs begin to weaken for him, my body began shaking while the pleasure overtook me, and with that my man went for it, I told him I needed him to cum, as he shot his love juice deep inside me it triggered my orgasm to continue, I love when he times it like this, I love when we are throbbing and pulsating in unison, it’s when my orgasms are at their strongest. I stood up and thankfully he held me up in his arms, he kissed my neck and we expressed our love to one another.

We walked back to the car hand in hand, I’m unsure what happened to the second round of beers but I was certainly set on having round two with my amazing husband back at the house later tonight, we both knew that this trip might not be so bad after all if we can get the chance to sneak away like this…

I hope you have enjoyed this little sneaky memory of mine, if it is received well I would love to write more… Bless you all x

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7 replies
    • Minniescrizzle says:

      Thank you, I’m really enjoying all the stories on here. So pleased I found this site.

  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Minnie, great job! I’m glad you got time away like that. How did the rest of the week go? I hope things went well for you at her house. God’s blessings on your marriage!

    • Minniescrizzle says:

      Thanks Lovinghusband 🙂 the rest of the week wasn’t too bad, by the end of it I think she was finally seeing that I’m not a terrible person and that I love and care for her son very much. We’re actually going to visit again in September, I’m not sure how I feel about that yet haha. God bless.

  2. hornyGG says:

    I loved this! Girl, you better write more! So hot and we’ll written. This is my second time reading this, forgot to comment last time. Sorry! God bless you and your family and stay horny my friend.

    • Minniescrizzle says:

      I’ll definitely be writing more GG, it’s a nice escape from work writing like this, wasn’t sure how I’d go at first but once Az gave the thumbs up I thought I’d throw a few on here lol. God bless.

    • CHW says:

      I do like your writing. I have not written in a while, but I am inspired to write something for the MH Panties Kickoff.

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