Preview: A Taste of Heaven

( Hey, ya’ll!  GG here and yes I’m horny! Thought I would share a smidgen of what I

hope will be my next Novella. It is called  “A Taste of Heaven”  It is a fictional story, written in the usual GG way! I hope you like it!) 


Craig pulled into the parking spot in front of the apartment he and his beautiful wife Sharon shared. It had been a really hot and humid day and he was glad to be home.

Craig at age 24, worked hard in the construction field doing his best to give his bride of only two years, the life he thought she deserved. He loved her so very much and would do anything for her.

Craig is a good looking man. Standing 6’2, his lean muscular physique tanned by the hours of working in the hot sun. His hair light brown and long, coming just to his shoulders. His eyes a beautiful blue.

After checking the mail, Craig took his boots off outside the door, then let himself in. Walking to the fridge, he grabbed himself a beer, then quickly shuffled through the mail before tossing it onto the kitchen table.

After finishing his beer, Craig walked down the short hallway to the bathroom. He was in dire need of a shower to remove the dirt, grime and sweat from the days work.

Entering the bathroom he noticed Sharon’s make up bag and several other items of hers strewn about on the vanity. Hanging on the shower curtain rod were a couple of her bras and a shirt. Her night clothes, a pair of stocking and a pair of light blue lace bikini panties lay on the floor.

Craig couldn’t help but smile as he picked the items up from the floor and put them in the clothes hamper. He then removed the items from the curtain rod and started the shower water. After removing his clothes and a quick piss, he stepped in.

Finishing his shower, he dried himself and walked nude to their bedroom. Slipping on a pair of cut off blue jean shorts, he headed back to the kitchen for another beer. He then settled on the sofa to watch TV.

He had dosed off for a moment, when his cell phone rang. Trying to wake up he fumbled for his phone and answered it after five rings. It was Sharon.

” Hey!  I was just about to hang up! What’cha doin? Sleeping? ” she said.

Craig wiped his eyes and sat up. ” Hey babe! Yeah, I nodded off watching tv. ”

” I see. Have a hard day? ” she asked.

”  No more than usual. It was just another hot day at the office! How was your day?  You off? ” Craig replied.

” Poor baby! Yeah, I’m off. It was a pretty good day I guess. Listen, I thought I would pick up some chicken or something for supper. I really do not feel like cooking! Is that alright with you? ” she said.

” Sure babe! That sounds fine with me. Mind picking up some beer?  I just drank the last two. ” Craig said as he flicked channels on the television with the remote.

” OK, I will!  I need to go by the grocery store anyway.  Anything else you need? ” she replied.

” Not that I can think of! Did you remember to pay on the light bill? “Craig replied.

” Yes, I called and made a payment this morning before work. Oh, and I got a doctors appointment with Dr. Troman next week. It’s just my annual check up. ” Sharon said, referring to her gynecologist

” OK. Well be careful coming home. I love you babe! ” Craig replied.

” Love you too! See ya in a bit! ” Sharon said, then hung up.

It was just past 7pm when Sharon pulled up in front of the apartment. At age 22, Sharon was a beautiful young woman. Her blonde hair flowed just past her shoulders with dark highlights on the ends. She had lovely blue eyes and a figure that often turned many a head.

It had been a long day of working retail and her feet ached. She worked for a local department store, a job she had held since she was 17. She only worked part time then, but now worked a minimum of 45 to 50 hours a week as a department supervisor.

She smiled when she saw her man walk out the door of their apartment. Her parents, especially her dad did not particularly like Craig nor of their daughter’s marriage to him.

Craig made some bad decisions and had gotten himself in a bit of trouble his senior year in high school. He ended up getting expelled. He did manage to get his GED however and and his construction job he now holds.

“Hey! Need some help? “Craig said as he walked towards her car.

” That would be great! I got a couple bags in the back seat. My feet are killing me! ” Sharon said as she raised her sunglasses to the top of her head and removed her shoes.

” Tough day? ” Craig replied, then gave his wife two quick kisses on the lips before grabbing the bags.

Sharon chuckled a bit, then said, ” Baby, you have no idea! Seems like every customer that walked in had an attitude today. ”

” Probably this damn heat! ” Craig replied as he shut the rear car door with his elbow.

” Yeah, it is hot! I don’t know how you stand working in it all day. I am so looking forward to a nice relaxing shower and some time with my honey! ” Sharon said as they walked up to the apartment.

Walking in, Craig set the bags onto the kitchen table.  “Man, that chicken sure does smell good! I am starving!” he said taking in the aroma of the KFC bag.

” Go ahead and fix you a plate baby! I’m gonna take me a shower first. ” Sharon said as she put her purse, sunglasses and keys down onto the small table by the door.

”  That’s OK, I will wait on you. ” Craig said, then smiled as he watched the woman he loved, his wife walk down the hall to the bathroom. He loved to watch her walk, especially the way her ass moves.

After putting the beer and a few other cold items in the fridge. He grabbed a couple plates and some utensils, placing them on the kitchen table. He then re-took his seat on the sofa.

