Shaving (Down There) – Advice Please

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.08.20 PMLadies I’d like your help/advice with something…I’ve heard some women on here say that they shave their pussy hair so that it is smooth.  And I’ve heard that several women like it that way.  (And several men like it that way too!)

Well, a few years back I tried to do that for my man and initially it was great.  It was different, it felt good when we had sex and I could tell he really liked it!  But after a few days I started to get these red bumps all over the area where I shaved.  They itched and burned and looked horrible.  Then the hair started growing back and I got some ingrown hairs.  So after that I said: “Never again!”  Now I keep it trimmed but I’ve never again shaved it bare.

But I was just wondering if maybe I didn’t do something right or if there was some trick to it that I don’t know about.  So that’s what I want to know: For those of you who shave their pussy, give me some advice on how to do it.  I’m mainly wanting to know how to prevent razor burn, those itchy red bumps that I got before and ingrown hairs when it starts to grow back.

But also…

1. Do you keep it shaved or can you go back and forth?  Like if I wanted to go for the completely bare look for a while, then go back to having hair, then go back to bare, etc?  Or is it better to stick with one or the other?  If you can go back and forth, again how do you do it with ease?

2. What products (if any) do you use at any point during this?

3. Do you shave it every day/every week to keep it that way?  I think of shaving my legs-is it like the upkeep with that?  Or is there more to it?

4. What benefits do you get from shaving your pussy?  Why should I consider doing this?  (Include both practical benefits as well as sexual benefits.)

5. Does pubic hair serve a purpose and would I miss out on anything if I decided to keep it shaved off?

6. What suggestions would you have for overcoming the psychological aspect of it?  It may sound weird, but I struggled with this part.  In my mind being bare on your pussy is what I had when I was a little girl.  But now I’m a grown woman.  And grown women have hair on their pussy.  So I have this weird hangup about shaving it all off because I’m a woman now so I’m “supposed” to have hair there.  But if it’s something I could do occasionally just for fun or for my husband’s pleasure, how would I overcome that idea of it?

I look forward to hearing from all you ladies that shave your pussy!  Thanks in advance!

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12 replies
  1. Tom Ryan says:

    Maybe I can offer some help? My wife often changes her “doo” down there and will sometimes shave it all for a few months at a time for a fun change of pace. She too had the same problems you mentioned so I did a lot of investigating for her and found a few ideas that worked well for her.

    First off, use a sharp razor. You may be able to get by using a less than new razor on your tougher legs but you need new or near new for “down there”.

    Use water that is as hot as you can handle. Don’t burn yourself but do get it HOT.

    Instead of shaving cream or gel, try hair conditioner! It works better and guys, you can try it on your face as well!

    and after your shave blot the area with a CLEAN towel. No day old towels and no rubbing the towel.

    one last tip, if you get those bumps, try Visine afterwards and maybe a few times a day until under control.

    …now I feel kind of silly answering such an intimate women’s question but I hope it helps!

  2. Anonymous says:

    1. You can alternate if you want to. Sometimes when I don’t feel like shaving and I’ll go a month without shaving then one day shave it bald again. You don’t really need to ease back into it per se. Something that may make it easier if you haven’t shaved it in a while is to get in the shower and let the hot water run over your vagina just to soften the hairs a bit. It might make the process a bit “easier”.
    2. When I shave my vagina I always use a fresh razor ( you get a better shave and it helps with razor burn for me) . I shave with conditioner or lotion. I shave in the shower 99% of the time.The way I avoid razor burn is I exfoliate my vagina after shaving. Immediately after I shave I put an exfoliating body wash ( I use SoftSoap Coconut Scrub) on my vulva and my lips ( but not inside that would burn, and just not be a good outcome ). I leave that on there and wash the rest of my body. Then when I rinse off my body I rinse of my vagina last. After I rinse I wash my vagina with a soap that’s a little more gentle. When I get out of the shower I dry off and mousturize it. I use my face moisturizer (Rodan and Fields but you can use whatever you like) because it is very gentle.
    3. I shave mine once every two weeks. Now, I don’t grow hair fast ( I don’t have any hair on my arms, I shave my legs when I feel like it like every 2 months and it’s still not hairy or prickly or bad yet, etc.) It really just depends on how fast your hair grows back. I like to wait until I have a little hair there before I shave again I don’t care about it being prickly. It’s tends to be to tug a lot and hurt when I try to shave it when it’s prickly, so I just wait until the razor has something to catch on to.
    4. Well some benefits sexually are it’s a lot more sensitive ( which can be fun.

