By: Zoe

I love kids. I really do. I just finished a stint as our church’s children’s music leader and loved every minute. They have so much energy. I love hearing them sing and getting to act silly with them to keep them engaged. It really does keep you young – though being only still in my early thirties, I don’t feel as though that’s not too much of a problem yet.

My own are wonderful. So bright and cheery and happy and growing. They make me proud to be a dad. Every day, they make me laugh, smile, and get misty as I think about how much they are changing.

But, as much fun as they are, they really do have the worst timing some days.


It was a few Saturdays back. A day to sleep in and be lazy. We’d worked really hard during the week to make sure we didn’t have to be “up and doing” first thing on the weekend.

It was cold outside and I could tell that Stacey wanted to do nothing more than stay cuddled up under the covers with her personal “man heater” close at hand.

I blinked the sleep from my eyes and rolled on to my back. She snugged in under my arm. I was just starting to drift back into that hazy world before dream when I felt a hand slip down inside my underwear; one of the things I’ve had to learn about my sweet wife is that when she’s horny, I have to be ready to go from flat to hard at the drop of a hat.

I’ve teased her about her bipolar-foreplay: either it’s at least an hour massage and the whole evening getting her hot or it’s “get your pants off and your dick in me, now!”

Figuring this was the latter, I stirred quickly and moved my hand towards her panties. But before I could start, she stopped me.

“Relax,” she purred into my ear. “Lay back and enjoy.”

Ah! It was one of those rare mornings when she was going to take some time and play with me.

Slowly, she caressed my balls and sack – her favorite part of me. She likes my cock, but she’s always been fascinated by the family jewels, the way they swell and the sack tightens.

“Mmm, baby,” I moan next to her feeling the blood start to engorge my manhood.

She takes my shaft and starts to pump me, alternating slow then fast. We find a rhythm, me flexing and thrusting, her jacking and caressing.

I’m building towards climax, my loins starting to tighten. I love it when she jacks me off – the thought of my cum running down over her hand, the sort of guilty look she gives me after she brings me off – like she’s been a naughty girl. It always results in me eating her pussy to climax followed by a good hard fuck  (like I need any more motivation to do either of those).

I hear her breathing hard next to me, as aroused as I am about the impending eruption. I can start to smell her sex next to me.

“Oh baby…”

I want it. I’m getting so close.

“Good morning, Dad! It’s time to wake up.”

We both nearly scream.

I look over to see our four year-old standing right next to the bed.

Only a few moments later, the six year-old joins us as well, smiling and cheery.

Like I said, the worst timing. I can actually feel myself start to deflate in my wife’s hand.

Now, thankfully, the covers were still in place. And even though we had been going at it, we are both, by nature, quieter in our intimacy.

But, darn it all!

Stacey and I look at each other and our look says we’re both thinking the same thing: “Seriously? It’s 7:30 in the morning! Why aren’t they in bed? And who forgot to shut and lock the door? And why didn’t they go turn on the TV or find breakfast or play with toys or ANYTHING except make their way in here?”

For a second, I thought I could just shepherd them out. But the next thing I know, they’re both right their with us, snuggled up – cold toes finding their way into the worst places – and chatting up a storm.

Again we look at each other – frustration turns to exasperation, turns to smiles, turns to laughter. Some days you fight the good fight and some days it fights back.

Saturday turned back into Saturday – a day for making paper-sack puppets, for watching cartoons,  for having late breakfasts, for playing with new toys, for reading books, for having tea parties, for practicing spelling and math and our best imitations of a local farmyard, for being Mom and Dad.

It’s fun, but exhausting.


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8 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    What a tender story! I could feel the frustration of the moment on the one hand. On the other hand, the welcoming of them close to you both shows the depths of your love for them! What a transition! I hope Saturday night turned out hot for you both! Thanks for the great post.

  2. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Being the father of five, Heather and I sacrificed (and still do) many intimate moments. It’s almost worse now. The kids are all older and their issues are much bigger. I guess intimacy brought these spawns of Satan our way. We have to take the interruptions they bring. Great story. My balls turned blue for you. 🙂

  3. hapster says:

    One time had our youngest son, who was perhaps 8 or 9 at the time, open the door on us when I had my face buried between my wife’s legs as she lay flat on her back enjoying an approaching orgasm as I was eating her sweet pussy. We thought he was asleep AND that our door was locked. It was quite a surprise for everyone. I am confident that at the time he had no idea what he saw as we scrambled so fast to conceal our activity. If memory serves me right, he wound up going downstairs and, after a few minutes of settling down, I was able to finish my important work for my wonderful wife. Parenthood.

  4. Eli Franklin says:

    All, thank you so much for the kind words. Sorry I didn’t get back to comment sooner but life has been hectic and I admit that I hit publish and promptly forgot about submitting.

    Just wanted to note that kids do not mean the end of good marriage heat with our spouses. Yes, it might get trickier, yes it might be hard to schedule, yes there might be some fun hormonal changes, but if you make the effort and commit to your sweet lover, those bumps can be overcome.

    Stay healthy and horny!

  5. Emmy Sue says:

    Loved this, great post! We are just beginning our parenthood journey and the “interruption” experience, so I can sorely relate. We’re getting better at rolling with it, but tricky is a good word for it! Lol 🙂

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