After several minutes, Sharon returned looking refreshed. Her hair in a ponytail  and dressed in a pair of short gray shorts and a red Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt. Her nipples making their presence known through the shirt.

“Baby, I’m ready to eat! I don’t know about you! ” she said removing the chicken and sides from the bag.

” I’m with ya! What do you want to drink? Coke, Dr. Pepper or tea? ” Craig said as he rose from the sofa and headed for the kitchen.

“Do we have any bottled water left?” Sharon said as she began fixing her plate.

“I believe so. Yep, we do! ” Craig replied, opening the refrigerator and taking one from the door. After fixing him a plate and a tall glass of tea, he joined his wife on the sofa.

” Shit! I meant to stop and get a movie. Anything good on TV? And I don’t mean the History Channel either bud! ” she chuckled. The History Channel was his favorite channel, when there wasn’t football on that is.

” Awwwwe! Come on baby! You just don’t know good television! ” Craig laughed.

” Maybe not, but I’m not watching the History Channel! You big nerd! ” Sharon replied with a laugh. She channel surfed for a bit before finally settling on one that they both could deal with.

After eating, Craig helped her clean up. Then they both settled in on the sofa. Sharon snuggled up next to her man placing her head on his shoulder as they watched television.

“Baby, have you thought any more about what we talked about last night? You know, about us having a baby. ” Sharon softly said as she caressed his muscular bare chest.

” Sure, I’ve thought about it. I told you that I would love for us to have a baby! But what’s the big rush? ” Craig replied, kissing her gently on top of the head.

” There’s no rush baby. I just love you so much and I really want to have your baby. I want us to start a family together. Maybe have 3 or 4 children. ”

” I love you too baby, but one at a time! ” Craig said with a laugh.

Sharon clicked off the television, sat up and turned to face her husband. ”  Baby, I’m serious! I have been thinking about it alot and I want to do this! I am planning on talking with  Dr. Troman about it when I see her next week. Then stop taking my birth control pills. What do you think?”

“I know you’re serious baby, and I don’t mean to make light of it. But it is a big decision that will completely change our lives. Are you sure you’re ready for that? Yes, I would love to have a son or a daughter. However, when we do I don’t want either of us to have any regrets. Do you understand what I’m saying? “Craig replied, then gently stroked her cheek.

”  So, are you saying you’re not ready yet and want to wait? I mean I know it will change our lives, but I really want this!  Believe me, I will never have any regrets when it comes to having our baby. ” Sharon said, her eyes beginning to swell with tears.

” Then that is what I want as well. I love you my angel. ” Craig replied wiping a tear from her cheek, then kissed her lips.

” I love you too!  I love you so much! ” Sharon softly said, then returned his kiss, parting her lips allowing his tongue to dance with hers.

She grasped his thigh tightly as she felt his hand slip under her shirt and cup her breast, gently massaging it as they embraced on the sofa. Slowly she let her hand travel up his thigh, until it reached its destination between his legs. She let out a soft moan as she felt the heat and growing bulge in his shorts.

Breaking their embrace, Craig looked into his lovely wife’s eyes and said,  ” Ready to go to bed baby?”

Sharon smiled and gave him a wink as she pulled her shirt up over her head exposing her breast to him. Her nipples hard and looking like two strawberries.

Craig took in her loveliness with his eyes. He so loved her breast, a full c-cup and all natural. He let his hands feel the softness and the erotic feel of her nipples.

“Oh Craig! ” Sharon moaned, placing her hands over his as he fondled her breast. She loved his touch and could feel her pussy becoming very wet with desire for him.

They embraced again, kissing passionately as Craig laid her back onto the sofa. He smiled at her, then nuzzled into her neck. He nibbled playfully at her ear lobe, then gently blew his warm breath into it causing his love to shiver and moan softly.

He worked his way to her breast, taking his time and tasting each one. Sharon arched her back and let out a small whimper as Craig began kissing his way down her body. Chill bumps raised on her skin and she couldn’t help but let out a giggle as his tongue traced around her naval.

Their eyes met as he slowly began to pull her shorts down, until her smooth shaven pussy became exposed. His cock thumped in his shorts begging for release.

(to be continued)

God bless and stay horny!



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10 replies
  1. Erika j says:

    My husband and I love your stories. I'm glad you wrote more. I cant wait to read the rest. You are a inspiration to me to write about my husband and I sex life and my own stories. God bless you and your family

  2. hornyGG says:

    Awwwe! You all are two sweet! Thank you so very much for the awesome support. It makes this Tennessee country girl feel so good inside knowing my lil stories have been missed. Ya’ll have no idea how much I appreciate it.

    Love you all! God bless!


    Oh! Almost forgot, Stay horny!

  3. Emmy Sue says:

    Hey GG, figured life must have you very busy since you hadn’t posted in a while, missed ya! This novella is gonna be juicy and great, I can tell already! 🙂

    • hornyGG says:

      It was a busy time in my life then and to be honest never got much further.
      Look for a continuation of Taste of Heaven soon. Thanks for your intrest. Stay Horny!

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