  3. BabyRx21 says:

    I’m so glad you asked! I had to go through a lot of ouch to finally figure something out that worked!
    Forgive me if I’m long-winded but I’m glad to share what I’ve learned!
    Ok so…
    1. I absolutely go back and forth depending on mymood or my hubby’s requests. There should be no problem doing this if your skin isn’t getting irritated.
    2. I find that for me, moisturizing actually makes razor burn worse! I found this product from Sallys Beauty called No Bump and it has worked wonders on my sensitive skin… I have found it as a spray or just a bottle. (I Also put deodorant on my inner thighs and just below the curve of my butt when I shave because that area is prone to razor burn as well- takes care of the bumps and also keeps me smelling fresh!)
    3.I shave there as often as I do my legs if I want to keep it smooth.
    4. benefits? I would say mostly sexual visually and more of your sensitive skin is exposed so you can feel more… Other than that, not sure I can think of other benefits that aren’t sexual. I like it because I feel like my thongs look sexier when I’m clean shaven.

    5. Yes pubic hair serves a purpose. We have nose hair and ear hair for the same reason, to help with preventing infection, catching stuff that’s not supposed to go in there… Sorry, kinda gross… But honestly, since I wear clean undergarments and I bathe regularly, I don’t worry about it. And I haven’t had a problem.
    6. This was something I thought about too. As far as getting over it goes, since it’s only temporary, I only shaved every once in a while until I finally got sick of dealing with the hair and now I do all the time and I really like how it looks (usually when I shave now I leave a tiny bit of really short hair just around the inner part).

  4. BabyRx21 says:

    Ooh also! I forgot to mention that I find the best way to avoid razor burn is to shave with the grain of the hair not against! Once I do that, I find that every once in a while I can go against without getting a big skin reaction. Good luck!

  5. Syl says:

    I used to shave so here are my suggestions:
    1. WAX!!! I know folks will say it will hurt etc and I thought the same but I finally got tired of shaving and all that comes with it. Fond a place that uses hard wax. It will hurt really bad the first time but subsequent waxes are not that painful. The hair grows back in less amounts and baby fine.

    If ypu want to shave here is what did work for me:
    1. Shave gel not cream
    2. 4 blade razor . 3 blades would irritate me
    3. For me everyday was the key to keeping issues at bay.
    4. Wah/exfoliate after shaving.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Shaving the cunt. Of my wife is my passion and I love her shaven pussy.It gives the look like a chiks vagina and I am exited to see it and yes it gives immense pleasure when u suck and lick it
    Always use sharp edged razor if not new

  7. Lydia Rose says:

    I have shaved before, and I hate it. It’s ok the same day, but by the next day stubble and itching are enough to just about kill me. I highly recommend either waxing (brazilian wax) or lazer hair removal. I’ve not done lazer (yet) but I have done brazilian waxing many, many times and let me tell you it is wonderful. Lasts 4-6 weeks and after a few years of getting it done monthly my hair doesn’t grow in nearly as full (which for me is a bonus as I had an excessively overgrown “forest” since puberty). The skin to skin contact when I am waxed or shaven and hubby shaves himself up is absolutely the most amazing, erotic, wonderful feeling.

  8. O-man says:

    1. Back and forth is better than sticking to one. Shave sometimes, trim sometimes, style sometimes, let it all grow out sometimes. Nobody was meant to become boring. We’re creatures of variety. Stay positively unpredictable; mystery is good as is uncertainty.

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