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No Panties Friday

So my husband came up with this idea for me to start doing “No Panties Friday.” It’s very simple. Basically I just don’t wear panties on Friday. Even though I have to go to work on Friday. I was definitely intrigued by the idea, although I had my reservations. But only because sometimes not wearing […]

Saturday Nap

Last Saturday I was woken up early by my daughter. I really wanted to sleep in, but she is an early riser. We’ve tried explaining to her the idea of sleeping in on Saturday, but as a small toddler she just doesn’t understand that yet.  So I got up and got dressed. I changed her […]

Inhibited Wife

Question for the ladies… how did you become erotic wives? I want to be that for my hubby but I have these inhibitions that keep me from doing those things like pulling over in a secluded area and making love. I am so concerned about being caught that it ruins the moment. And that goes […]

Blow job Quickie

I’ve always been a little hesitant when it comes to blow jobs.  I have a very sensitive “gag reflex” and I’m always worried about that.  But I did finally learn how to pleasure my husband’s cock with my mouth.  However, I never could let him cum in my mouth.  Again with the gag reflex issue.  […]

Shaving (Down There) – Advice Please

Ladies I’d like your help/advice with something…I’ve heard some women on here say that they shave their pussy hair so that it is smooth.  And I’ve heard that several women like it that way.  (And several men like it that way too!) Well, a few years back I tried to do that for my man […]

The Meaning of Words – Dirty Names (L)

I have really enjoyed being a part of Marriage Heat.  Although I will admit at first I struggled with some of the things on here, but seeing other Christians (especially Christian women) talk openly about their sexuality, has helped me open up more and more.  So first of all thank you for that and for […]

At the Pool

  One warm summer evening, we decided to head to the apartment pool. Michael loved to see me in a bathing suit, and we couldn’t wait to get to the pool and fool around. I was so excited to see Michael in his swim shorts. I liked knowing that was all he had on and […]